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The Writer's Mailbag: Installment #379

The Return of the Rain

As I write this, we are receiving the first rainfall in nearly three months.

That may not seem significant to some of you who live in a desert climate, but for those of us hanging out in the northwest corner of this nation, it is mind-blowing that we could go that long without rain. It was easily the driest summer on record, shattering the previous record of days without rain.

I’m almost afraid to say this, but I’m enjoying the rain right now. I know, round about November, I won’t be saying that at all, but right now it is refreshing. The trees are changing colors, the air is crisp in the mornings, and our old friend Rain has returned. In a world of uncertainty, during a year of upheaval for all of us, it’s nice to be able to embrace something we are familiar with, you know?

The Carpenters recorded a song, back in 1971, called “Rainy Days and Mondays,” and they said that rainy days and Mondays always get them down, but for me, on this rainy day, it is comforting to see the weather of my youth return. For sure, there will be more challenges down the Road of Life. For sure, there will be more obstacles for us all to confront, but at this moment, in this place, the rain puts me at ease.

Let’s see what kind of mail we have this week.

The Mail Room

The Mail Room

Fostering Creativity in Kids

From Lora: “Since you were an educator and are a very fine writer, do you have suggestions on how English teachers of both elementary and high school students can make writing themes or essays exciting and something that children look forward to instead of just a task that they have to do to get a required credit? I can remember one topic that I think was used by almost every teacher endeavoring to teach writing skills that I ever had was “What I Did on My Summer Vacation.” How I remember the almost unanimous chorus of negative responses from students as soon as they heard what the subject was that they would be writing about! How do you go about making creative writing not only challenging but something that students really enjoy?”

First, Lora, thank you for the kind words at the beginning of your question. Second, I think that particular homework assignment has been given to almost every student who ever walked into a school and yes, it was annoying for most of us.

Tough question, Lora! Before I answer, let’s recognize the fact that not all kids will enjoy creative writing. I don’t think there is a universal subject which all children will enjoy, no matter how well it is presented to them. And not all kids learn the same way, a fact I wish all teachers understood.

Having said that, I think the best approach is an open-ended assignment, one which plays to the strengths and personality quirks of each child. I would have my students write about something they are passionate about, or something they really enjoy. It may be paintball, or it may be baseball, or it may be Dungeons and Dragons.

To learn the finer points of creativity, I would take them outside on an abbreviated nature walk. Sit them down, have them close their eyes, and then have them describe what they heard with their eyes closed. Then open their eyes and have them count the number of different shades of green they see. What other colors do they see besides green. Then I would have them touch as many things as they can in the woods, feel the texture of everything around them. What does that leaf feel like? What does bark feel like? Try to find a way to describe the bark of a tree rather than just saying it is rough.

That’s what has worked for me in the past.

Take kids outdoors and let their muse explore.

Take kids outdoors and let their muse explore.

Writing Routine

From Greg: “I also loved today’s Mail Bag and look forward to next week’s already, when you can answer this question for me: have you studied/read about/considered any other writers’ working habits, techniques, etc.? For example, I read somewhere once that Vonnegut would work for 3-4 hours in the morning first thing, then do whatever else around the house, around town, etc., and then would write for two hours in the evening just after dinner. Did you “pattern” your work routine after anyone else’s or did you just hit upon it over time?”

Thanks for the question, Greg! I have, actually, read articles by famous writers, describing their “normal” writing days, so I suppose, in a manner of osmosis, or subliminal learning, I did pattern my routine after others. But it wasn’t a conscious thing. I write early in the mornings. It’s my best time for creativity, and it’s the time my muse prefers. 6:30 to 10:00 are my writing hours. I don’t even try to write after that because my brain has already embraced the chores and errands I need to do during the rest of my day, and distractions seem to multiply as the day unfolds. I need peace and quiet to write, and those hours are the best, for me, if I am to find peace and quiet.

My dogs will only be patient for so long, you know!

What mysteries are happening inside of those walls? My muse wants to know.

What mysteries are happening inside of those walls? My muse wants to know.

