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The Unbreakable Law


The Laws of the Universe are many;

yet, there is One Creator of all Laws:

The Word of God is the unbreakable Law. The law is not breakable because God can never be broken, neither can the inspired law by God through woman and man be broken. I can, and you can be what is called broken. I can have a broken heart, spirit, mind, will, and soul that only law can manage to enable me to put the pieces in the working order they should be; I really wouldn't, and don't know order without the law. The delusion of broken law, is just law that is forgotten, making strong delusion a thing one perceives to be possible, but is not possible from the height of creation down, yet, not from mortality looking up. All the books ever written encompassing the idea of God houses fragments, and pieces of the whole law, all of the pieces are scattered throughout the world and can be obtained at anytime through the Spirit, the other books are just not canonized as part of the Holy Bible, that is used. This does not make them any less important, they just are not what the premise of Scriptures are based upon and used in study.

The idea of law is a complex ideal; which broken people perceive that it is possible to break the law; in reality the laws of creation which are channeled down through formation (the art of form) are unbreakable. The idea of broken law sounds awkwardly awful. How does one break the law? Not adhering to its principles, and precepts cannot conclude that those activities are validated as broken law. The original idea as it is given in the premise in Scripture alludes to broken tablets, not broken law.

Mercy oozes from this situation, trumping judgment until it is understood and can be desired that the law has an established purpose to fulfill. The Prophet broke the first set of tablets, Scripture suggests that if one offends at one point in keeping the whole law,..... It didn't say that he broke the law, not keeping a commandment doesn't equal the breaking of the law. Why give such an offense that much credit, scripture proves scripture. James 2:10 - For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all. It refers to keeping the law, and doesn't imply breaking the law as is the verbiage used, or misused. Many believe that they can break the law, that is impossible, what is possible, is not to keep the law, the principles it counsels, when one should keep it with them just as one would a wallet or purse; that's easy to keep close to being.

Exodus 34:1 In-Context 1 The Lord said to Moses, "Cut two tablets of stone like the former ones, and I will write on the tablets the words that were on the former tablets, which you broke. 2 Be ready in the morning, and come up in the morning to Mount Sinai and present yourself there to me, on the top of the mountain.

The truth is before the law can be broken it will break individuals into pieces, and that looks like one has broken the law, but the law is breaking everything in its path to set into compliance minds, and souls to be in compliance with the law, and not against it. The flesh is the most hostile and lawless of all, the law is not weak through the flesh, the flesh is the weakling because of the law; in that, its iniquities infect the ears to hear on a lawless level. Life is law, and law is life. Life to life and law to law.

What is meant by breaking the law? Trans means beyond, gress means "step; move. The first enemy to examine would be transgression: infers to infringe or go beyond the bounds of (a moral principle or other established standard of behavior): Not adhering to the principles of the law is not breaking the law. It is breaking covenant with the words the law inspires to be only good to think as well as do, this is more of an uncovering oneself from keeping the law. 1 John 3:4 - Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law. - James 4:17 - Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin. Diagnosis, reprobate, void of the judgment needed to keep and perform the law. The tablets alleged to be written with the finger of God were destroyed, and preserved as the Mosaic law was given/written by the Prophet Moses.

Psalm 119:20 - My soul breaketh for the longing that it hath unto thy judgments at all times.

The idea of broken law is two-fold; The idea of a broken soul is because the law cannot be broken, not adhering to the soundness of counsel will break the soul and everything else into tiny pieces, they are called ideas that produce issues because of laws that are said to be broken in ignorance, “simply not knowing”. Ignorance is ignoring something consistently whether you know, or don’t know you are doing it. The law is an individual governance for self to succeed, not an objective to strike with to discourage compliance because of the inability at a given moment to fulfill its directives. I am learning to love law, as the inspired law of God given to man and woman for all that living entails. Regret understands what my life would have really looked like from start to finish by keeping the law.

To be unconscious and unaware of missing the mark, changes the focus of what is the point or objective to be perceived. It is easier to do, and it seems to come naturally when misinformation is given that leads to confusion, and the product is affluenza, not realizing what is right from what is wrong. The law is needed because of good and evil, and right and wrong. The decision to speak it is good through law, and it is very good, is missing only because of evil it is determined that one can break the law. Only evil doers delight in rebelling against the observance of counsels and principles necessary in keeping the law close in the heart where it is written. The law is in the heart (breath) inspired by God.


