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The Story Behind My Success - Getting Your Name Known as a Writer - the Future Is Video.

My writing included work which might never otherwise be published. I decided to use some of it in scripts for a spoof podcast.

The Writer's Frustration

You can't get published if you're not known. You can't get known if you're not published. That's most writers' frustration, especially the ones just getting started. So, do you just give up or do you persevere? Well, you persevere of course, because writing is what you want to do. But it helps to relieve your frustration if you can find some way of publicising your name and demonstrating your skills at the same time in the hope that you might get noticed. In this article I suggest one way of trying to achieve that.

What do you do with writing that you know will never be published?

Every writer has work that he or she feels is pretty good but knows that it will never be published because either there's no market for the subject or it's simply not in a suitable format for commercial purposes. It might be clever, funny, quirky and interesting but you just know that on its own it has no commercial value. However, you're reluctant to throw it away because you like it, you're quite proud of it. So can it serve a purpose?

There are many examples, it could be a bit of micro-fiction or a poem, but let's just take, say, a limerick as an extreme example. No-one is likely to want to buy a whole book of them even if you could come up with enough of them to fill a book. And the format of a limerick means that it's basically a complete story in a few lines so it's not really commercial to just print one no matter how good it is. You might be lucky enough to get it into an anthology but it could just be lost amongst all the other contributions.

When you're in a swamp it's best to try any alternative to get out.

Coming up with a use for your writing.

The writer has to think laterally (rather than literally). What if ... I perform it in a short video rather than publish it in a book? What if ... I locate it within a script rather than let it stand-alone? Changing the approach and the format might just work. At least it would give it some novelty value. And you never know, you might just get noticed.

So where do I start?

I knew how to write a simple script and I knew how to incorporate my unpublished work into it. You're a writer so you can do that easily enough. In the video example below I had a silly and very short story (five words only) that would never normally have seen the light of day again. I fitted it into a context. That's what we writers do. So start there.

But I don't know anything about making a video.

Well, neither did I. But I'd seen enough videos to know what went into one. So I looked around and found that I had access to lots of free stuff that I could use. It was all there either already on my PC, but never used, or just waiting to be downloaded from the internet. The next table shows what I found and where I found it. You can do exactly the same. Then you just need to try it all out. I'm not really tech-savvy but most of it could be learnt with a bit of trial and error. Give it a go.

Simple Tools to use

Empty bedroom

Anywhere that's quiet


Laptop with built-in camera and mic

Already owned



Write it yourself



Act it yourself or find a friend who will do it as a favour

Monologue requires only yourself


Set up a free account

Set up a meeting with yourself and press record, then export it to a file

Microsoft Video Editor

Free with most laptops

Upload the Zoom video and edit by trial and error and then export


Free on internet


Cover image

Free on internet


YouTube Channel

Set up a free account

Upload your finished video

Social media

Publicise by embedding it everywhere you can

Get your friends to share it

Where do I publish it?

Well, the obvious showcase is to open a free YouTube Channel. Then you can link that to your personal website using an RSS widget, or use the IGTV section of your Instagram Page, or link them into your Author profile on Amazon Central and your Facebook Page and Twitter. Why not all of them?

One appropriate use is to show it on HubPages to support any article that you might want to write, just like I'm doing here.

What will I get out of it?

Probably no immediate money unless your video goes viral (and you never know, it might). But if you want to be successful as a writer then it helps to get your name known. This is one way of doing it. Instagram keeps telling me that short video is the future for social media.

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All I can say is that the combined views and hits that I received for the short video below across all social media platforms far and away exceeded anything that I've ever posted before. So I'm now doing a short series of them. And a small advert card inserted at the end of each video has started driving traffic to my writer's website where my new book 'Herdwick Tales' lies in wait for them.

So onwards and upwards. If they didn't know you before then maybe they will after you've tried it. And what better way to use all that material that would not otherwise be published? What have you got to lose?

And finally, view my example ...The Story Behind My Success - created using only those tools listed in the table.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 David Lewis Pogson


David Lewis Pogson (author) from Northern England on November 01, 2020:

Hello Renz, Thanks for your comment. What you say is very true but that's the way of the world - always moving on. As a writer I accept that I have to embrace new methods of getting my stories published. However we get there, we are all writers.

Klarenz V from Philippines on October 31, 2020:

Thank you for sharing. Nowadays, people will take time watching videos than reading articles. Someone told me that it's better to be a vlogger than a writer. He emphasized that writers were too old fashioned and passe. They didn't know that behind those informative and successful videos, there is a writer working in the shadows.

David Lewis Pogson (author) from Northern England on October 27, 2020:

Thanks John. It took me a long time to start because I thought it was difficult. Then I discovered it wasn't really. So I've managed a couple more short videos since then. Good luck with yours.

John Hansen from Australia (Gondwana Land) on October 26, 2020:

David, this is great. I have been considering something like this but really had no idea where to start, and besides that, I am a good procrastinator. Thank you for sharing. Good luck.

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