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A Story: The Helping Nature Of Animals

I am a writer of poems short stories and short articles on the feeling of nature.


"The threat of extinction is more real than many realise. And the damage done to elephants directly leads to destruction of the ecosystem".

- Li Bingbing


The bag of hands came on a bicycle handle and left the house to the temple. On cold days, the wound lying near the wound is not drying up. The air has made me is cold. The fingers of the hands are torpid.

The sun felt a little warm when the sun hit the pit. So I stopped the bicycle and took in the heat of the sun. I thought to myself, "A short road is found".

The journey to my destination has started again. After some distance, a narrow road has gone through a forest and a temple is painted on a signboard. Without thinking about anything, I started my journey on that road. Go a little further and see that there is no sign of the road. Look back only at the jungle. The road that comes has no sign either. I was afraid. What would happen? Where did I get in? Why did you want a short road?. I remembered my parents and brother. I took the mobile out of my pocket and saw that there was no network. It was as if danger was pressing from all sides. I became nervous. What should I do? The jungle is the only jungle on the same side as I want. I sat down with my hands on my forehead. Afraid, I took the name of God in my heart and tried to calm myself down.

After some time I heard the elephant buzzing in the deserted jungle. Birds also began to screech. The chest calmed down a little in fear when it heard the voices of the animal birds.

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With relief, I pushed the bicycle forward towards the elephant's screams. I went a short distance and saw a group of elephants eating the leaves of the tree. A tusker, a mother, two adult elephants, and a small calf. The toothed elephant chased me and I also threw the bicycle there and stepped back. But I don't know why he stopped on the middle road. The elephant understood my condition.

The tusker goes back to his family. On the way to the five elephants, the small trees fall on their trunks and the big trees fall on the huge body. It's as if a new road has been built for me.

Go a little further and see that the sunlight has fallen through the leaves of the tree and fallen to the ground. Lift me and see through the leaves of the tree that the birds are flying with a screech. There was some courage in my mind.

Suddenly I stopped as the elephant cub turned around and came towards me. The mother trunks and pulls him into the group.

At one point the elephant family took the road to the left. The small, bright sunlight is bright. That is the last part of the jungle. I ran and saw an open field ahead and the Shiva temple on the banks of the field. I had no idea what to do or not to do. Tears welled up in my eyes as I walked away. I turned around but the elephant family was not there. I thanked them and headed for the temple.

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