Confusion is a Deterrent

Confusion is a thing or deterrent that discourages or is intended to discourage someone from doing something: Confusion hinders but it cannot prevent. Confusion is something I do, and have done to myself, by not qualifying, or validating the information I receive for its value, and worth; it is lopsided data that I cannot prove to myself. Confusion is an enemy, a thief, robber, and murderer. One of the biggest enemies of keeping the law is confusion. Moreover, confusion gets to be cast down, and out and becomes a defeated foe. Confusion is the little fox attempting to spoil the whole vine, but can’t because it is the not truth based, it is not proof that is at the root of the tree. Only I can shift myself out of confusion by adhering to the principles found in the law.

Take confusion to repentance, and leave it there and behold real dynamite, watch repentance blast confusion out of order, pow, bang, boom. I chuckle….. Tackle confusion before it tackles and gets you. Flesh and blood wrestling matches are inane, when the enemies (anything contrary to repentance is an enemy) are trying to become standardized. When the enemy comes in like a flood, and bad breath accompanies thoughts and words, all of these produce a lawless barrage of ideas like floods, the law of the spirit raises the standard for change, and correction to be an ongoing matter. It the law is both the rod, and staff comforting, and guiding life to success. The law is for the sake of all the time, it is not against the individual, but rather what is said and done by the individual, marked for correction and perfection. The path of the law is perfection, but struggles, and trials make it difficult and can discourage if I allow it., so I won't.

Bad breath produced the pandemic. How long have there been principalities seeking power in the universe, world and earth, in the atmosphere, stratosphere, and air; unrepentance, produced bad words, curses, etc. Repentance desires a recall, call your bad words out of the air and correct them, if only in your mind, stop the real pandemic, the real cause of the virus, evil words spoken and unspoken. A healthy mind doesn’t think ill-will, speaking it is a choice.

Law cannot break law, it makes law, who represents law can appear to break the law, but it is impossible to break the law, the attempt alone consciously or unconsciously produces broken people, not broken law. It would be bearing false witness against anyone to say they are capable of lowering the precepts of law for anyone to break. The law is created perfectly, it is what converts the soul, bringing it into harmony with the principles needed to both heed and perform the law. This is something each individual must be involved in per (each) form.

What humans are battling comes from, the letter of law which pronounces the judgment against sin, but doesn’t produce the need for progressive correction. Repentance should be applied before, during and after judgment to usher in the mercy necessary for the remedy for healing and deliverance to manifest. There are laws that are formed by humans, but laws were created before they were formed. The law is a standard too high to reach, without what can make it tangibly accessible. Like a drop down to the level where it can be tangibly understood. The lifting of the hands in worship, signifies reaching for something intangible and untouchable, which must descend, for hands to feel the completion of the reach. Try telling the true worshiper when extending the hands upwards that they did not bring something into manifestation. Was it something anyone else could see, no. Only the worshiper understands. What wants to block the law that is needed for families to be whole is rude and callous. Families need God inspired law and man/woman inspired moral, and civil law or famine will manifest.

I have no problems with created law, but understand that formed law is under the auspices of damnation, when not adhered to. The law does not need judgment, judgment needs law to bring about justice. One day grace appeared, and judgment had to be quiet, mercy is known under law, but grace and truth came by way of Jesus Christ, so that one could hear and heed the law, for righteous judgment to be rendered that only justice can usher in and produce in fairness to balance faith, or extremes would be set on both sides, the east and the west. The law will never take sides, it loves only what it is law. The law has no need for judgment. In fact it is written that one should judge oneself, so that artificial judgment cannot be used to replicate artificial intelligence.


Sound Mind or Confusion

Repentance corrects my thinking concerning intending and desiring to break the law. Being positioned outside of law, or in other words being an outlaw and not in the law. Who is there that is truly inside or outside of the law, when law is a covering over all, everything created is governed by law as an overhead reality, unproven in or out theory. The law of the law is perfect, converting the soul. The soul is continuously and progressively undergoing changes to confer with the law.

What happens with believing the ins and outs concerning law, there is a separation, some in and some out, whereas the law is utopic, it is something to look up to, and not neutralize by looking to the left or right to render it ineffective. Sin is a transgression of the law, this relays the problem, sin is or has produced a transgressor, what is the remedy? Repent and look at what sin has caused to happen as sin has no propensity to correct a mistake from not being ongoing, repentance remits, and cancels the debt sin wants to be owed for the transgression. Forgiving sin cloaks the transgression and gives it power, instead of giving power to righteousness. We should be forgiving righteousness, knowing that the call to sinners is repentance, and sinners can cross the bridge leading to righteousness with repentance as their compass directed towards salvation which is complete, not in part. In part spells apartheid, take (apart he/she id), remove his/her true identity, this is when leaving the first estate given to man and woman to become as gods knowing good and evil through sin and unrepentance. The law of man and woman was compromised, Good is not the opposite of evil, good is the opposite of good which both the man and the woman needs to complete the two laws of nature, One being a he and the other a she.

