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The Tales of Mythologies:

PERSONALLY, I could use a mental, emotional, physical and personal vacation after working for years; I love the novel 'The DaVinci Code';

From where did the 'ancient gods' or, 'wanna-be gods' come;

Previously enchanted by the gods which were alluded to in mythology, however, quite skeptical and level-headed as an adult and definitely not a kid anymore (especially intrigued by Greek mythology), I have been thinking of the 'gods and goddesses' of this or of that in ancient folklore and mythologies, how could they have possibly harnessed their individual so-called "powers", special forces or, has anyone heard of stolen SUPERNATURAL powers (ie beauty, grace, talent, et AL)" or attempting to "steal a Soul", which in my best opinion, obviously means that those spirits were never "holy nor divine" nor brave, and were most likely "ancient aliens" referred to by some as "sky people"; if physical and personal powers which were stolen from Eve, the First Woman on Planet Earth (but never Eve's very powerful Soul, Heart nor Mind), let's say, since The Beginning of Time, their physical attributes never originated with them; [has anyone actually pondered that if there ever was a 'true' Adam and Eve or Lilith The Devil or a Garden of Eden, for that matter];

In any case, unlike me whom IS brave to have written and said that I believe in my Heart, Mind & Soul that I was Saint Mary Magdalene, why would the aforementioned so-called 'gods, goddesses, angels', et AL, not proclaim in writing nor, in spoken word at all (obviously they are not brave); (many faiths believe in reincarnation) thus additionally, I was Saint Mary Magdalene whom reincarnated, then Jesus of Nazareth should have reincarnated just as well, besides also the "wanna-be-gods" ie Aphrodite "The Goddess of Love & Beauty", Lilith "The She-Devil" or, "Medusa with a Head of Snakes and a Serpentine Tail", Sofia "The Goddess of Wisdom", "The Supreme Goddess", Zeus, Hades "The God of The Underworld", Apollo "The God of The Sun", Poseidon "The God of The Seas", Chango, Krishna, Afro-Cuban gods & goddesses, Reptilian/Serpentine Aliens, Grey Aliens, etc allover Planet Earth, Celtic gods & goddesses, "angels", why even The "Holy Spirit" (or Holy Ghost), which may actually include all of the aforementioned in a spiritual form and may not even be PEACEFUL, MERCIFUL, nor Loving nor All-Knowing nor All-Powerful in a Biblical way-Just sayin :)-BibiLuzarraga

If there truly were a PEACEFUL, MERCIFUL, Loving, Kind, Omnipotent, All-Knowing god in a Biblical sense, then why is it that humankind is living with dis-eases, poverty, wars, shrinking economies, horrific living conditions in some areas on the Planet, melting ice glaciers, the fish species dying at a rapid rate, why are there so many disruptive weather conditions; besides myself and especially, Mother Theresa, Saint Joan of Arc. Saint Catherine of Sienna, Saint Barbara, Saint Mary Magdalene, does not anyone think of these things anyway (ie the story [or, the mythologies] of 'god,' whom 'created Heaven and Earth', from where came the 'holy spirit' ); then to me obviously, akin to the aforementioned women, why are the so-called 'gods' not handling the situations and simply allowing humankind to suffer (economically, socially, medically, etc) Planet Earth to suffer, the animals suffer, the climate change to go haywire; as if the 'gods' are actually turning a blind-eye to the most obvious and living in LA LA LAND rather than in Heaven; question: SOOOO, WHOM IS REALLY GOD; TO WHOM SHOULD THE PEOPLE PRAY (is there a CERTAIN religion we should ALL abide; if 'ye are all gods and goddesses', besides, it should be impossible that there would be BILLIONS upon BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of 'gods, goddesses', angels, saints, et AL on Planet Earth where we are undergoing a severe global warming, an impending nuclear war, to mention a few major events that apparently, not even 'god' can fix in this upside down world (which is what Mother Theresa concluded near the end of her own lifetime)-BibiLuzarraga.

