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The Vagabond of Icy Waters


Against the icy waves he rows,

The frost biting into his skin.

With no one but the frozen waters to talk to,

His life of solitude begins with bitter wanting.

The warmth of the world escapes from him

As he continues his life on the wintry seas.

Exile has changed him into a frozen stone,

Exile that only he commenced.

His humanly needs slowly disperse

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Like the mist of frigid veils.

The voices of others is forgotten

With their faces mere ripples of water.

He weeps.

He weeps.


I wrote this poem about a lone sailor. It puts into words what it feels like to be the cause of falling out with the people around you. More often than not, we don't realize some flaws we have can push people away from us. And when we realize it, we feel it only right to push them away so as not to inflict pain upon the ones we care for.


Turner on October 13, 2016:

Beautiful and amazing my daughter ! Truly your amazing ..... And so gifted beyond reason and understanding ....... :)

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