Errors in Books

From Dora: “Question: In the last two books I read, I found one error in each. One used "really" instead of "rarely." The other was a misspelled word with one letter omitted. How do these little mistakes affect readers? Do they just neglect the errors and enjoy the read, anyway? Or do the errors affect the rating of the writer's ability?”

Dora, I am thinking back, but I can’t think of many books where I haven’t found a small error. I just expect it. The editor missed a comma, or a misspelled word, and I don’t mind that. But I have also read books which had multiple editing errors, and that I do mind. One or two is fine with me; any more than that and I just think the rest of the book isn’t worth my reading it. If the writer and their editor didn’t care enough to publish a clean book, then why should I care enough to read it?

We all make mistakes, but at some point that excuse doesn’t work.

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Missed Comments

From Shay: “What do you do when you miss a comment notification from HP, but you can’t find the article in the HP feed?”

It’s happening more often for me, Shay, not less, and it is annoying to the extreme. What do I do? If I have the time, I write a note to the author on fan mail, letting them know I did read their article but couldn’t find it on the HP feed. If I don’t have the time, hopefully the writer understands that HP has issues, and if a fellow writer didn’t comment, there might be a very good reason for that.

What I won’t do is spend too much time hunting down that article. I suppose there are other ways to find the lost article, but I’m not willing to spend the time to do those things, and I don’t expect others to spend valuable time finding my articles. We are stuck with the changes HP has made, and that’s just the real of it.

The Rhythm of the Falling Rain

I loved that old song by The Cascades, recorded back in the early 60’s. If you get a chance, listen to the cover by Dan Fogelberg the next time the rain is falling where you live. Until then, thanks for joining me in the Mail Room. If you have questions for the Mailbag, include them in the comments below, or email me at and I’ll include your question in the next installment.

Enjoy your week, friends, and remember, please, to do all things with love.

2021 William D. Holland (aka billybuc)

“Helping writers to spread their wings and fly.”


Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 23, 2021:

Mr. Happy, Hooray for finishing the bathroom remodel. I'm sure that is a huge relief and feeling of accomplishment. Well done, my friend. Now on to the next renovation? Or a winter off, well-deserved?

Enjoy the upcoming weekend. Do something nice for yourself. You earned it.

Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 23, 2021:

Rodric, I'll answer your question in depth on Monday, but for now my answer is no, don't unpublish your book. We all make mistakes. I don't think I've ever read a book that didn't have typo or two. All editors miss mistakes along the way.

Embrace being human and let it go, buddy!

Mr. Happy from Toronto, Canada on September 22, 2021:

"not all kids will enjoy creative writing" - For sure! I took a "creative writing" course in my last year of high-school. It was not a pre-requisite though so, only those who had an inclination for creative writing were in the class. Nobody was forced to take that course.

"And not all kids learn the same way, a fact I wish all teachers understood." - Yes! I remember my English Media, Grade 12 course. I hardly ever went to class. I would go for the tests and to hand-in assignments. The teacher who I liked a lot and who liked me too, told me plainly that even though I was getting 90s in my tests and assignments, she would give me 0 for participation marks. It was fine with me, as long as I did not have to go sit in class and in the end she did give me like 5% for participation, out of 15% lol

"To learn the finer points of creativity, I would take them outside on an abbreviated nature walk." - That same teacher, Mrs. Hartley told me to get "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and that changed my life. Just one teacher, one book recommendation and suddenly I had the balls to write however I wished and about whatever I wished. Thank You to Mrs. Hartley and thank You to Hunter. S. Thompson!!

"The editor missed a comma, or a misspelled word" - Maybe the editor should have had someone else, or even a few people do a read-over after the "last edit". Geez ... how hard is that?

"The Rhythm of the Falling Rain" - Thank You for sharing!! Nice sounds. : )

Sorry to be late and missing last week. Been in the bathroom for the last three weeks lol Finally done the renovations ... what a nightmare that has been, haha!!

You have yourself a good remainder of a week and thank You for the writing. Cheers!