As you might well know already, I am an avid fan of The History Channel (H2) which has released a mini-series entitled 'Ancient Aliens' which contemplates the theory of whether human civilizations were visited by extraterrestrials whom claimed to be gods, goddesses, stars, planets, and so forth; and, if they actually exist in a recognizable, physical, spiritual form well then they should also have settled and colonized allover Planet Earth since The Beginning of Time and must have BLOOD RELATIVES (even today), as I learned; thus, while living on Planet Earth planning and establishing their careers; in fact, some of their personal and legal names may have already been proven well beyond a shadow of a doubt; however, whom and where are they and, in which case, the public should know and find them and ask them questions (to say the least); in fact, my best guess is that they live on Planet Earth alongside humankind although, being that Planet Earth was influenced by aliens, (aka 'sky people' as far back as early civilizations such as the Egyptians, the Mayans, the Greeks, the Chinese, etc) perhaps nearly all of humankind ARE already some kind of aliens, whether be it a 'god', a 'goddess', a 'star', even a ("celestial being") or, a 'celebrity' and so forth; contemplate this theory, (yes, I am 'playing the devil's advocate': what if in fact, the masses of a manipulated humankind have actually been worshipping 'the wrong gods' (whom are bottom-line, very likely to be evil ancient aliens from other worlds whom may pose as 'gods', as if 'holy and divine', not peaceful nor humble);

There may even be five (5) top contenders including, the 'holy' trinity, whom I do not believe anymore;

You already know that aliens abduct others and have always had plans to 'Rule Worlds' (or so I learned, from programs such as H2 and other channels);keep an open mind and do your research; ask a history professor, an archeologist, an investigative mythologist and/or read sacred texts for clues, et AL-for if nearly all of humankind are aliens, I would like to know and so would you, I trust; I should have been a historian or an archeologist (seriously ; )BibiLuzarraga;

Since I was a child, I longed to be an archeologist which is why I wish I worked as a professional archeologist whom finds proof and does not live under a rock and works to uncover true objects such as rune stones, mummies, pottery, stones, mounds, and other forms of proof that previous civilizations actually existed on Planet Earth since The Beginning of Time-BibiLuzarraga;

The following Wikipedia link may be interesting, however, at this point, it does seem extremely dysfunctional and idiotic; in any case, I feel that if souls DO reincarnate, then the "Greek gods" also reincarnated, including Zeus, Hades, Aphrodite, Sophia, Athena, Dionysus, Apollo, Poseidon, etcetera and from The Genesis, Lilith etcetera since The Genesis; I could be wrong but the more I research the topic, I feel that I am correct-BibiLuzarraga.

May 3rd, 2018AD: Christianity: A New Light-BibiLuzarraga.

October 16, 2017AD-Cowards;

If you believe in reincarnation as I do and, if the so-called 'g-o-d-s' reincarnated, then why are they not saying, "I was Jesus of Nazareth", and my personal, legal name in this lifetime is "so-and-so" or, if the virgin mary reincarnated in this lifetime, why have we not heard the virgin mary say, 'I am so-and-so' in this lifetime' or, why is not that we have heard about it on Vatican TV or elsewhere which would sound something like, "come to me so that I may bless you, my child" or "let me heal you" or "I will bless and repair/fix this seemingly godless, un-blessed, 'RED & BLACK' world and therefore, locate me in person because I really, honestly, live on Planet Earth and have a personal, legal name; but no, apparently, the world does not hear those words and are influenced by COWARDS whom tell them otherwise and say, "I am with you in Spirit, blah-blah,blah"; meanwhile, it seems to me that this red & black world is apocalyptic and, going crazy in many lands across the globe, especially in lands that worship false idols and gods/goddesses whom apparently do not have spiritual powers; where is 'god' in this obviously apocalyptic world of stranded people whom pray for help, food, shelter, jobs, peace, love and laughter; am I the only One praying-BibiLuzarraga.

