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The Struggling and Also a Pleasant Journey of My MBA Accomplishment

Benazir Marjan has completed her second Masters in English Language and Linguistics from University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh.

Exam day of the last course in my MBA

Exam day of the last course in my MBA

The Struggling and Also a Pleasant Journey of My MBA Accomplishment

People may ask “What is really special in your MBA degree?” I will definitely reply my experience along with explanation to them.

Every people in this world are really different from one another. Their perception, attitude, behavior, understanding level, interpersonal skills, gesture and posture, all are different from one another. Therefore, everybody’s emotions, feelings, care and supervisions also vary. May be I am also different than others, thus sharing my MBA journey in my writing.

I got a job in an English Medium School and joined there at 1st September, 2016. My MBA class started from October 7th. I got one month before my class had been started to adjust myself as this was a new and first job in my life.

I thought the job will be very easy. But it turned totally opposite. There was huge pressure of taking classes, handling students, checking, and also handling parents as well. I was scared how I would manage both job and studies. One month went very hectic with consternation feelings inside me.

October 7th came and I started my classes in my university. It was a favorable fragment for me that my home, job place and my university, all were nearby. Convenience didn’t take much time.

I started for my job at 6 o’clock in the morning. Preparing for going there and after finishing my breakfast I started at 7 o’ clock. It took 15 minutes to go there. My busy days had been started. After finishing all my duties (taking classes, checking, and submitting students’ daily reports) it took almost 4 o’clock to arrive my home.

I had three hours in my hand before my MBA class. My body was just exhausted after I took lunch. It seemed I had no energy to move on. I used to make my mind like this “I have to do it at any cost.” Then, I took a cup of dark tea to stimulate myself and started to go through the class lectures. At 6:30, I started to attend my class. It took 10 minutes to go there. When I sat on the chair in the class, it seemed my whole day’s tiredness was just falling on my body. Sometimes, I used to be very sleepy in the class. There was three hours class. Teachers used to give a break in between for 10 to 15 minutes. We went to downstairs to have some coffee in order to get rid of our tiredness. The break time was lovely. We classmates made gossiping in the canteen about so many things like; our hardship of job, exam anxieties, personal affairs, future planning and so on. We eagerly waited for this break time during the class. Sometimes, we annoyed our teachers by requesting for the break time again and again. Teachers used to say “This is your MBA class and you are requesting like kids. What to do?” They smiled and let us allowed for our desired break time. This was the most enjoyable time in my MBA journey which still knocks me and makes me smile inside. Along with my struggle, this break time issue during three hours class is a pleasant memory of mine.

It was very hard for me when exam times came. Continuing a job, I had to maintain colleague relationships, had to attend different parties and programs. That was a tremendous pressure on me to maintain all these along with my MBA studies. I had three classes of my degree in a weak.

In the weekends I used to complete my assignments and finished my studies for exam. Still, when exams came, it seemed hard for me to revise as I got less time after came back from school till my exam starts. I managed everything with huge destitution.

The semester breaks were like vacation for me without travelling anywhere. At that time, usually I had cadence with my colleagues and peers personally. Spending my semester break with my school colleagues was so delightful. We had hang outs in weekends as I had no study pressure in semester break. I used to attend invitations at that time. We had fun, cooking, eating and tittle-tattle. These are still live inside me. Even though, it was the toughest time for me, still most historic moment also.

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Finally, I finished my MBA continuing my job at January, 2018. Still, I can remember the last exam of the course Managerial Finance (a finance course).

This is not the end of my academic anecdote. Please wait to read my next article on my second master’s journey which was more challenging.

All people in the world have their different story of struggle and hard time. I have just shared my one. It could be different or it could not. But my one is very special, catchy and also significant to me.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Benazir Marjan


Benazir Marjan (author) from Dhaka on August 29, 2020:

Thanks Farah. Not only learning, our life is not bed of roses indeed. I have just shared my experience. All have struggle in their life, it's already written in my article. :)

Farah farid from Islamabad Pakistan on August 29, 2020:

Learning is you know not bed of roses

Benazir Marjan (author) from Dhaka on August 29, 2020:

Thank you very much Liza.

Liza from USA on August 28, 2020:

I remember when I was a student, surprisingly, I love learning. I agree there are always struggles with life as a student. I had a good and bad experience when I had to be on my own while studying in Italy. However, it taught me to be independent and appreciate life. By the way, congrats on finishing your course. Thank you for sharing your story!

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