Rodric Anthony Johnson from Surprise, Arizona on September 22, 2021:

Bill, I have read a book written by a relative that had so many errors I had to put it down. The information that was in the book was about health and it was very beneficial and still is very beneficial but I could not finish reading the book. I could not believe there were so many errors in the book. I wanted to point it out to her but because she is and Aunt, I could not. It seemed as though it would be disrespectful. I just pretended everything was okay and did not finish reading the book. My question is what happens when you find an error in your own book? I read one of my books that I had written in the past and I found several errors. I found several errors! The book has been on the market for a couple of years and there aren't that many sales but when I read it again I found errors! Do I unpublished a book and reset the type?

Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 22, 2021:

Thank you Li-Jen! I hope this finds you well and happy. I appreciate you stopping by.

Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 22, 2021:

Well best wishes to you, Miebakagh!

Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 22, 2021:

Denise, I've actually done lesson plans very similar to the one you described. It's a great lesson which fosters creativity while at the same time teaching political science. Well done, you!

Blessings always...sending thoughts of rain your way.

Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 22, 2021:

Thank you Brenda! I was a pretty good teacher, engaging and thrilled just to be doing something I loved doing. I would wish that for anyone working, that they love it like I did.

Enjoy the Fall, my friend!

Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 22, 2021:

Thank you Rasma! I tried to comment on your last poem but could not locate it in the feed. Sorry about that. The HP curse continues.

Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 22, 2021:

Bill, you aren't the only one who has noticed that. It would make a real journalist roll over in his grave. Shoddy at best, I'm afraid. No pride in one's work.

Karen Carpenter was an angel we were lucky enough to hear for a short time.

Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 22, 2021:

Thank you for the visit, Vidya! I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment, my friend. Have a wonderful rest of your week.

Li-Jen Hew on September 22, 2021:

Glad that rain works for you! Haha, definitely have an open-ended assignment for children. It's cool to know that writers just going about their days and then come up with something to write about and at least you're a morning person. Thank you for sharing!

Miebakagh Fiberesima from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA. on September 21, 2021:

Yes Bill, we just had a respite only now. Though the rains getting late. We'll soon usher into a summer next month.

Denise McGill from Fresno CA on September 21, 2021:

This is another great mailbag. The fun thing is that people are often asking questions I hadn't thought of but would love to know the answer to also. I loved the creativity question. I remember when I was homeschooling my 4 I had them write on cross-curriculum subjects. Once I had them discover an island, name it, describe it and its inhabitance and then create a government for it. One decided on a monarchy, one on a constitutional monarchy, one on a republic, and one on a democratic republic. It was a fun project. They even drew pictures/maps of their island as well as drawing up a list of laws or a constitution.

I wouldn't mind some rain here. It has been a very dry summer and I'm ready for some fall weather. It's only going to be 94 degrees today... what a treat!



Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 21, 2021:

Feast or famine for sure, Sha! I don't know what to expect anymore in this area. Our weather has changed so drastically from when I was a kid. I mean come on, 87 straight days without rain in Olympia? The previous record was 55??? We didn't break the record; we rendered it not worth talking about. lol

Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 21, 2021:

Thank you for joining us, Miebakagh, and enjoy that fresh rain.

Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 21, 2021:

MizB, you'll have to take a trip to my neck of the woods. We really do have a beautiful area, and there are many natural preserves in the city close to most schools. It's not hard at all to find woods in Olympia.

Still watering the hydrangeas? My goodness, ours have given up the ghost.

Have a great week!

Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 21, 2021:

I'm glad you found that useful, Alyssa. Let me know how it worked out for you, and enjoy the heck out of your week.

Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 21, 2021:

Thank you Manatita! Seems odd, I would expect perfection, me being so imperfect. lol Thanks for the lesson delivered with love.

Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 21, 2021:

I love that you found that useful, Mary. I hope it helped you. Thank you so much.

Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 21, 2021:

It is needed for sure, Linda! Over the weekend, Mt. Rainier finally got fresh snow to cover its bare spots. It seemed weird to look at the mountain and see so much rock.

Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 21, 2021:

John, you are absolutely correct about the errors in news stories. Isn't that amazing? One would think that major news agencies could afford to pay for an editor. I find it inexcusable, quite frankly, and I do think it is a sign of lowering standards.

Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 21, 2021:

Good morning Greg! Sorry I'm late to respond. Too much to do with the rainy season approaching, you know? Anyway, thanks for the question. I'll answer that on Monday, of course, good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise." lol

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on September 20, 2021:


I love the advice you gave to Lora.

It seems wonderful to take them outside & teach them how to tune in their senses.

To be more observant.

Having then write on something they love is a great idea.

I think you must have been an excellent teacher with a ton of patience.

I have read books with errors & like you...too many of them makes me quit reading.

I'm so glad to hear the rainfall has finally come to your little area.

The gentle rain is wonderful...I don't care much for storms.

Hopefully it will be a nice long downpour.

Have a great week.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on September 20, 2021:

Another wonderful mailbag with thoughts to ponder as the rain rolls down my windowpane and the thunder booms above, It is so important to help children develop their imagination especially these days with all the technology available, As an only child and no technology I know that the imagination I developed has helped even up to today when it comes to writing and creativity, I hope you're having a wonderful new week,

Bill De Giulio from Massachusetts on September 20, 2021:

Hi Bill. Excellent Mailbag. When it comes to errors the place I am seeing an abundance of them is in online news sites, and big reputable ones like CNN, Yahoo Finance, and NBC News. Not sure why, but it has been very noticeable to me over the last couple of years.

I always thought Karen Carpenter had one of the all-time greatest voices. Still do to this day. Sad that she died so young.

VIDYA D SAGAR on September 20, 2021:

A wonderful mailbag Bill. I especially liked Lora's question and your brilliant answer to it. True, children can learn a lot in nature. There seems to be no progress in the comments section by the platform. I have missed commenting on many articles as I could not find them in my feed. It is really very troublesome. I hope they set it right soon. The song by Carpenters was nice to listen to. Enjoy the rain. Thanks for sharing another interesting mailbag.

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on September 20, 2021:

I love your response to Lora's question, Bill. I had a lay teacher in Catholic school who would take the class outside on nice days. We'd sit under a tree and have our discussions/complete lessons in nature. It was very freeing and motivating.

As far as commenting, we all know what a pain in the patudy it's become. I've gotten to where I'll wait until I see an article in my feed (sometimes it takes a couple of days to show up after I've been notified), open a new tab to read it, then come back to the feed to comment.

Glad you finally got some rain. We've had too much of it here, lately. It'll be beautiful until time to go home, then the skies open up with a vengeance. Feast or famine, right?

Have a great week, my friend!

Miebakagh Fiberesima from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA. on September 20, 2021:

Bill, I like the rains. It's raining here also in my part of the word. Mail bag has serious questions with serious answers. Thanks.

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on September 20, 2021:

Glad you're getting rain, Bill. We've had a few little sprinkle showers here, but I'm still having to water the hydrangeas and the althea that I planted this year. Some counties are under a burn ban, luckily not ours. I love rain. Does that make me an oddball?

About the school papers, where did you take your students on a nature walk? Even in the small rural Ozark town where I grew up, there was no place convenient to do that short of loading the kids up in a bus and taking them to the park on the river, or the woods outside of town? Sounds like fun, but unheard of here.

Being an editor, I rarely ever read a book with fewer than five or six errors, but I don't think anything about them. It's the books that appear to be unedited that I don't like (books with that many per chapter),

Have a good rest of the week, and let's keep those rains coming.

Alyssa from Ohio on September 20, 2021:

Another fantastic mailbag, Bill! I love the tip on how to foster creativity in kids.. I think I'm going to use that one. Thank you! Enjoy your rain and have a wonderful week! :)

manatita44 from london on September 20, 2021:

Seems like the rain definitely had a positive effect on you, Bill. Charming! I actually love the rain and have written a few Odes on the subject. So calming; so refreshing! Especially dawn and late dusk.

For me, two tiny errors do not matter in an absorbing book. Once you've read a few pages ... once you feel that it's an excellent author, an error or two is o.k. The microcosm will extend into the macrocosm. Self-transcendence or progress are the words, not perfection. Peace.

Great! See you next week, Bro.