Artificial powers and intelligence;

  1. It is no coincidence that I contemplated the idea of Artificial Intelligence which is comprised of "human-like" qualities albeit not truly human nor powerful at all; in fact, "watered down" in layman's terms is how best I might describe it; the link cited from elaborates artificial intelligence which also "transmorphs", if you will, into human beauty (especially envy, deceit, arrogance and the like); from Wikipedia: "The field was founded on the claim that a central property of humans, human intelligence—the sapience of Homo sapiens sapiens—"can be so precisely described that a machine can be made to simulate it."[8] This raises philosophical arguments about the nature of the mind and the ethics of creating artificial beings endowed with human-like intelligence, issues which have been explored by myth, fiction and philosophy since antiquity.[9] Artificial intelligence has been the subject of tremendous optimism[10] but has also suffered stunning setbacks[11-BibiLuzarraga.

The world is crumbling; which is not a new thought albeit disturbing all the same;

Very much like Mother Theresa, I am beginning to think much more that, there is not a "god", "goddess", "Angel" nor the like, that brings Love, Peace, Truth and Joy to the world nor stops ISIS nor the Jihadists nor the wars nor the refugee crises nor hunger nor homelessness nor halts global warming nor saves animals from becoming extinct nor starved and so many other disturbances, no matter how many prayers are extended to a 'god' of some faith or other; I only wish there were (still, this thought of a "god" that does not answer prayers is quite disappointing)--and so close to the holidays which are so full of materialism as if the world is actually happy in spirit (read the world news on-line, and similar websites which forecast the weather and report severe weather patterns and happenings worldwide so my best advice is to LISTEN TO YOUR HEART); besides, the global prayer is World Peace; follow the world news, if you'd like:)-BibiLuzarraga.

Hallow's Eve 2015-borrowed my mom's secret Lilith the She-Devil costume which, I had never seen :)

The Lost Boys! (October 30, 2015)-

Last night I watched a throwback movie, "The Lost Boys" which is set in a city in California which is rampant with vampires; fact or fiction? Does anyone believe in vampires anyway? The movie is dramatic, although it was comedic to me in a kind of strange way; hey, it could very well be that Lilith The Devil from the Book of Genesis or even Dracula reincarnated; think about it as many faiths and mythologies believe in the afterlife; >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>(May 27, 2016)>>Being that I am a creative type, let's say, I wonder if the ancient aliens whom disguise themselves as gods, goddesses, angels and such (are actually wolves in sheep's clothing or, devils in disguise if you will) and perhaps are vampires (maybe I'm watching too much TV)-BibiLuzarraga.

"Lilith: Ancient Demon, Dark Deity or Sex Goddess">>Bibi.

Enlightening reading influenced by "America Unearthed"-BibiLuzarraga.

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"The Valley of The Dolls"-BibiLuzarraga.

Here's one to ponder;

??What if Eve (at The Beginning of Time) was cloned physically but Eve's Heart, Mind & Soul were not cloned at all;

— BibiLuzarraga.

"The TRUTH Shall Set you FREE"

Have you heard of the above phrase for, if you have, pay close mind, attentively and, listen to your highest, clearest thought-BibiLuzarraga

Starbuck's RED Holiday Cups;

How do you feel about Starbuck's red holiday cups? Some Christians are truly offended and believe that the red cup is Satanic; inclusively, they have become loyal customers of Dunkin Donuts--hmmm, in my opinion, I agree with the Christians being that I do believe in the true Christ-BibiLuzarraga.

Happy New Year 2016AD :)

To my fans, wishing you a truly spectacular New Year 2016-BibiLuzarraga.


A depiction of Lilith the Devil;

What if The Virgin Mary were actually Lilith-BibiLuzarraga

What if The Virgin Mary were actually Lilith-BibiLuzarraga

"I have been abducted by evil aliens";

Coincidentally, today (1/15/2016AD) is the birthday of an old acquaintance that came to me in a tongue-in-cheek, rather comical dream last night whom told me in the dream (in Spanish) "Hey, you've been lost" and I replied, "Well, actually, I have been abducted by EVIL aliens" and then wrote it on his FaceBook profile this morning-BibiLuzarraga.

