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The Time Travel Story of Hakan Nordkvist

Hakan Nordkvist


Hakan and His Older Self

Hakan and his older self

Hakan and his older self

The shared tattoos

They share identical tattoos

They share identical tattoos

The Story of Hakan Nordkvist

Story By: Cow Flipper

Imagine for a moment if you will, sitting in your home having a very normal day when suddenly you are whisked away to some other time and another reality. Well this is what happened to Mr. Hakan Nordkvist while living in Sweden. His story goes as follows... One day while in his home he spotted a leak at his kitchen sink, getting his plumbing tools Hakan tries to reach the leak from under the sink and this is where his reality seems to fade into the unknown. As he tried to reach the back of the sink it seemed to move deeper and further back from him as if stretching beyond his reach so Hakan crawled under the sink to get to the leak, there he saw a light and realized he was able to stand up and was outside. (read up on Wormholes) Once he realized this he stood up and there standing before him was an older version of himself. Hakan states that he realized the old man resembled him in some fashion and that he talked to his older self for a while having the time of his life sharing information with the old him. He says the older him was around seventy years old. Now it would be real easy to just say this is a story accept that Hakan had a video phone with him and he took a video of himself and his older self arm in arm and then they compared tattoos on their right arms. This is the most convincing truth ever brought forth about time travel.

The Hakan Nodkvist Time Travel Video

Alternate Dimensional Time

Alternate Time Lives

Alternate Time Lives

Einstein Rosen Bridge (Wormhole)

This is a diagram of a wormhole

This is a diagram of a wormhole

So What is Happening Here? Is It True?

The Hoax Theory:

What really happened to Hakan Nordkvist? Was it a video hoax... well here is where the doubt ensues. Hakan began to blog about his experience in Sweden and suddenly the internet was a buzz with the story of the Swedish time-traveler Hakan Nordkvist. Hakan was then approached by a film making company that was funded by a failing pension funds company known as AMF, one of the largest pension firms in Sweden. Thus AMF had his video made into a documentary which they posted on their site... pensions and an older version of yourself... can you say pension commercial? Yes that is exactly what the court of public opinion has labeled Hakan's experience. We've all seen viral campaigns done by everyone from celebrities to companies trying to drive traffic to their sites... but is this video a commercial or something the company picked up on and decided to run with it real or not to pick up their business? You have to admit it is a fantastic story and any advertiser would love to have thought it up. But the only thing we can say for sure is that the video being that it is a cell phone video seems to lend credence to the story, and then there is the resemblance between the old man and Hakan which is uncanny. Then there are the tattoos, some people have commented that their tattoos don't even match in size or that they are too much of a perfect match to be real, well take into consideration that if you age some forty years your skin will stretch and the ink will blotch and fade, then in regards to them matching, well if they are the same person of course they will match perfect but look close at the tattoos when you examine this video and you be the judge. I for one believe it is true, Hakan seems sincere in his account of the story.

Could This Really Happen?

Scientists believe that time travel is possible... time (to understand time please see my hub on time) is a relative phenomena that is interlocked with the physical dimension (at least from our point of view). We see time as an ever flowing forward linear measurement of actions and entropy. But there are many aspects of our reality which may blur the lines between the physical matter reality and what we can perceive and those things in the quantum universe that somehow cross the dimensional barriers we believe to exist. Imagine that there are limitless time-lines and in many of them an alternative reality that somewhat mirrors the one you are in now are taking place. In those times or life times you may share many of the same experiences or you may be a totally different person, you may not even exist! Should these time-lines somehow accidentally cross at a certain point in our reality you would have a blurring of your reality and perhaps even manifest in the other reality or lifetime. I know it sounds far fetched but if two dimensional universes sharing similar or identical properties those two universes may be able to share a cohesive reality and those that are alive may be able to cross through the dimensional time barrier. Now because time is not a constant you may emerge a few minutes later or even seconds or perhaps thousands of years into the past or future.

