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The Terrifying Prognoses Made by Baba Vanga for the Upcoming Days

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Who is this blind Baba Vanga?

Baba Vanga was a mystic, clairvoyant, and herbalist from Bulgaria. Since she was a young child, Gushterova, who is blind, has resided in the Kozhuh mountains of Bulgaria's Rupite region.

More than 4,274,922 people have visited Baba Vanga's English Wikipedia page since 2007. She now has biographies on Wikipedia in 50 languages, up from 47 in 2019.


Baba Vanga has risen from fifth place in 2019 to become Macedonia's most popular occultist. The third most popular North Macedonian biography dropped from first place in 2019, but the fourth most popular occultist has risen from fifth place. Most notably, Baba Vanga is credited with accurately forecasting the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Vangelis Pandeva Gushterova, often known as Baba Vanga, is widely regarded as Bulgaria's top authority on mediumship and spirit connection. She also predicted that the 44th President of the United States will be an African American. Strangely enough, it has been claimed that Baba Vanga, the so-called Balkan Nostradamus, foresaw the coronavirus and COVID-19 outbreaks in 1996. The widespread coronavirus disease (Covid 19) was predicted many years ago by the blind mystic Baba Vanga.

Baba Vanga, who passed away in 1996 at the age of 84, is thought to have predicted the coronavirus epidemic that started in China in 2019. By January 25, 2021, the virus has killed over 2.12 million people and infected over 99.19 million people worldwide. The forecast was revealed by a woman who had a 1990s meeting with Baba Vanga.

The coronavirus warning was made known to Neshka Stefanova Robeva, 73, immediately before Baba Vanga passed away.

How Did Baba Vanga Foresee Things?

The following predictions of Baba Vanga were believed to have an 85 percent chance of succeeding.

1. Brexit

Although some conspiracy theorists assert that Baba foresaw Brexit, She really made a mistake when she claimed that by 2017, Europe would no longer exist.

2. 3rd World War

The old woman declared shortly before she passed away, "Russia will not only be survived, it will conquer the world."

3. The 2018 election will be won by Vladimir Putin

When Vanga and writer Valentine Cedariff met in 1979, Vanga predicted that "everything will be as if ice, just one will stay undisturbed." Russia's Glory in Vladimir

4. The nuclear submarine catastrophe at Kursk

Baba foresaw that it would be inundated with water and that everyone around the globe would be in mourning in 1980. The Russian submarine drowned in August of 2000, killing every person on board.

5. A Gas Attack In Syria

Baba foresaw a conflict in the nation before she passed away, predicting that Muslims will utilize chemical weapons against Europeans. This is meant to be comparable to Assad's likely use of chemical weapons on his own people.

6. She stated that a black man will be the 44th US President

She did, however, add that he or she would be the final President, which was also untrue.


The rise of the terrorist organization ISIS is another event allegedly foreseen by the Bulgarians.

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2022 Predictions from Vanga

1. Strangely, Vanga has asserted that a dragon will take control of the plant

Baba Vangs' most bizarre prognostication is that a dragon would rule the globe in 2022. The three giants will unite, a strong dragon will rule over humanity, and some people will possess red money. I see a lot of zeros, the number 5, and the number 100.

Since that day, translators have presumed that China is the "dragon." The red-colored 100 Yuan and 5000 ruble bills could be the money, while the three giants could be Russia, India, and China.

2. Serious Famine

Humanity will experience a severe famine as a result of climate change. Eaves, muck, and beetles will all be eaten.

What is taking place across all continents is frighteningly similar to a horror movie.

An African locust invasion will decimate cereal crops, increase population hunger, and spark ferocious interstate conflict.

3. A dangerous virus found in a glacier Due to global warming, glaciers are melting

A deadly virus will be discovered by scientists that will quickly spread and destroy both people and animals.

Scientists examining glacier ice found viruses that were almost 15,000 years old in two samples of ice collected from the Tibetan Plateau in China in July 2021. Most of the viruses that survived because they were frozen differ significantly from all known viruses.

The results, which are scheduled for publication in the journal Microbiome on July 20, 2021, may aid researchers in understanding how viruses have changed over time. For this work, the researchers also created a brand-new, incredibly clean technique for detecting bacteria and viruses in ice without contaminating it.

Researchers determined that the ice was almost 15,000 years old using a combination of well-established and fresh, original methods.

They looked at the ice and found the genetic code for 33 viruses. They looked at the ice and found the genetic code for 33 viruses. Four of these viruses have already been identified by scientists. But at least 28 of them are completely new. Not as a result of it, but as a result of it. A little more than half of them appeared to have survived the ice

The scientific community has already identified four of those viruses. 28 of them, however, are books. When they were frozen, about half of them appeared to have survived—not regardless of the ice, but rather due to it.


4. Earth will be attacked by alien ships

We shall have communication with extraterrestrial intelligence. The world will be attacked by alien ships that will bomb cities and abduct people.

The polar ice caps will melt and increase ocean levels between 2033 and 2045.

5. An outpost on Mars

An outpost on Mars will allow the planet to develop nuclear weapons and declare freedom from Planet between the years 2170 and 2256.

6. There are virtual realities in 2022 where we can lose ourselves totally

Time spent in these virtual worlds can cause memory and learning problems as well as convert users into actual zombies.

Finally, Baba Vanga's foretold that humanity will eradicate cancer at the start of the twenty-first century when it will be "bound with iron shackles."

The clairvoyant said that Donald Trump, the president of the United States, would contract an unknown illness that would render him deaf and cause brain damage. According to the clairvoyant, "the planet will experience numerous cataclysms and significant tragedies." The way people think will alter.

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