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The Women's Murder Club: Why You Should Read This James Patterson Series

The Man Himself


The Author

James Patterson is a New York Bestselling author. He has written a plethora of novels including, but not limited to: The Women's Murder Club , Alex Cross, Maximum Ride series, Witch and Wizard, Daniel X, and Private to name a few series. He also has many stand alone novels including: Mistress, Zoo, Cradle and All, Black Friday, First Love, The Murder of King Tut, and santaKid. He has won several awards as well. To learn more about him, click on the link below.


The Characters

The main characters within the Women's Murder Club Series include Lindsay Boxer, Claire Washburn, Cindy Thomas, Jill Bernhardt (who only appears in the first three books), and Yuki Castellano. Lindsay Boxer is a determined, yet vulnerable, police officer who loves to catch crime seekers, even if it means taking double shifts at the office. Claire Washburn, a no nonsense medical examiner, is in charge of the bodies found at Lindsay's crime scenes. Cindy Thomas is a diehard reporter who doesn't know limits and always gets her story, no matter the cost. Jill Bernhardt is a defense lawyer with a winning track record. These four women were the founding members of what was dubbed The Women's Murder Club. They formed the club in order to solve crimes and boost each other's morale's. The character Yuki Castellano, a feisty District Attorney, takes Jill's place in the club after book three. I'd tell you why, but that would be a spoiler.

The Main Characters Of The Show

This is a screenshot of the actors who play in the television series. Do you think they resemble the characters book description?

This is a screenshot of the actors who play in the television series. Do you think they resemble the characters book description?

What Do You Know About Lindsay Boxer?

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What city does Lindsay Boxer live in 1st To Die?
    • San Francisco
    • La Verne
    • San DIego
    • La Puente
  2. Which character did Lindsay meet first?
    • Cindy Thomas
    • Yuki Castellano
    • Jill Bernhardt
    • Claire Washburn
  3. In which book is Lindsay promoted to Chief of Homicide?
    • 1st To Die
    • 2nd Chance
    • 3rd Degree
    • 4th of July

Answer Key

  1. San Francisco
  2. Claire Washburn
  3. 2nd Chance
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Why I Recommend It

Would you like to know the reasons you should read this series? The first is that each book has a different plot with unsuspecting twists and turns. It is spontaneous and surprising. The second reason is that the books are well written, easy to understand, and intriguing. I was first introduced to the novel in seventh grade. At the time I believed adult novels to be boring and dry, but 3rd Degree wasn't like that. My sister handed the book to me and dared me to read it. Needless to say, I was hooked. I wasn't able to find the books for awhile after that. Then I entered college, and lo and behold my school library had the first six in the series. Third, it makes a good book report. If you have to choose a book to read for school, why not choose something that will actually keep you awake? Between the action scenes, the quirky romances, the political aspects, and getting a glimpse into the judicial system there's no way that you could fall asleep. Plus, it might just be your ticket to an A in your literature class. Fourth, Why not? If you need to pass time by quickly, reading is a great way to do it. Why not make the task interesting? All in all, I say read James Patterson's Women's Murder Club series.

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The Computer Games

The book series has become so popular that they have been made into computer games. The point of the interactive series is to solve the crimes as Lindsay Boxer and her friends. Death in Scarlet, the first of the three games, takes place on a boat. The second one, A Darker Shade of Grey takes place at a military academy and includes even more tips and tricks. As well as a look at the book 8th Confession. The third one, Twice in A Blue Moon, is a free for all game that takes place in different parts of San Francisco. A fourth game, called Little Black Lies, was made available in 2010. Each game is rated T for Teen and has a free trial. To play the free trial games, click on the links below.

Interactive Game Character Shot

Here's an interesting fact: The first game was released in 2008.

Here's an interesting fact: The first game was released in 2008.

Solve A James Patterson Mystery


Ro from Midwest on August 07, 2013:

Thank you Jalessa for a great Hubpage as well as a snapshot of Patterson's- Women's Murders Club. I read the first book and then watched Tracy Pollen in the movie adaptation. Funny enough I then got into Patricia Cornwell and John Grisham and neglected to get back to the series. After reading this hub- I will venture back and needless to say-sit back and enjoy.....thank you!

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