It seems to me that knowing he had met himself in the future and that Hakan knowing the event had happened researched exactly where to be and what time he needed to be there in order to meet himself at that exact time because to him the event had happened in the past. This would lessen the traumatic impact this time intrusion would have on the younger Hakan. So I can see this old man heading to the same park everyday when he reached age 69 and then spending every afternoon for a year or more waiting for himself to emerge from the portal. I may be wrong, perhaps it is just a story made up for a pension company, I leave you to be the judge of that.


Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on December 28, 2017:

Thank you for this very interesting article on the topic I'm investigating for my storytelling novel. I love stories like that, even if they might not be true, but what is true these days!

creative creature on April 02, 2016:

This is absurd. Has as anyone considered the most obvious explanation that Hakan was a lookalike with his father? There are many such cases, and this could easily have led to a hoax. I am far more ready to believe that before I believe his kitchen sink was a time wormhole!

Be less gullible.

Chris on January 13, 2016:

I cant figure out why nobody is asking to see the entire video. U cant hear any sound or talking. It seems to be a short cut version. he said that he took a video so people would believe him. Who would only take a ten second video of something that important and cut the voices out. As much as i would like to think this is real, it makes no sense.

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aname on December 01, 2013:

Swedish insurance company AMF, made by Forsman & Bodenfors

made this retirement commercial is their web address...did you really believe he had a wormhole under his sink and nobody went to check it out?

P. Côté on November 19, 2013:

There is no clear evidence that this story is real NOR that this is a hoax. Even after watching this: and this:

Time travelling is subject that we won't stop talking about until we finally figure it out (if it really is possible). Insurance company is free to use the subject if they will, and also to use a credible story to match their own ads.

Why couldn't it be used by the insurance company for a viral ad AND still be real? We are mostly ignorant about the laws of physics and the universe because all science is based on CURRENT knowledge. Science will always be rewritten so what we believe is possible today will be laughed at in 30 years or so.

I for once, prefer to believe it might be possible because once you decide in your mind it's impossible, you will, for sure, never work to make it real one day. You can also call that "status quo".

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on August 27, 2012:

Swedish thank you for you insight. I am happy you showed this to us! Seems like a viral campaign after all. :)

swedish on August 26, 2012:

and in case u don't believe me:

the company AMF pensions has done similar time traveling kinda ads many many times before

Swedish on August 26, 2012:

its all fake, morons, its an ad and they're just playing with you....and look at all the attention they got, a job well done I'd say.

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on May 20, 2012:

I'll have to check it out. I've read most of the stories about the Pension Plan Commercial theory as I mentioned it in the article. Thanks Robert.

Robert on May 19, 2012:


Jen on May 19, 2012:

I'm curious as to how his experience ended... did he just "wake up" back in the present? Or did he crawl back the way he came? Or..?

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on April 13, 2012:

Dick, I have no clue. It is a very good question though and no sources I have found explain what happened to the tools he was going to use to fix the leak. Great question though.

Dick on April 13, 2012:

Where was the wrench he had in his hand when moving further and further in?

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on November 18, 2011:

That much was not explained. From what I gather the alternate reality dissolved away and he was back in his kitchen where his adventure began.

JB on November 18, 2011:

Ehh.. how did he get back again...?

bill yon from sourcewall on July 11, 2011:

If the guy was to shoot himself in the head it would not matter. The minute he traveled back created and alternative universe his decisions now will not effect his future self. every thought or rather decision we make creates alternate realities when we decide to do one thing then a reality is created where we did the other thing.

sharon mihlethaler on April 04, 2011:

sorry meant to say not one of mentioned an anonomaly, probably spelt wrong. check out"millenium", cheryl ladd and kriss kristophesn

sharon mihlethaler on April 04, 2011:

not one of you have anonamaly's,if you meet yourself in the future or viasa versa then you don't exsit

kirk on March 03, 2011:

@sauceycat - you should read up on the theories of that kind of stuff. By shooting himself he would in effect change his path and his future self wouldn't die, it would simply cease to exist - that path was no longer possible and as such he could not visit it. Furthermore, he may also lose any memory of any such occurrence ever happening. It is also theorized that said paths are able to exist completely separate of any other, so killing himself would not kill his "future" self, as that future self is in fact, part of an entirely different path of existence.

