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Book Review of 'The Thursday Murder Club' by Richard Osman

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About the Author and the Book

Richard Osman, the British author of this book, is also a comedian, producer, and TV presenter. He is famous for being the creator and co-presenter of a BBC Quiz Show ‘Pointless’. He has also written many Quiz and Trivia books.

‘The Thursday Murder Club’ is his debut novel. The original idea of writing this book came to the author after he visited a retirement village. The book was first published in September 2020 by Viking Press, a subsidiary of Penguin Random House, and got hugely popular. It became the No.1 million-copy international bestseller as well as a New York Times bestseller. Because of the success of this book, Richard Osman was crowned as the author of the year at the British Book Awards.



‘The Thursday Murder Club’ is the story of four friends, who live in a peaceful retirement village known by the name of ‘Coopers Chase’. Every Thursday, they get together to try to solve an unsolved old murder/crime case. These four friends are Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim, and Ron. The unusual thing about them is that all of them are nearly eighty years old. They have never worked in a police department, but their experience of life along with their previous careers help them in solving these cases. Originally, the club was formed by Elizabeth with her friend Penny. Penny was an inspector in the Kent Police, who was bringing files of unsolved murder cases. Elizabeth and Penny would go through them and look for any missing clues with the hope to solve them. Now Penny is completely bed-ridden but Elizabeth is continuing the club with her three friends and looking into those old files.

To their surprise, one day a local developer gets murdered, and it gives them a live case. They have not even solved this case that they witness another murder in their community. Instead of one case, they get the task of solving two murder cases. The local Police Constable Donna De Freitas and her boss DCI Chris Hudson also get impressed by their proactiveness and start taking their help to find the real criminals.

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The book is very entertaining, humourous, and easy to read. It is very well structured. Those who do not like murder mysteries can also enjoy reading this book as a general read. The focus is more on the characters themselves as compared to the murders, and that has made the book even more interesting to read.

The characters of this book are very likeable. The four members of the club are very astute and brilliant. Elizabeth is very motivated and has a vast network of contacts. Ibrahim is a retired psychiatrist and is very scrupulous. Ron used to be a union leader and is the father of a renowned boxer. Joyce is a very quick-witted retired nurse. Coopers Chase, the retirement village is shown very vibrant. People are kind and helpful there and a lot of gossip goes around.

The story is written from two perspectives – as a regular written story as well as from the perspective of Joyce through her diary entries. The book has lot of chapters, however, some of them are very short. It contains love, grief, friendship, and sorrow. While reading the story, the reader goes through different emotions i.e. from laughter to sadness, warmth, and tears. The story is a mirror where you can see a glimpse of old age.

For some of the readers, the book might be a bit dragging because of its character focus approach but overall, it is fabulous. I would definitely recommend it to any adult who loves reading.

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