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The Waxing Moonlight is Great for Story Telling

I holds B A Hons. degree in History/computer. Writing is a way for me to relax and release energy. I express my feelings in songs or poetry.

Kids Playing during Moonlight



The night is always a time of bed rest to recharge the body system for 9 to 10 hours. But in some cultures, certain periods are such that when the full Moonlight wax stronger, seems cool, lovely, and beautiful, it’s a night suit for family rendezvous-telling stories or folklore.

It’s a night suit for the family re-union to sharing life's realities- telling stories or folklore on which a town or community develop. Children and youths come out to play. Men and ladies come out to play. I loved that part of the night and its moonlight. Its very refreshing.

Story Telling Time

Such Moonlight periods are suitable for playing and telling stories by children and adults, as said earlier.

If you want to go to the film show or the theater, that’s fine. And that’s also another story. But the night when you and the family are in the meadow playing and sharing folklore in the glare of the waxing full moonlight counts much.

It’ll enhance the bed rest as wonderful, sweet dream, recharging, and rejuvenating. Happy story telling!

The Waxing Full Moonlight

The Moon is a satellite of the earth. It’s 1/4 the size of the earth. Revolving from West to East as the naked eyes has seen and observed, and receiving Sunlight from the Sun. It’s ‘the brightest object in the sky after the Sun,’ when distance are compared from the Earth.

Actually, the Moon revolve along with the Earth round the Sun, at a point in the Universe called the Galactic or Galactical Pole.

The Moon is naturally a dark rocky object. Like the Earth, it has a night and a day which is not seen from the Earth, unless you're in space. Eight phrases has been identify in its wake. The new Moon is not usually seen with the unaided eye, except with a telescope on the 2 and 3 of the month. It’s completely in dark or in shadow. On the 4th or 5th day of the month, it can be seen with the eyes. Curiously, on certain seasons, its sight on the 3rd day very faintly with the unaided eyes. Then it gradually wax into a full moonlight.

Rhyming the Moon

There’s a pre-modern traditional English poem expressing the play-time of the full Moonlight:

‘Boys and Girls come out to play.

The moon doth shine as bright as day.

Leave your supper, leave your sleep,

and come with your play fellows into the streets.

Come with a call. Come with a whop,

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and come with a goodwill, or not at all’.

Simple beautiful lines isn’t it? Did you recalled the poem? I do. Have you any experience about it? I do have and plenty in my childhood years. And I do know for sure most of my peers that did.

The Moon High Up in the Day Sky


Blue Moon

The third or fourth moon in a season is usually called blue moon, according to NASA.This happen every two and a half year. The full Moonlight like the Sun seems to changes color. But it’s just an appearance not the actual color of the Moon. These are due to atmospheric interference like a volcanic eruption or burning of forest fire.

The eruptions or fires scattered red lights, dust, smoke, and other debris into the atmosphere, and cause the bluish tinge color. These are rarity. But the Moon whether full or half Moon is not blue in color.

Red or Orange colored and Yellow Moons

Times are that it appear also as yellow, orange or red colored on the horizon.. Why is that you may ask. The very reasons why the moon looks blue also accounts for that. Atmospheric interference is factoring in. Here it’s the scattering of wave lengths or Rayleigh scattering.

Specifically, it results when blue light is scattered, as red light scatter to color the moon blue. The Solar Sun can reveal these red and yellow colors. Its all due to the scattering of red or blue light or wave length of light rays in the atmosphere.

The yellow moon is also tag Harvest Moon.

A Yellow Moon called Harvest Moon


Best Time to Play

The waxing full moonlight is the best time to play in the night time in your meadow. When I was a boy of 10-years old, I did engaged in the hide-and-seek game with my play mates. This game is common in many cultures of the world. All the games we boys and girls play gave us sufficient fun and rejuvenated us.

India, is an example of a country where you can find a man and his wife singing, dancing, and playing in the meadow in the glare full moonlight. They even do the hide-and-seek. Lady, think of the fun you get in seeking your hidden lovely man! And now men, you too that lovely chic you’ve vow to spent all your life with! Go play bingo!

Folklore and Legends

Many cultures of the world are rich in folklore, legends, and myths. Stories about significant figures, or hero including heroines that has been condensed are retold with fresh vigor. Kids love stories about the tortoise because of his wit and wisdom.

The elders will tell stories about enchanting rivers, seas, and forests. Now, take a look at the sky. Have you been told stories about the Moon? Or what about sugar-candy mountain? Stories about salts in the firmament were also told with gusto.

Here in Nigeria, there’s a time the starry heavens was at the reach of every person. A woman wants to use some salt. Instead of using the black salt from the sea, she stretch out her hand to pluck lump of white salt from the sky without asking for God’s permission. The Creator was angry, and shut up the heavens far from mankind. What's the lesson? Don't ever steal. Don' use what belongs to another person without they consent or permission.

More Moon Stories

The Poem: The Waxing Moonlight

The full Moon shone brightly in the night sky!

Oh little gibbous, how dare you wax so big!

The Earth glows in the Moonlight glory.

The stars that twinkle are few to be seen or none.

Everywhere on the surface of the earth brightens with Moonlight.

The full Moon glows brightly in the night sky!

It’s Moonlight.

Like the glory of God that fills the Earth.

It’s beautiful, cool, and lovely.

Everywhere on the surface of the Earth brightens with Moonlight.

The night is cool,

and more friendly than the day light!

Boys and girls will come out

to play in the field.

I will play with my spouse besides the hibiscuses' flowers.

Yes, it’s story time. Stories about Sunlight and Moonlight.

The elders will tell Cindi la la to the kids.

Stories about the Man on the Moon,

and rabbits on the Moon.

The rivers, the sea, and the history of towns and villages.

The children chip in:

‘There is the full Moon,

High and up in the sky

It’s bright and lovely.

Twinkle, twinkle little-big stars

you were nowhere to be seen.

Moon, sing a homely song to us.’

Moon Legends

Moonlight Story Telling


Bed time stories are full of history and legends. These should be told to kids with interest in summer during the moonlight. Telling them indoors is also an adventure.


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