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The Tasty Breakfast - Response to Word challenge

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Every week Brenda Arledge is challenging us with a word to test our creative energies to showcase some content on that topic and for week 43, she has given a very common word 'breakfast' to us. Sometimes writing on a very common word becomes more difficult than writing on a complicated word. Anyway, I tried to create a story using this word and it deals with the relationship between a couple on the matters of household chores.

A tasty breakfast

Dave was a very good husband in the sense that he loved his wife Rezi much and took great care of her. Dave was having a very good job in a multinational company. Rezi was a qualified girl and also wanted to do some job to pass time but Dave insisted that she should take care of the household and insisted that it would be a better combination for both of them. Rezi loved her husband much and agreed to the proposition offered immediately and then they were having a very happy and comfortable life. Rezi took full control of household jobs and household matters and Dave was much pleased with her and appreciated her efforts from time to time.

Sometimes Rezi wanted a break and did not like to do the household chores and asked Dave to share it but Dave told that he would not be able to manage it and would get the food ordered from outside and maybe on Sunday could help her in cleaning and other routine jobs. But Rezi did not like the idea as she hoped that in an emergency at least Dave should help in some cooking or some other similar household work.

Dave never had any interest in household work and finally one day told Rezi that she had to manage it alone. Rezi did not tell anything harsh to Dave but in her heart, she was feeling that why Dave cannot find time to help her occasionally. Most of the husbands helped their wives in kitchen-related works voluntarily and their wives told this thing with pride during their chit chat with other housewives.

Dave never asked Rezi about the money she was spending for running the household. He never bothered for any expense that Rezi thought she had done in excess. The only thing where he was not able to help or co-operate was in sharing the household chores.

One day Rezi was not feeling well and when Dave came home she told him that she would not be making anything for dinner and hearing that Dave immediately ordered a few items of choice that he and Rezi liked and then they had dinner.

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Rezi told him that as she was not feeling well he will have to manage his breakfast late in his workplace only. Dave asked her if she wanted him to order some food for her tomorrow morning. Rezi told him that she was not feeling to take any food from outside and would take something kept in the fridge after getting up late in the morning. Dave suggested her some analgesics in case she was feeling uncomfortable and tired. Rezi told Dave that she had already taken one and would repeat it late in the night if she felt feverish or something like that. As Dave used to leave for the workplace early it made sense to have his breakfast there itself in the company canteen.

The next morning when Rezi got up she was feeling better and it was almost 9 AM and she went to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and on the way she found some plates kept on the dining table covered with a tray. She did not remember if she kept anything like that on the table last night. She became curious and removed the tray and there it was - the egg fry and some toasts which were still warm and she saw a note written on a paper sheet and was kept partially under one of the plates. It read - 'Homemade occasional breakfast from Dave'.

Rezi was so happy but was thinking how Dave managed it in the morning when usually he had so little time. Probably he got the point when Rezi told him that she would not be taking anything for eating that day from outside. Rezi was very impressed with the gesture that Dave had shown and she was just thinking why she was so much bothered for Dave not taking interest in household work. She must understand that Dave was a busy executive and was doing hard work for making their lives comfortable and she was unnecessarily worried about him having no interest in household chores.

Rezi was just thinking that she should prepare some special dinner that night to surprise Dave. Anyway she also has to thank him for the tasty egg fry and toasts.

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