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The Truth, and Nothing but the Truth, He Keeps Me. I am a "Kept Woman."

My Title says it all, there is no better place to be, than in the center of God's Will.

He is a Lamp unto Her Feet and a Light Unto her Path...


Kept Woman...

"Weeping may endure for a night, but Joy is coming in the morning."

  • Unexpected bad news is everywhere. Just like death it is constantly looking for someone to claim.
  • It is a thief and a robber. It wants to take the very essence of your soul. It will hijack you if you let it.
  • The Kept Woman walk in the spirit of who she is and who she belongs to.
  • She understands a winner never quits, and a quitter never wins. God's Kept Woman believes in herself, no matter what other's say or think.
  • She figures out what she wants in life and sets her dreams in motion.

"I saw an old friend today, he smiled as he walked my way. He said I had a glow. He wanted to know if I had a special HERO? I said no, Jesus is the reason. He keeps me from dust to darn and He makes sure I come too no harm. I feel so safe in His arms. When I am sad He makes me glad. He's the best man I ever had".

Legcey of God's Kept Woman...

  1. She is a trailblazer, making way for others. A kept woman forever honors the shoulders she stands on.
  2. A kept woman of God won't complain, she proclaims, because when she complains, things remain the same.
  3. She doesn't take things lightly or for granted. But, she is committed too Her faith in God.
  4. Gods kept woman understands the Crown She Wears can be heavy and painful yet, she is up for the challenges. She stands ready to help those around her, and always willing to humbly readjust her Crown.
  5. She allows no one too take her space and dear Her not too dream.
  6. She's her own cheerleader, and the Captain of her own cheer leading squad. Life have taught her too focuses on her wins and not her losses.

"Because of Him I put away the old and picked up the new. Until I met Jesus I didn't know what to do. He restored my youth, and gave me legs like Gazelles too stand on high places, so that none of this Kept Woman's living can ever be dispelled. And Yet! Before I met Jesus I was on my way too Hell."

A Kept Woman Prays...


She Has Too Be Bold Too Lay Hold...

  • A woman kept by God knows what is required of her. She seeks Godly wisdom for her family and friends, and she honers God in all of her doings.
  • A kept woman builds her house on a solid foundation, and when the wind and the rain comes; it will stand, and not fall down, because it's built on prayer, hope, and her faith in God.
  • A kept woman is not afraid to let Her light shine. She uses her prayer keys to unlock God's promises. And He graces her with precious gifts from His Good Treasures.

"He keeps me as cool as the morning dew, and as fresh and brisk as a winter wind, before I met Him I was full of sin. He puts diamonds on my fingers; and places riches at my feet. He's the master of the universe and the keeper of then all, and you and I He will surly defend. He's rich in silver and gold, and no lie to me He has ever told."

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Fresh Manner Every Morning...


Growing, Patience, and Giver of Good Gifts...

  • We are born as little children, babes in Christ, who must go through all the stages of life, learning and growing as we go along. And how do we learn to walk? By trying and falling. Trying and falling, and then falling some more.
  • The kept woman knows patience must be a part of her journey. She can't be like the man who prayed, "Lord give me patience and give it to me right now."
  • She knows; that she cannot have quick answers, five steps, six keys, seven promises, and eight principles that will lead to a victorious life. But one thing she has mastered, she forgets those things which are behind her, and she press toward the mark of the high calling of Christ Jesus.
  • She Keeps the wind at her nose, and the skyline at eye levels. A kept woman is a progressive, today's kind of woman, who learns by trial and error. But through stumbling, falling, and rising up again the true kept woman emerges with grit, tenacity, and power. She certainly recognizes that God is a giver of all things great and new. And as His child, She knows without doubt that She has every right to dine, and gleam from His table.

"He rocks me too sleep every night with a sweet song, and wakes me to a new darn. He's every woman's dream, and a giver of good gifts. Yet, there are still those who don't think He's all that swift. He dries my eyes when I cry, and whispers sweet nothings in my ear. Telling me I am His and He is mine, and Old Satan He will always bind."

She Takes Control...

She embraces peace and follows after it. And allows other's to see her in the positive light. A kept woman figures out the things that makes her unhappy and finds ways to change them for the better.

  • A kept Woman knows, that a positive attitude can change everything in her life if she finds her innermost strength to believe.
  • She change the way she thinks. A woman kept by God knows that negative thoughts begets negative actions.
  • A woman kept by God continuously and actively project's a positive outlooks. She sets her goals then pushed herself to do better the next time.
  • A kept woman realizes, that so many times in life, the things she do go unrecognized by others, whether it's at home or on the job, when this happens, she applauds herself. Rejoicing in the Lord for her victory, even when she don't see it.

She Found Her A Place In Love, Joy, Peace, And Happiness, And She's Going too Stay There For A While...


Her Final Stance...

"I am a kept woman, kept tight and snug in the arms of My Lord and Master. Until I met Jesus my life was a disaster.

  • The kept woman do not run short of patience.
  • She remains strong, even during her final stance.
  • She takes a bow, and call it grace. No matter what the condition may say, because she knows she is a woman kept by the Masters.

© 2021 Carroll Latting

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