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The Time Travelers Dilemma – (7) Embroidery


From a lecture by Dr. Nakey: When we investigate the more complex social patterns of the past, many threads appear to be unrelated and disconnected. The late 20thCentury and early 21stCentury, for example, affected American society through movements related to Civil Rights, Progressive Socialism, subversive Communism, labor unions, and religious desensitization. Numerous examples exist. More importantly, the intensity of support and opposition ranged from outright violent organizations, proud and unrepentant regarding their violence, to milder discussion groups. The times are also sometimes characterized by the development of a widespread need for instant gratification, the "I want it now!" syndrome. These forces inter-played to form an embroidery for the time period that appears chaotic and confusing. Such was the first report we received from one of our first travelers.


As he aged, the man met people who re-awoke his predisposition for cryptography, interestingly enough, through playing role-playing games. While attending a role-playing convention, he attended a presentation on the Kryptos puzzle. For those who do not know, Kryptos is the sculpture by James Sanborn installed in the Courtyard of the CIA. The sculpture contains a partially solved cryptogram. The man began to participate in the efforts to solve this puzzle. This brought him near full circle to the sort of thing his grandfather had originally thought he would be good at. Although he did not follow that as a professional path, it seemed to be part of his personality to think he could help with challenging puzzles.

This interest led to regular attendance to the Cryptologic History Symposium, a group that meets every two years to share lessons of Cryptologic history. This is fascinating stuff, attended by former workers at NSA and others who had participated in some way in the making or breaking of codes. Over the years, the presentations included discussions of the breaking of the Venona codes, the resulting prosecutions, and additional identification of those mentioned in the recovered messages, identifications that were not in the original released book. They tolerated the man's presence. But these interests and the high technology job meant, you guessed it, more investigations. They happen so often they have become an expected part of the routine now, their experiments in temptation too often interfering with otherwise productive work. What was it they thought he knew? As high technology as his job was, there was no way that investigators could justify the extended cost over years and years of investigating and re-investigating. So the everlasting question was, “Why?”


Could it all be because of the brief contact with the vacationer? What motivated the mother to play a part in protecting the vacationer? Exactly why did the vacationer need to be protected anyway? What motivated each to do their part?

It would have been quite natural for the vacationer’s mother to seek a father figure for her son. It would have been a simple and natural thing in the sixties to approach a Mason (or someone who knew a Mason), and seek help: “Is there no help for the widow’s son?” The mother would have sought help from her father. The grandfather, a former government employee and later a senior Mason, would have responded, and when he realized who the child really was, would have made it a point to ensure he knew exactly who was being helped. The grandmother (supposedly the "social climber" in the family) would have turned to her friends to also aid in protecting the child. All of these efforts would have been completely unrecognized by both the boy and the vacationer until a something motivated one of them to rediscover the truth.

Until then, nothing is as it seems.

Suffice it for those in the future to know this: the vacationer was qualified under the American Constitution and existing United States code to be elected President. This truth could only be seen upon reflection.

What becomes of a man who is sheltered from his roots? Independent conjecture below


As life quieted down and the apparent intrigue faded, the now older-man began to reflect on the changes seen in the world since he was young (still asking himself the one question, “why?”) One of the best hopes for change in America came with a man a few years younger than he, one Barack Hussein Obama, when he was elected President of the United States in the late 2000’s. The now older man began to wonder who this person was. As he read and heard more, he thought back to that first black boy he had ever met. The demographic was so close. Both had a white mother. Both had a black father who had gone home to Africa. Both had the middle name Hussein. Both had either considered,or chosen to use the middle name Mohammed. Both had connections to Hawaii. Both had been sheltered from the terrors of the 60’s, and neither was likely to be thinking of it consciously as an act of being "sheltered". The demographic was so close, yet it seemed impossible. But for some reason, the subconscious kept screaming to the now-older-man “You idiot! File your report”, and so this report was begun. As the report progressed it nearly wrote itself. The clues had been there all along, for you see, all those events and investigations that happened as the boy grew were not originally intended for him. The computers choice on when and where to land had been right all along, and the mother’s ploy (both mothers) to protect the children had successfully misdirected even the best of investigators. It was to the vacationers benefit though, because he had all sorts of help from his friends to get to where he is. No man can become President without help from others. They help because it had become tradition to reward those who help you reach the top.

The vacationer did not have to worry about being accused of being a terrorist. He did not have to worry about being accused of being a serial killer. He did not have to worry about being accused of being a spy. But like former President Nixon, he refused to see the bad side of those who helped him, a man of principle not wanting to turn his back on those who helped him, no matter what their hidden agenda might be. Not that it matters, for it will be decades before this report is read by those who need to read it. Nevertheless it does make for an entertaining fiction story. To think it all begins with a wrong number.

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One last barrier to writing this report remained, and that was the promise. Men of principle keep their word, based on the simple approach to life ‘do unto others as you would have done unto you’. The promise was for the boy to never speak of that one visit to the vacationer’s home, doubly promised to the vacationer’s uncle and to the boy’s father. Men of principle are also faced with a challenge at times, and that is this: “how do you deceive your enemy while telling them the truth?” This was resolved when our President come on television and declared “we’ll never set boots in Libya”. That knowledge of technology kicked in, and the now-older-man thought “We'll never set boots in Libya? Does that mean we will bomb them from the air”, and then, we did. The loophole was now clear, the boy had promised to never speak of that visit, but he had never promised not to write about it, and in fact, it had never been discussed.

YouTube Video - Dr. Malletts Theory

Resending A Message Forward in Time

The Chinese have recently published an article indicating that photons cannot travel faster than the speed of light. Of course photons can’t travel faster than the speed of light, for after all, if they did, physicists would just raise the speed of light to correct the error. A careful read indicates the Chinese were considering the localized interactions between photons and atomic matter.

The Chinese physics article appeared to be intended to refute Dr. Mallett's basic set of equations, which are more to the point of how time travel might be possible. Dr. Mallett's theory is more concerned with the interplay between photons and localized gravity fields.

Neither theory mentions the wave-like propagation of time, yet history teaches us that the theory evolved around this time, so, it is being presented as fiction here.

A recent experiment indicates that neutrinos are trending to speeds faster than the speed of light. Note the careful and seemingly probabilistic wording. Time will complete the story on this one.

And one last item to note. There appears to have been a second traveler who was sent even farther astray than myself, recognizable by the misquote of the message we had originally intended to have our time travelers share, a message the 20th or 21st Century listener will no doubt hear incorrectly:

“It is a Tangled Web, the Weave, when first we navigate the Sieve."

Dr. Beccam continues to purposefully walk the halls early in the mornings. He can sometimes be overheard saying 'Good morning, time travel’.

© 2011 FitnezzJim


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Will do some research into Dr. Mallets theory, thanks for bringing this to LIGHT.

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