"...going like this to make it LOOK like thinking"


"aphrodite" aka "the supreme goddess", et al;

"The Supreme Goddess" has major flaws, I heard.

"The Supreme Goddess" has major flaws, I heard.


Now immediately, I make a Summer 2018AD wish and, it comes true; NOW immediately, I make yet another Summer 201AD wish and think, "now immediately times Infinity times three (3) squared or, now immediately times Infinity(x)3 to the second power;

— -BibiLuzarraga.

The History Channel: REPTILIAN ALIENS;

Snow White and The Huntsmen;


The Majestic Unicorn!



I used to collect unicorns when I was a child and now, at 48 years old, I wish to collect unicorns again; whether the unicorn is made of fine porcelain or a stuffed plush toy or, an image, I am an avid fan of unicorns :)BibiLuzarraga.


"The Unicorn Girl" was published in 2008 :)

Author "M.L. LeGette's book 'The Unicorn Girl' is a riveting fantasy story, [much like] Harry Potter meets Cinderella; Leah Vindral is suffocating--trapped in her own skin.

In a land where magic is feared, magic saved her from death ... but it came with a terrible price. Marked forever, she is shunned and isolated by those she loves most.

Brimming with bitter rage at those who abandoned her, Leah flees from her childhood home only to be swept into an impending war: Mora, a wicked witch, has been imprisoned for years, waiting like a spider in the folds of her web for the chance to regain the powers once stripped from her. It is there, while she waits, that she learns of a strange young girl ... a girl [whose Soul] can speak to Unicorns (or, is a Wild Unicorn)-BibiLuzarraga.

Now Leah must save the country that shuns her, for if Mora returns to power, all will be lost. But can Leah, who is so frightened and confused herself, find the strength to save them all?"-BibiLuzarraga.


Make a WIsh:)

It really is I and personally wish to live in personal Love, Peace, Truth and fantastic physical shape and live in my dream villa, BellaDio, in Tuscany (and a few other wishes which, I have a feeling that all my wishes will come true) by the end of 2017 AD, or very closely thereafter; )BibiLuzarraga.

"The world as we know it may actually just be “a region within an eternally inflating super-region.”-Huffingpost article; Bibi.


MYTHOLOGY: An alternative quiz-Bibi.

For each question, choose the best answer for you.

  1. Do you believe that the 'so-called' gods & goddesses of mythology are actually reincarnated aliens, lol-Bibi.
    • Most definitely; in fact, I have no doubt which, may be crazy but TRUE..
    • Perhaps; I have not yet completed my own personal research on the topic.
    • Sounds far-fetched but could be true.
    • I doubt it although there are many similiarities among the milleniums of certain 'gods and goddesses'.
  2. Do you believe that the 'gods and goddesses' are actually evil as opposed to good, merciful, humble, prayerful, gentle..
    • In a matter of thinking, you could say that.
    • I am undecided.


For each answer you selected, add up the indicated number of points for each of the possible results. Your final result is the possibility with the greatest number of points at the end.

  1. Do you believe that the 'so-called' gods & goddesses of mythology are actually reincarnated aliens, lol-Bibi.
    • Most definitely; in fact, I have no doubt which, may be crazy but TRUE..
      • (we are) ALL REINCARNATED-Bibi.: 0
      • The Power of Prayer-Bibi.: 0
    • Perhaps; I have not yet completed my own personal research on the topic.
      • (we are) ALL REINCARNATED-Bibi.: 0
      • The Power of Prayer-Bibi.: 0
    • Sounds far-fetched but could be true.
      • (we are) ALL REINCARNATED-Bibi.: 0
      • The Power of Prayer-Bibi.: 0
    • I doubt it although there are many similiarities among the milleniums of certain 'gods and goddesses'.
      • (we are) ALL REINCARNATED-Bibi.: 0
      • The Power of Prayer-Bibi.: 0
  2. Do you believe that the 'gods and goddesses' are actually evil as opposed to good, merciful, humble, prayerful, gentle..
    • In a matter of thinking, you could say that.
      • (we are) ALL REINCARNATED-Bibi.: 0
      • The Power of Prayer-Bibi.: 0
    • I am undecided.
      • (we are) ALL REINCARNATED-Bibi.: 0
      • The Power of Prayer-Bibi.: 0