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on September 20, 2021:

I enjoy your comments on how to develop creativity in kids. While we have to accept that not all students will become writers, enhancing their creative imagination will still help them. I am in the cottage now and I am using your example of how to encourage creativity in your students.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on September 20, 2021:

It’s always enjoyable to read another edition of the mailbag. It’s nice to see the rain again, though like you I may have a different opinion in November! At the moment the rain is needed, though.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on September 20, 2021:

No rain here, Bill, and with the weather warming now in Australia we will need some soon. Glad your short drought has broken.

I have no fixed writing schedule so, honestly, I have no idea how I get things done.

I usually find an error or two in most novels I read, but that’s no big deal in thousands of words. What I am finding more and more though and really peeves me is spelling errors and typos in news headlines and littered through news stories. Is this an indication of the sad state of journalism today?

Loved the songs by the Carpenters and the Cascades, a couple of old favourites. Fogelberg’s version interesting too. Good to catch this mailbag first up, that doesn’t happen often for me. Have a good week.

greg cain from Moscow, Idaho, USA on September 20, 2021:

Bill - fine, fine edition of the Mailbag once again this week. Thanks for answering my question. I figured as much, and I actually can relate: there comes a point where the demands of the day just absolutely get away from me. My dog is much less patient than yours, though, as she won't leave me alone until we get the walk done in the morning. Anyway, discipline in the routine is my biggest enemy these days, and I'm working on defeating it.

This is at least the second Fogelberg song I've seen you post, so I'm thinking he's one of your go-tos on occasion. I listened to this song--his version is good, though not my favorite--and I also listened to the Carpenters' "Rainy Days and Mondays." We've gotten rain here, too, the past couple days and it nearly brought a tear of gratitude to my eye. It's been so dry!

Question for next week's Mailbag, Bill: I sometimes listen to music when I am writing, and other times I find I can't do it because I need the absence of distraction. Do you listen to music when you write? And if so, who are some of your faves?

Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 20, 2021:

Thank you Rosina! I hope you get that rain soon. Our planet needs more rain, not less, and I don't like the current trend at all.

Enjoy your week, my friend.

Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 20, 2021:

Heidi, thanks as always, and Happy Monday to you. I'm sending you a rain dance. We had quite a bit of the wet stuff this weekend, but now a week of sunshine is in store for us. Regarding the HP comment thing, it's best if I don't think too much about it. I just get annoyed.

I think COVID affected most writers, don't you? I know I've just been "off" since the pandemic started, and I can't seem to shake myself out of this new normal. I hope that changes soon.

Anyway, have a brilliantly happy week.

Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 20, 2021:

Thank you Peggy! The dogs much prefer this weather to the heat. You can tell that their steps are more lively and they have more energy, as do I.

I hope this upcoming week is a great one for you, my friend.

Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 20, 2021:

Good morning Misbah! Thanks so much for the questions. I will tackle them next Monday, for sure. As for the rain, we had three days of it and now this week will be beautifully sunny, but the air is crisp and winter is right around the corner. Soon I will be complaining about being too cold. lol

It's always nice to hear from you, my friend. Thank you and Happy Monday to you! Blessings always, of course!

Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 20, 2021:

Thanks again for the question, Dora! Enjoy that rain and I will see you soon.

Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 20, 2021:

Thank you Chitrangada Sharan. The HP problem seems to be getting worse and not better. I just wish the HP management cared enough to fix it.

Happy Monday to you! Have a wonderful week.

Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 20, 2021:

Thank you Linda. I hope that purging is progressing nicely. I guess we have a week of nice weather ahead, so back out into the yard I will go, in preparation for the months of bad weather to come. Have a great week, my friend.

Bill Holland (author) from Olympia, WA on September 20, 2021:

I hope they understand too, Flourish. I've had the same problems as everyone else and yes, it is frustrating to the max.

Rosina S Khan on September 20, 2021:

It's great you finally have rain. We haven't had rain for a great many days, and it has been scorching hot. We expect a downpour in a couple of days.

Great mailbag with great questions and great answers. I think like many that Lora's question was wonderful, and you gave a very interesting answer.

