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The Wise Prince

Dr. Khalid is a health researcher and science writer with a Ph.D. in clinical research.


Once upon a time, there was a prince who lived in a huge palace. The prince was bestowed with divine powers. The father of the prince sacrificed his life in a battle that he fought to safeguard his sultanate. The prince, however, learned to live a struggling life in the absence of fatherly supervision. The stepmother of the prince was a very shrewd woman. She never admired the good work of the prince and always cursed him and wanted to throw him out of his palace. The prince sometimes felt lonely, while some other time he felt (himself) responsible for the welfare of his entire state.

The state was ruled by his uncle who in coordination with his mother wanted to disown him from his father’s belongings. The prince remained stressed at times and thought of quitting the palace and moving to a destination in search (of peace and harmony). The sense of responsibility for his people, however, did not let him leave his state. The time passed, and the prince became younger, wise, and stronger while facing the hardships imposed by his stepmother and uncle.

The prince had a kind heart, and he could not see his people struggling for jobs and facing the atrocities from the ruling government. The prince felt helpless at that very movement since the entire state and its army were controlled by his uncle. The prince prayed to God and sought his wisdom to overpower his cruel uncle for providing relief and prosperity to his countrymen.

He made a plan with some of his best friends and moved into a jungle one night without informing anyone in the palace. The cruel uncle got a sense of the prince’s activities (and he followed him to the jungle with his army). The prince kept going until he crossed the border of his state and somehow managed to enter the location ruled by a noble king. The people of that state welcomed the prince, but he did not let them know about his reality. The prince somehow managed to enter the palace of the noble king and explained to him the entire scenario.

By that time, his cruel uncle reached the border of the other state and got to know the escape of the prince to the palace of the noble king. The state governed by the cruel uncle was much stronger than the state of the noble king. The cruel uncle sent a message to the noble king from the border and asked him to hand over the prince to his custody. The cruel uncle warned the king to start a battle for capturing his state if he denied handing over the prince as per the provided orders.

The king was wise and he knew that he was not in a position to win a battle with the cruel uncle. He decided to hand over the prince to the uncle to save his people from an unexpected war. The prince and the king collaborated secretly and moved to the border as per the instructions of the cruel uncle.

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The uncle saw the prince alone at the border, and he was instilled with joy and pride. He asked the prince to immediately cross the border and surrender to his forces. The prince (apparently) obeyed his commands and started moving towards the border. Suddenly one arrow crossed the border and hit the chest of the cruel uncle. The cruel uncle lost his balance, bled, tasted dust on the ground, and eventually died.

Such a spontaneous attack on the cruel uncle shattered the confidence of his army and made them disintegrate across the border. Suddenly the army of the noble king surrounded the smashed forces of the cruel uncle and took hold of them in few hours. This way, the prince got his state back, and he moved to his palace with the noble king to meet his people.

The prince arrested his stepmother due to her past engagements with the cruel uncle. He addressed his people and apologized for the inconveniences caused by his noble uncle in the state. He also thanked the noble king for his help and support in getting his state back from the cruel ruler. The king and the prince lived a very long life serving their states, while their people lived a prosperous life filled with contentment and gratitude.


Dr Khalid Rahman (author) from India on June 30, 2021:

Thank you dear Sarah :-)

Sarah on June 30, 2021:

Wonderful story!! It fo tells us to be wise. Loved it!

Mariyam on June 30, 2021:

Wonderful! Keep it up!! I love such stories! They are excellent for bedtime reading and then sleep. Loved it!!

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