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on January 27, 2011:

Hey TheSwede, That is in the article!

"Hakan was then approached by a film making company that was funded by a failing pension funds company known as AMF, one of the largest pension firms in Sweden. Thus AMF had his video made into a documentary which they posted on their site... pensions and an older version of yourself... can you say pension commercial? Yes that is exactly what the court of public opinion has labeled Hakan's experience. We've all seen viral campaigns done by everyone from celebrities to companies trying to drive traffic to their sites... but is this video a commercial or something the company picked up on and decided to run with it real or not to pick up their business? You have to admit it is a fantastic story and any advertiser would love to have thought it up."

The question isn't whether the video was used by AMF but if the video itself and Hakan's story are real and true!

TheSwede on January 27, 2011:

The clip is a commercial for AMF Pension. A swedish company that sells pension funds. Get real, folks! XD

Winston on October 30, 2010:

If his story was true, you'd think he'd take more video than that. Why didn't he take some video of the surrounding area to see what the houses, cars and streets would look like?

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on July 01, 2010:

My guess is the time lines split apart and he was back underneath his sink where he began. As far as bringing Grampa Nodkvist back from the future, well I'm not really sure it works that way. They had their time where the time-lines converged and then it was over.

Eli on June 30, 2010:

How did he get back? Why didn't he bring his dad Back?

outdoorsguy from Tenn on June 21, 2010:

considering science supports the possiblity of alternate timelines, and the sheer amount of odd tales about people moving across time. Id say theres a possibility of it happening.

and just to comment.. if it is an alternative time line, then shooting your self want change the reality of any other time line. the alternative you's will still exist.

its like having two books and burning one. the other is still there.

vaguesan from Osaka, Japan on May 20, 2010:

Love stuff like this. I'm always incredibly skeptical, but still fun to read, and like you've said on your profile maybe some of these happenings are just things we are not yet able to explain.

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on April 04, 2010:

Well, who is to say... that is nothing more than what is known in scifi circles as a time shift or a branching off from the original time-line. If his older self was from another universal time line just in mirror of this time line then isn't it possible that shooting Hakan now wouldn't matter? Even if he died tomorrow would that mean that he did not experience seeing his older self in another dimension? You can't prove anything just by killing someone, of course you can't prove this happened either! So sauceykat I'd beg to say it is a matter of faith and the only person that it really matters to in the end is Hakan, whether the story is a viral commercial or a supposed true event. Killing the man to make a moot point seems extreme to me.

sauceykat on March 20, 2010:

So, couldn't someone theoretically just shoot him in the head and if he dies then it can't be real? Okay, that sounds harsh but still...if he knows for sure he's still alive in 2049 then he should be willing to point a loaded gun at his own head and pull the trigger, right? I wonder how confident he would be...perhaps at that point we would all have "proof" that this whole story is one big, lame hoax.

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on January 25, 2010:

Very insightful comment someonewhoknows, multidimensional theories suggest that there should be endless alternative lives being lived out on alternate time lines and in different universes that are all existing in tandum. So yeah if the soul is real then perhaps there are many aspects of the soul beyond what we can understand and experience in this limited aspect of our existence. The soul may exist in many different places but still be of one source and still in connection with or at least echoed in alternate existences. The truth is we just don't know, but when we are confronted with these ideas and experiences it does raise questions and it does cause us to wonder... what happened and what if.

SALVAONEGIANNAOLCOM from south and west of canada,north of ohio on January 10, 2010:

Could be we are spirits that are inhabiting all these bodies from different timelines in different dimentions to experience all the many possibilities life has to offer.

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