Happy Monday, Bill. Wish you a great start to the week.

Heidi Thorne from Chicago Area on September 20, 2021:

Mailbag Monday. On Monday! Will wonders never cease.

Re: Writing Routine. I have to admit that my writing routing kind of got upended during the pandemic. I couldn't go to my usual coffee haunts and get work done. Now that things are opening up again, I'm having trouble concentrating even in my usual writing environment. I'm still struggling with it, but trying to get back to my routine.

Re: Errors. Typos happen. Even in books by big publishers that have multiple layers of editing. Editing, sadly, is still a human activity, even though robots can handle some of it. I don't get annoyed with a stray error or two. But if errors are consistent and persistent, I know it's an author or publisher who doesn't care.

Re: HP Comments. I'm constantly trying to scour the HP Newsfeed to get to the articles I see listed in the email notices. Sometimes I can't and I feel bad that I haven't left comments for my wonderful HP friends. I do hope this gets better. But, for now, please know that if I don't comment, it's not because I'm ignoring you or anyone else.

Finally, early this AM we got a spit of rain. Notice how I described it. We're in drought here, too. Hoping for more fall rain. I'm more creative then, too. So the drought is both environmental and creative. Doing the rain dance.

Have a great week!

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on September 20, 2021:

I am so glad that you are getting that much needed rain up in your part of the country. That Carpenters song is a golden oldie!

Your students were lucky to have you as their teacher. I am sure you opened their eyes to numerous writing possibilities with your teaching methods.

As to comments, it is so frustrating! I had hoped by now they would all be opened as promised.

Enjoy your week and pet those pups. They must enjoy the change in weather also!

Misbah Sheikh from — This Existence Is Only an Illusion on September 20, 2021:

Happy Monday, Mr. bill. It’s raining here as well. The weather of Barcelona is getting much better. There is a coldness in air that can be felt now in afternoons as well. I am glad the weather is changing.

I enjoyed all the questions and your brilliant responses to them. I enjoyed Lora’s question most. Your wisdom is admirable. I want to ask you a question today.

As a writer, you've undoubtedly witnessed others copycatting your work. I believe you have experienced the pain of copyright violation. Can you tell us about your first experience? As an author, how vital do you think it is to protect our copyrights? That is something we have to deal with on a regular basis.

Every now and then, we come across blogs that blatantly copy our works. This is irritating, demotivating, and heartbreaking all at the same time. Why do you think those people copy other people’s work. They are clearly not writers, as evidenced by their actions, I believe.

Have a good day, Sir. Take care and stay safe.

Blessings always!

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on September 20, 2021:

Bill, thanks for answering my question. I'm satisfied. l also like the other questions and answers, and like you I'm enjoying the rain. Have a great week!

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on September 20, 2021:

Hello Bill!

This is good news that, it's raining finally, in your part of the World. Rain is important, for our environment.

All valuable information, in your answers.

Spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, do put off the readers, I believe. So the editing should be done carefully.

Regarding comments-- It's annoying, to say the least. Even, many of my non HP readers have sent me messages, that they were not happy, that they couldn't comment on the articles.

Thank you for sharing another wonderful mailbag. Have a great week ahead.

Linda Lum from Washington State, USA on September 20, 2021:

Good morning Bill. I can almost hear the trees and flowers in the garden release a sigh of relief. They've been struggling and gosh I bet these rain showers feel good.

What a great question from Lora--and your answer was a winner. You've been telling us that we need to tap into all of the senses of our readers and that's what the exercise in the woods does.

My writing schedule is totally different from yours. I find I can't sit down and concentrate until I get (a), (b), (c) etc. done around the house. And now, with all the packing and purging writing isn't happening. Gosh, do I miss it.

Enjoy that pitter patter on the roof Bill. I hope you have a wonderful week.

FlourishAnyway from USA on September 20, 2021:

I’m so glad Sha made that comment. I read your article last week by clicking on my email notification but I couldn’t comment that way and couldn’t find it on your feed. It’s happening more and more. People I follow I do read each article I’m emailed on but if it’s gone to a niche site already and I cannot comment I just hope they understand. So frustrating!

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