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The hopelessness which springs from not having adhered to law is hard to bear, it leads to chaos in further endeavors if repentance is not applied as the necessary ointment and offering. This weapon of sin formed should never prosper or succeed, when the enemies opposing the riches in principles and precepts of the law come against like a flood the spirit raises the standard, look to see whether the law is breaking you and you can’t break the law, because the law is really unbreakable, and immutable.

Sin can’t change the law, but law can change a sinner, when they enter the revolving doors of repentance destined to the place to be corrected, knowing the future is always one second from the now, just like the past. I cannot give anyone the credit they are not due for the sake of strong delusion, frailty of humanity speaks that one can delude themselves to break the law. Jesus came to fulfill the law, not to break or do away with it. The law and the prophets must grant direction to the sin sick mind, spirit and soul before it perishes.

The letter of the law must abide with the spirit of the law for understanding in how to productively carry it out. Law was created before it was formed or written or spoken. Why the fear concerning law? Fear is the tormentor, not the law, Why confidence concerning grace? Grace silences fear until it can be seen as an enemy to faith. If you really contrast the two you will find that grace is walking hand and hand with law, just like two lovers. Grace loves law and law loves grace. Anger and fear are enemies to the mind and soul, yet the mind treats them as if they are invited guests at a party.

Apostle James asked a question? Where do fighting’s and wars come from? Then he answers his own question, don’t they come from within. Apostle Paul proclaims that flesh and blood is not the problem, that principalities and powers are, where are these principles operating or not operating primarily? Neither inside or outside the law. Lawful principles are particles of law governing nature providing it with structure and all that form is. King Solomon decreed that, where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety. The mind is a safe place without anger, or fear. Making peace one of the counselors granting the mind safety. Find some positive counselors in your own mind, and you will find that law, and grace produced them all.

The noise of the people in sin was a great disturbance. In anger were the tablets of the law broken, allowing devaluation to transpire. How else was it determined that the law could be broken, but abstractly. Law can’t be broken, non adherence to law is the broken quality. Law is really immutable, one can reason they can break the law, but in reality, the law breaks you. I am broken, not the law, I spiral out of control and the law has not moved one iota. It will still be unmovable, yet, I am not unmovable, but mobile. Movement has to be recognized as just that movement. Something that stands still, should be recognized as something that stands still, unless it can be moved. Who can move law from its stance? Law is the elected official, not really the candidate, candidates are human, law is more, candidates may fail in the roles, the role is not the failure, the frailty in the human is the failure not the human. Frailty is the brokenness of not adhering and aligning to law precisely. Only humans know why by the inner awareness of self.

A sinner, transgressor, the iniquitous, perhaps a trespasser who seeks forgiveness, and not repentance to correct the status of their affairs. The law breaks the sinner, the term sinner itself is incriminating, meaning that the sin is attempting to ride for free, without the admonition, and rebuke that only the law through repentance is successful in delivering, and not necessarily the man, or woman devoted to the success, and prosperity of speaking, or writing it, with reliance to be enabled to even convey it purposely. So let it be written and so, let it be done. Prophets have been at it for over seven thousands years, via the holy books, and those who the law has broken up in little pieces have developed hardness of heart concerning the words of law, proclaiming they or others can or will, break the law, or in the past have broken the law, no the law has broken the person. The law breaks what can’t retaliate, but can resist or insist on having it their own way, the way to the burger king song, have it your way, have it your way, at burger king. This attitude is inferred to be born out of grace, I beg to differ, grace has produced no such infidel, that could possibly want things their way, but that which only pertains to their own self.

Anger has been running a long time producing chaos in its path. Anger is a destructive measure, and it cannot be trusted not to break things and people, and assist the angry in how to perjure itself concerning law. Have you ever gotten so angry that you broke something? The Prophet Moses did, he broke the first tablets after feeling the pangs of anger. It had to be a difficult situation to have already broken the law in a protective stance, and offended in the one point of murder, then have to deliver those same words which judges and condemns the soul and have to transcribe them to the people. The law is a standard, not the judge, but it judges. People don’t really have to speak a word, the words of prophecy and instruction say everything, it is direction and guidance that is needed.

