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Troubled Teenagers: The Stuffed Fox

Looking for best online short stories? Well, here is number 3 in a series of teenage short stories that is aimed for the young person readership. This readership level has been set at 15 years and older. There are some sexual descriptions, although not explicit. It deals with young issues, being scared of and dealing with sexuality.

My series of online short stories covers many issues. Troubled teenagers have lots to contend with and this story is no exception. Patricia has developed social problems as she struggles to make her way in the world. After surviving school life, being bullied and feeling like she was hunted like a fox, the character turned her life around. She saw herself transform into a fox hunter - a survivor and aggressor.

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Troubled teenagers develops coping mechanisms as they learn about life. With Patricia, however, she becomes psychologically detached from her body – her ‘meat suit’. This enables her to not feel. Feeling for her meant pain. Without pain she will, somehow, achieve her dreams. Her body is a shell. She is like an inanimate object that once lived - she is the stuffed fox.

One of my free online teenage stories, this is the third in a series - The Hunted Fox and The Fox Hunter. Based on a true story, she has become like a fox stuffed – useless and unfeeling. However, In this story the character recalls similar feelings she felt as in a previous story - scared like a hunted fox.

Exploring the nature of the world, Patricia needed to learn how people operate. She was always fascinated to see as to how people behave on one level of their lives, then another. She was seeking truth - the dark side of people’s persona.

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Maggie, the neighbour from London


The Stuffed Fox - Troubled Teenager's Story

Patricia’s mother and father’s neighbour was a friendly Londoner who always had time for a cup of tea and a sing-a-long with her electric organ. Her 28 year old son, Vincent, was an insulin dependent diabetic and was married to a woman who never seemed to smile. It may have been that Vincent’s diabetes may have contributed to his erectile dysfunction, it was rumoured.

Patricia was two months off of her 17th birthday that Christmas. Vincent came visiting her parents. This rarely happened and there didn’t seem to be a good reason for this except for season’s greetings. However, there was more to this visit.

Patricia subtly flirted. As soon as the opportunity allowed and people were out of the way, Vincent pulled her close to him and stole a kiss. Unsure as to how to respond, she could only allow this. This was exciting. She didn’t know what would happen next and by the closeness of his hard-on she felt within the shadows of the clothing, she realised that his erectile dysfunction was probably more to do with his wife than the diabetes.

Her father walked in and caught the offending kiss. What was next? How would he react? Patricia and Vincent moved apart and her father gave a look of shock. He retreated, speechless, and Patricia slyly made her way up the stairs to her bedroom to reflect on the mister meaner.

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Patricia started to see the dark side of men, but was this a one off?

Nothing was said. There were just looks of knowing after Vincent had left. There wasn’t even a goodbye and any further contact with him. When Vincent and Patricia’s paths did cross, it was as if the encounter had never happened. The distance between them was no closer than an acquaintance.

Patricia started to see the dark side of men, but was this a one off? She never actively sought out and encouraged dark behaviour in others, but that wasn’t to say that she wasn’t going to reject the chance to see more. This was a side of male behaviour that she wanted to see further. She had a good idea, from an encounter when she was younger, that men had a secretive predatory sexual streak that could over-ride logic. However, she didn’t actually connect until the Vincent episode that the dark side of men’s nature could potentially be born in all. She needed further investigating without entrapment.


It was all about learning for all of the girls and sometimes, as in the case of Nancy, naivety would lead to failure.

Patricia had developed strong bonds with two other girls from her year when she was at school. They were genuinely her best friends and they met up regularly, flirting with boys and generally having a laugh together. The three girls, Patricia, Nancy and Karen, had 80’s girl power! They would hang out at the amusement arcades, eat fries, flirt and shop. These three girls would attract boys and adventure. They would go in boy’s cars and, for the first time, have money sourced from either Government benefits or casual jobs.

Nancy had a good job as a Telephonist at British Telecom. This gave her up eventually, probably because she was inexperienced to realise the pitfalls of employment. It was all about learning for all of the girls and sometimes, as in the case of Nancy, naivety would lead to failure.

Karen worked for her parents in administration. They had their own business, so had it fairly easy.


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Karen had been secretly sexually active since she was 14 years old, whereas Nancy was always thought to have been active, but in reality was a virgin. No one ever believed this, to her frustration, this was true. Patricia, well you know all about Patricia! These girls wanted to have fun, and they did.

Patricia’s parents owned a couple of houses that they rented out. She would often baby sit one tenant to get extra money and the other tenants were an unemployed couple. Kevin and Tracey were expecting their first child. Kevin would regularly turn up to the house to pay for the rent or offer excuses as to why they were short. Patricia would see Kevin around and be welcoming – he was a customer of her parents, after all!

Kevin turned up at the house one evening. Patricia’s parents weren’t in. He asked to come in and wait. Patricia allowed this as she thought her parents wouldn’t be long. As she closed the door, Kevin took hold of Patricia. He leaned her against the stairs situated opposite the front door. His hands were all over her body. He touched her breasts and her thigh whilst his hot breath seemed to burnish her face. He was overpowering her.


She was a meat suit.  She refused to feel, she couldn’t free herself from him.  For God’s sake this was her parent’s tenant!  He was some pregnant woman’s partner who forced himself upon her!  What could she do? 

