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The Spy IV: Back in Action and a Dangerous Mission

An Air Warrior and devotee of Lord Krishna has published over 120 short stories and 15 books on fiction and 4 on military history.


A dangerous mission

When a man gets addicted to adventure there is nothing that would stop him from seeking greater thrills. John Matthews was in the same boat. He had done three missions for the intelligence and now when he was sitting at home he thought it would be a good idea if somebody or the chief could send him on another mission. God seemed to have listened to Matthews's wish and once when he was sitting in the courtyard of his bungalow, he received a telephone call on his mobile. The mobile did not show a number and Matthews guessed it could be someone who was high in the hierarchy of intelligence. He attended the telephone and was delighted that it was the chief online. The chief told him

"Matthews my friend you have been hibernating for some time but I have an urgent mission for you"

"Yes sir I am all ears"

"Well listen carefully, you are one of my best agents and I have got a very important job for you. I would like you to go back to the enemy country and carry out a task of great importance for our nation. The brother of the leader of the country who is a lady is likely to be assassinated. In that case Matthews, my man, I want you to go to the enemy country and help this man who is favorably inclined to us. All of the details will be given to you by my assistant and you don't have to come and meet me but just get on with the job and that means right now."

"Sir, how do I start, and do I have another identity?"

"Yes you are now Mohammed Ahmed Akram and you are supposed to have been born in Peshawar. The details will be coming to you later but get tracking my man there is no time to lose. I want you to leave immediately go to the city where the assassination attempt is going to take place."


In enemy country

He went inside the house and sought out both his wives. He put his arm around each of them and said, "sweethearts I shall be gone for some time because I'm going on an important mission; don't tell anyone where I have gone and continue life normally."

The younger wife whispered, "I know John you are up to another mission and I will pray for you but please come back." The elder wife looked on hopefully.

John alias Muhammad Akram now landed in the enemy countries biggest city. The airport and customs held no problems. The Chief had done his homework well. From the airport, he took up a cab and reached the Intercontinental hotel. He checked into the luxury suite and sat down Everything had moved with clockwork precision.

The room telephone rang .it was the hotel receptionist. She told him," sir there is a man called Gulzar Ali wanting to meet you, should I send him to your room?"

The pulse of Muhammad Akram quickened . he knew that Gulzar Ali is his contact in this massive city."Yes, "he told the lady receptionist, " send him up."

After a short time, the man called Gulzar entered the room. The first word he said was, "what is the code for 322.."

Akram replied, "422." Both shook hands and Gulzar opened his briefcase and took out a small pistol. He handed it to Akram with the word, " the chief said you will need it, he wanted me to give it to you."

" What next?"

" The brother of the leader who heads the government is going to hold a massive congregation in the cricket stadium. My information is that some agents of the establishment who are controlled by the brother-in-law of this leader is going to attempt to kill this man inside the stadium when the meeting is on."

"Anything else?"

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"No sir, I am on my way now. Please take steps to see that no harm comes to the leader. Yes, sir, we have information that the assassin who has been recruited by the enemy intelligence is a woman and she's a bloody good shot. Her name as far as I know is Layla."

Without another word the man left. Akram looked at his watch it was morning and a meeting which was to be held by the leader the next day was just 20 hours away. He decided to visit the cricket stadium and reconnoiter the place.

He put the pistol in his pocket and walked out of the hotel. he was wearing a shalwar Kameez the dress of the Pathans. The hotel Durban saluted him and he took a taxi and drove to the stadium.

He told the taxi driver to push off as he wanted to have a look at the stadium. The main entrance was locked but Akram was sure something was afoot because the Chief's information could never be wrong. He jumped over the railing and entered the empty stadium. This was the place where the opposition leader was going to hold his rally and he had been sent especially by the chief to see that nothing should happen to the leader.

Akram entered the stadium softly. it was empty with not a soul in sight but he was sure that somebody would be inside. He began to walk around the stadium. After about 15 minutes when he was nearing the bathroom he heard water splashing.

Akram was on alert. He felt like Sherlock Holmes telling his friend Dr. Watson, " Watson the game is afoot." Akram drew his pistol and walked slowly towards the washroom where the water was splashing. There was somebody inside who was bathing.