It had to be deep soul searching time. He even asked who should I tell them has sent me, as if to say, who am I to tell them anything? Won’t they just look at my brokenness, as nakedness? Which people always do, it is a part of the fallen human nature to look at accusations against someone else, instead of considering, and understanding yourself, lest you too be tempted. Being mindful of the intent of the law being to instruct in the ways of righteousness, not to condemn righteousness and free wrongness. The commandments say just that, don’t look at what I have done wrong, look at yourself so that you will not do the same wrong. Brokenness 101. You won’t have to know it is true by experiencing it, you can know it is true by an idea that is conveyed and to do good and avoid.

The Apostle Paul advises in Ephesians 4:26 - Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: How can this be experiential? How can I be angry and sin not? Anger has a root called bitterness, when it is fed the rotten seeds of anger it can defile me, and others. How does it defile others? Just breathe, you can breathe out cruelty or just breathe. If you feel the effects of anger, there are only two things that will be done if your heart condemns you, ask for forgiveness or repent to correct the attitude and not be willing to give sin any space to function in, the sun going down should not be accompanied by anger, or it can produce the raging heathen contributing towards vain imaginations in the morning. Weeping can endure overnight, and joy can come in the morning, not the enemy anger as an alarm clock. Something spooky about the rage of the heathen, and the sun has gone down. That old self trying to rise up when only I can sit her down, and I am allowed to call my own old angry self a raging heathen, and commit that activity over to repentance for rapid correction towards beatitudes, and the beauty I desire to see in my conduct. Anger is a taskmaster, it will make more work for me than I need, only if I allow it. Anger has a pink slip, and it better not come back to work. Tell anger, you're fired!

This is what this situation emanates to me. It has to be a delicate issue when you have already committed an offense or sin, but the admonition or judgment doesn’t show up until after. This is a brokenness I know and understand because it is reality. Brokenness doesn’t precede the event unless instruction concerning the event has shown up first. Something must break before it can be declared to be broken. I perceive unbroken law as the promise fulfilled. The law doesn't wait around to be broken, it really can’t be broken under the immutable power of God, only the flesh is conditioned and programmed to break the law, it is shapened in foolishness and infects the mind, but cannot touch the repentant soul. The law was not given to be broken, repentance is what unbreaks the law for the heart to be pure and clean, just as if one never sinned. Repentance and justice are always together. You will never know or see justice mighty works without repentance, repentance corrects the wrong in the mind because the regenerated breath of the soul only knows righteousness, it forgives and gives to every occasion of righteousness. Repentance will never abandon the righteous, never will the righteous in truth be forsaken. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, because forgiveness is being given to sin, and wrongdoing, instead of righteousness only.

Life is hanging in the balances, but life without breath may as well not be. It is right to breathe with a mortal or human body. The breath is the most righteous aspect of living, until it is infected by words of war and chaos. If I can’t or do not know anything else about another individual, one thing I acknowledge is they have the right to breathe because they have a body. This is an ideal unbrokeness articulated. Where do broken hearts go? They usually look for God, for Jesus, but repentance is where the answer to broken heartedness really lives. Have you ever experienced a broken spirit, heart or any kind of brokenness? Only you know what the remedy was at the time. Can any escape brokenness, loss, grief or the pain it brings? I hope there are some who can, especially the infants and children, and the elderly. It is a fragile life, and brokenness can reduce it to disease. Healing for brokenness, and brokenness needs healing.

The next stage of brokenness was the noise of sin coming from below, riotous acts against self and others. Anger reared its attributes in rage, and the Prophet forgot himself for a moment, and hurled the tablets at the transgressions, not really meaning to hit the transgressors, because the laws were given for their admonition. Here now brokenness adds a segment, Broken soul and broken tablets. How did one stand a chance of not breaking laws established upon brokenness. Broken law required an offering, I just don’t think it was bloodshed, I do think it was repentance. Sorrow and grief must be residents of offerings, or the purpose of blood gets lost in the shuffle. Mercy made sure that repentance showed up before Christ went to Calvary, and his blood was shed, and his body was broken.

What is the purpose behind the idea of brokenness? Broken signifies something that falls apart or is separated from the source of power. Moreover, brokenness deals in critical loss, or the loss suffered being of a critical matter, and can lead to massive losses. Critical is oftentimes confused with judgment, but being judgmental and critical are not the same. Being judgmental is judging the mental state or condition of an issue or matter as it pertains to the mind. Critical thinking must have some things to contrast or offset as differences or similarities for understanding to manifest. There must be at least two things to judge between for solutions to be incorporated towards reconciling issues. In Proverbs 4:23 - Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. This tells and shows me that the issues can be and are a critical, crucial and serious matter which only I can assess by keeping and guarding my life accordingly.