This table shows the meaning of each possible result:


The drawing illustrating how the soul travels to any one of the four states of existence after the death depending on its karmas, according to Jainism. Reincarnation is the philosophical or religious concept that the soul or spirit, after biological death, can begin a new life in a new body. This doctrine is a central tenet of the Hindu religion. The Buddhist concept of rebirth is also often referred to as reincarnation and is a belief that was held by such historic figures as Pythagoras, Plato, and Socrates.[1] It is also a common belief of various ancient and modern religions such as Spiriti

The Power of Prayer-Bibi.

Holy Blood, Holy Grail (One & The Same)-BibiLuzarraga.

August 2nd, 2016AD-Has anyone heard of three (3) spiritual worlds;

??What spiritual worlds anyway; perhaps it was a thought which, came to me from my own Soul upon waking this morning; I have read plenty of books which refer to spiritual realms which have been written by authors such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Paolo Coelho, Isabel Allende and countless others; -BibiLuzarraga.

August 5th, 2016AD; Ancient Aliens;

Ancient Aliens the TV program, may be viewed OnDemand/History Channel (yeyy); last night I thoroughly enjoyed the interviews which unveiled 'gods and goddesses' and the like as a "Council of 9" (ancient aliens) within countless faiths upon Planet Earth dating back since The Beginning of Time; I plan on watching a few more of the Ancient Aliens TV programs OnDemand this weekend and so should you :)-BibiLuzarraga.

If you'd like, feel free to rate this Hub :)BibiLuzarraga.

Love this image for a great reason-BibiLuzarraga.

February 7, 2018AD: A FAVORITE: "The Lord's Prayer"

- Anonymous

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy Name,
thy kingdom come,
thy will be done,
on Earth as it is in Heaven;

Give us this day our daily bread;
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those;
who trespass against Us;

And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil;

For thine is the kingdom;

the powers;

the glory, Almighty Father;

which will Reign;

Forever and Ever;

Amen; Love, BibiLuzarraga(-Consuelo D Luzárraga.)

February 22, 2018AD: The Mergovinian Bloodline(s);

For the past forty-eight (48) hours, I have been contemplating theories regarding the Mergovinian bloodline(s) whom claimed to be royalty but never were; there are videos on YouTube entitled the "The Conspiracy against Mary Magdalene", "Beyond the Davinci Code", et AL related to The Mystical Woman known as Mary Magdalene, which I highly recommend viewing if you are researching the topic regarding The True Christ (which was NOT Jesus of Nazareth at all)-BibiLuzarraga.

February 27th, 2018AD: The Quest for The Holy Grail, according to "legend"-BibiLuzarraga.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2015 Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga aka Bibi


Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga aka Bibi (author) from Doral, FL (Greater Miami) on February 12, 2018:

I actually accompanied my mom this past Sunday, February 11th, 2018, to mass; I realized one extremely important thing, to say the least-BibiLuzarraga.

Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga aka Bibi (author) from Doral, FL (Greater Miami) on March 28, 2016:

Hi Hub Fans of my essays on-line; as you know, I have not stepped a foot in church for many years, therefore, I wish you a Happy Spring 2016-Bibi.

Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga aka Bibi (author) from Doral, FL (Greater Miami) on March 02, 2016:

Over the weekend, went to see "The Gods of Egypt" which was, educational, to say the least-Bibi.

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