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The Story Of The Night

I wrote this when I felt at piece. Trust me when i say that that does not happen often at all!


A Night time Story

As the night begins to rise and the birds and bees fall sleep.

The world comes to a standstill, only to await for the morning sun to arise.

The moon sings its silent tune as the doves have their sleep and snooze.

The cows say their final moos, before they become sleepy and doze off too.

The lady bugs say goodnight and fly around the moon tonight. They give the sound of silent buzzing. They find a place to do their lounging.

The world is dark and quite as can be. The stars glow brighter than the fire flies in the trees

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The sounds of water flow and turn, while the crackling fire in the fireplace burns.

The old man in the cabin, drinks his cup of hot cocoa. He puts his night cap on and lies down on his pillow. He tosses and turns until he remembers. He forgot to go and turn off the light.

He lies and gains comfort on his pillow coloured white. He gives a heavy breath and says “Goodnight”

©Sabastien Fernandes 2020

© 2020 Sabrina Shortcakes

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