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The Word Love to Some

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Different people have different perspectives to life and this does not exclude the word love.

Having view some people's position on this word love, I decide to pen this short words down to show what it is that somers disposit and though about love is.

Thank you.

Love to some people

Is one of those "words"

Words that any of the

Opposite see could use

To deceive his or her partner

To many people there is

Nothing called love

Love does not exist in

The world their belief

Is that "love" is a four letter words

That appears on dictionaries

And holy writs where the word

"Charity" has not been used.

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It is an imagination coined out

By some people in the ancient days they say

It is a word some priests

Believed and use to cajole

Their ardent followers

To kowtow, succumb and

Or surrender to someone

Whom they should not

It is a word used to

Handcuff someone

Word that makes a person

Vulnerable and should neither

Be allowed in the society again

Nor make mention of

It is a word which when one

Notices that a person wants

To make mention of, one should

Plug his or her ears with cotton wool

So that one would not hear it being mentioned

Because such does not exist in

Reality it is a word that they

Opined should be removed from

The dictionaries because it has

Led many into grievous errors and

Uptill today they are yet to recover from

If not removed from dictionaries it

Ought to be given new definitions and

Meanings such that it won't lead

Some other people to errors again

Such is their belief about the word

"Love" and anything called love by

People night them, therefore, they

Frown at it and do anything and

Everything to go against the word

They live their lives normally

And discovered that everything

Is going on well with them.

Since all is okay with them

And they see people suffering

On the basis of their professed and

Expressed love

They said to themselves that

They have been vindicated by

Their position on "love"

Your Belief on Love

Your Disposition to Love



OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on October 12, 2021:

Thank you Pamela. Some people find love ugly do not want to hear anything called love...

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on October 12, 2021:

This poem does express the neative side of love. It is very interesting, Olusegun.

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