This is not a self motivated intent, I had to learn, not to be trained to do this. Training is a term I just cannot resolve or subscribe to in contrast to being taught. My own brokenness informs me that it is more needful to be taught, than trained. I will choose to be taught any day then trained, once the notion of training an animal is presented, people should opt out. Preferably, I would rather be taught, than trained. Because I am not an animal. I am a reasoning individual who can be taught. Discipline without contrast instruction is dangerous, and perilous to holistic health, and is not a realistic part of affordable health care.

Proverbs 22:6 - Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. The word train in this verse according to Strong's Concordance for the word in Hebrew, because the verse is located in the Old Testament, it means to initiate or discipline. The interpretation of training in real time is spent on sparing the rod and spoiling the child. I understand spare the rod, as spare correction, or failing to teach or guide correctly in the way a child can comprehend, defrauding the child of dialogue that can be comprehended is not meaningful. I have heard that it has been said “children should be seen and not heard” Is that a broken thought? How can you raise a child that you just want to see, and not hear speak? Is that even realistic? I wasn’t raised by a parent that didn’t want to hear me speak, I just didn’t have much to say, outside of questions needing an answer.

Another aspect of brokenness is that for every question, an answer is needed, and when an answer fails to materialize there is confusion, and there is no resolve. There are questions in each individual that are unanswered. It is asleep in the subconscious mind because no answer was given for the question, so it defaults to the sleep mode of mind and disappears until it is stimulated. The broken life thrives on answers to problems.

Take the breaking of the Commandments. The tablets which Scriptures declared that the finger of God wrote, in anger did Moses break and throw at the people, really signifying that broken law would be reality. You can say that Moses beheld the glory of the law before they were broken to destroy anyone in its path, but he had broken one of the commandments, but he got a chance to see himself for an interval of time without his own brokenness, he got to see himself through unbroken law. This is where repentant spirit lives where it is impossible to break the law. It is too easy for the broken mind to break rules, policies, procedures without admonition, and rebuke. I am an advocate of when the Scripture conveys rebuke I have the right to rebuke myself with that rebuke, so that I judge myself with the rebuke, if anyone can understand self rebuke, they too wil learn to rebuke themselves. It is not my job to rebuke anyone but me. Just as if he had never sinned at all. Unbroken law says that about our lives, but the flesh and the mind of the flesh has a different record, so today in this dispensation of grace, there is nothing else to do but repent if you willingly or unwillingly break any laws, natural, moral, civil, etc,

Rod to me does not signify violence or beating of any kind, in word or deed. If you can not reason with a child, don’t attempt to break them of the will by shouting and hitting them, but rather teach them well to be able to lead their own way. Failure for a child not to heed instruction is due to brokenness or separation from something or someone who has a weightier affect on them and are you the one or should they look for another.

Comparisons are dangerous leading only to competitions. What can be measured to Creation? Nothing!

Comparisons are dangerous leading only to competitions. What can be measured to Creation? Nothing!

Contrast vs. Compare equals Focus

Comparing a matter leads to competing with and against the ideas producing indifference only and not resolve; contrasting helps perception towards remedy. Yet, I have discovered that comparisons contend with, or against contrasting matters, and it robs the focus necessary for the resolve in responding to issues. Comparisons are properties of hocus pocus, compare good to evil, wars, and fighting's emerge; contrast good and evil, the process of eliminating evil begins. Comparisons lead to fault finding;shun evil, but why, because you have found fault in it, so why compare it to good, it is no match nor is it equal. There is a grave danger in wanting equality founded with and in evil. Superior groups need to weigh the good before voting for the inferiority of evil. Evil is inferior! Qualify minorities and not use evil in the surmising, not comparing; contrasting provides more of a determining factor in usage. Qualify and validate good by the pure breath of law, an inferior you will not find, unless it is within you, the mirror of your own soul; needing the adherence to principles designed, and engineered to very good.

Contrast - the state of being strikingly different from something else in juxtaposition or close association: Produces preferences not biases.

Compare - estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between:

It is critical to understand the difference or similarity in both aspects but not in or between contrasting only by comparing something or someone so that confusion does not emerge in idea form. Comparisons between people are wrong and always will produce errors and mistakes in judgment because no one is exactly alike, comparison of words, or ideas lend to confusion, because contrast deals with understanding more than the fixed notion of comparing. Why compare anything that cannot be exactly the same, measuring or noting the worth of something is a more practical option. Contrast is a reasonable service when clarity or clearness of the matter is the directive or goal. Enjoy your journey from faith to faith and glory to glory.

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