He proceeded to open his fly and, standing on the stair, pulled her face toward his phallic.  She could see the determination in his eyes.  They were glassy and red.  There was no way for her to avoid safely, so she proceeded to do what she was told.  She had no choice - the fox was stuffed.  She was a meat suit.  She was a stuffed fox.

By the time her parents were home, all was over and he was gone.  Her parents were to contact him later, but nothing was said as to what had happened to Patricia that night.

Nancy was Patricia’s confident.  She told her of what had happened.  Nancy was horrified, but consoling.

Both the girls had been kicking about with a couple of boys.  Their father had changed his name to Elvis Presley.  This was definitely snigger material as they went visiting the flat one-day.  The walls were decked out in old posters of Elvis, Johnny Cash and he spoke with a thick London accent.  He also had relics of guns, swords and guitars attached to the wall.  However, as you may be aware, Elvis was his idol and he attempted to adopt the same look - slick back hair, a quiff and tattoos down his arms.  On his fingers were the words ‘love’ and ‘hate’.   By the things he was saying, was someone that you wouldn’t really want to mess with


Kevin and his pregnant partner were great friends with Elvis and family.  They would meet up, smoke dope, listen to music and chill out together.  Neither Nancy nor Patricia knew this.  Nancy and Elvis’s son, Drew, talked.  She must have told Drew about the Kevin and Patricia experience and somehow managed to connect Kevin’s association as the family friend.  He didn’t believe that Kevin would behave in such a manner and approached Patricia.  Patricia did tend to exaggerate situations sometimes, but the she was not a liar and confirmed the truth.

Disbelief hit the face of the boy.  He shouted at her “You’re lying!  How can you say such things?” A row flared up and he continued with abuses.

Patricia never meant any harm and wondered why she was being punished for a crime that was forced upon her!  The unfairness was worse than the act itself, she felt and this feeling of overwhelming hurt was too much to bear.  As a result, she swallowed 12 paracetamol tablets, in an attempt to eradicate the feeling and herself.  She didn’t know that taking this could lead to a long-suffering death (please click for more information).  But fortunately, no harm seemed came to her.  Perhaps she didn’t take enough?

Desperate and upset, she spoke of the whole experience to her mother.  Nothing could be done.  Kevin was a tenant after all and to accuse would cause lots of trouble with the Police, Kevin’s pregnant partner and finances associated with the rental income.  It was best to leave it.  However, Elvis wouldn’t leave it when the news got back to him from Drew.

The beach was a lovely place to walk the dog and being down the road Patricia and her mother strolled fairly happily.  From behind they heard the thud of feet gaining on them.  They turned around and there was Elvis.

Patricia’s face was as white as a ghost as positioned his looming body over her and lunged.  Her mother shifted backwards, whilst Spot the Dog twisted and turned slightly out of control whilst on his lead.  With wild, glassy eyes, red beaten faced, he hatefully and angrily screamed at Patricia.  “Is it true that Kevin forced himself on you?  Say it isn’t true or you will regret it!”

“I won’t lie, he did… it is true!  It is true!”  Patricia warbled repeatedly.  Her stomach was churning.  She was scared.  The last time she felt this way was when a gang of schoolboys with wooden plinths and crowbars hounded her some time previously.  She felt like the hunted fox.  Again the fox was being hunted, right there in the street… right in front of her mother and the world!  The only thing was, she couldn’t hide.  There was nowhere to run.

Patricia didn’t cry whilst Elvis ranted.  She tried to stay stone-faced and hide the feelings she was experiencing.  Her mother stood in shock and said nothing.  Elvis pushed her slightly and keep verbally bullying and repeating: “You’re lying!  You’re lying!  Say you are lying or you will regret it!”  Of course, Patricia repeated her truth claim but Elvis would have none of it.


“You had better admit that you are lying or I… I… have guns! I will have you!” Elvis shook Patricia. “I’m gonna get my gun, liar! Are you lying?” This threat had gone beyond a bullying tactic and into a threat of death. This rocked Patricia to her core. Her mother attempted to drag her daughter from the situation and whilst Elvis started to move into the other direction for what appeared toward his flat, Patricia could only assume that her end was nearing. “Yes, I lied!” She shouted. “I made it all up!” Elvis turned and said, “Well then, that was easy now wasn’t it?” The stare of shear hate and evil in his eyes rocked Patricia to her soul. She was now not only brandished a liar by her own admittance but she was dirty and filthy from the act that she had to pretend didn’t happen.

A few days passed. Patricia was outside the front garden. Elvis and his two boys passed. They looked at her with their piercing blue eyes and snidely reminded Patricia to watch her back. It was with this that Patricia decided to pack her bags and try to make a life elsewhere…

© This work is covered under Creative Commons License

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yo mamma on March 10, 2014:

I would of threatened to kill Kelvin and make him tell the truth

malak amar on October 12, 2011:

Its too nice!

shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on January 29, 2010:

Thanks Maita... watch out for the next one. What will happen to Patrica? Thanks my friend x

prettydarkhorse from US on January 28, 2010:

good one, I think I read also another one form you before, but this is good Shaz, keep on writing, Maita