Akram stood outside the door and gently with his foot pushed the door. The door was unlocked because whoever was inside was sure nobody would come. As the door opened an exquisite sight met his eyes.

A beautiful girl absolutely nude was under the shower and her eyes were closed. She was relishing the spray of the water as it splashed on her body. She was extremely beautiful and Akram was captivated. The girl was very fair with beautiful breasts a slim waist and tapered legs with a dense growth on her mons. Akram could never have imagined that a girl could be that beautiful and enticing. He kept looking at her and then inadvertently coughed slightly. The girl opened her eyes and looked at Akram in awe and wonder.

Akram, with all his years as a spy, knew this girl was Layla. The girl who had been sent to assassinate the leader. He could have put a bullet in her brain there and then but then it would not be chivalry to shoot a woman while she was bathing in cold blood. He just smiled and shut the door and went away


The denouement

The girl was indeed Lyla and she wondered who the man was and why did he go away. She could not think that the man could be a secret agent and she just thought that he was a man who just entered inside but then she wondered why he did not attempt to approach her. `Maybe she thought he was a religious man and went away.

Akram did not go back to the hotel but remained in the stadium. He had decided that he will keep an eye on the girl. He hid behind a small wall and observed the girl now fully dressed coming out of the washroom. Outside he saw two other men come and they handed her a big package. One look at the package and Akram knew that it contained a self-loading rifle. Not a word was spoken as the girl took the package and began to slowly walk away. Akram kept her in sight without revealing himself. By evening two more men came and brought a large tiffin. They left after that.

The girl now came on one of the benches some distance away from Akram and with the sun setting went to sleep. Akram thought he should talk to the chief and take his advice but he knew the answer. The chief would tell him to shoot the girl dead immediately. Akram was not going to kill anybody in cold blood.

The day dawned and Akram watched the girl as she moved to the bathroom and then came back with the rifle. It was 11 AM soon and it was time for the leader to come. Akram saw the girl go towards the commentary box which was now empty as no cricket match was being played. He saw her enter the commentary box and from outside he observed that she had taken out the weapon from the box and began assembling it. The rifle had a telescopic site also.

The Stadium began to fill up but nobody came to the box. At 11:15 the leader entered with chanting crowds all around. Akram observed the girl pull out the rifle and take aim. He barged into the room and forcefully whispered,

"Layla, don't do it"

The girl looked at Akram and pointed the rifle at him and then she was in for a shock. This was the same man who had seen her absolutely naked in the shower. It was a split second the surprise having numbed her and before she pressed the trigger Akram fired. The bullet hit the girl in the shoulder and she fell forward. He had disabled her as he shut the door, locked it, and moved out.

The leader had now commenced the speech and the crowd was vociferously cheering him but Akram had done his job and he was quick to get away. His mobile rang. He picked it up. There was a voice at the other end and it said, "escape man the news of the shooting is with the enemy intelligence and very soon their agents will be here in the stadium".

Akram did not go back to the hotel but he took a bus from the city to the border of Afghanistan. He was on his way back home. He reached Kabul and there a man met him close to the airport.No words are spoken as he handed an air ticket back to his hometown. The man said, " The Chief is not happy with what you have done, though you saved the leader. Khuda Hafiz, God be with you."

Matthews landed back at his hometown and immediately he noticed his phone ringing. It was the chief. " yes sir" Mathews said.

There was a pause and then the chief spoke," John you did a mistake by not eliminating the female terrorist. In our profession we do not give any quarter nor do we expect any mercy. I am afraid this Layla is going to come after you, wherever you are because she wants revenge; so be alert and on the lookout."

Did Layla come after John Matthews for a revenge or another twist took place? but that is another story.


MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on December 30, 2020:

Thank you, Peggy, so nice you commented.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on December 30, 2020:

My husband and I watched an old James Bond movie last night for fun. You have a talent for storytelling. There must be a sequel to this story.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on December 29, 2020:

Jennifer, so nice that you commented. I have made a note of your request. Let's see how the 5th episode works out.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on December 29, 2020:

Osman, thank you for reading and commenting.

Jennifer on December 29, 2020:

I like the story but missed the romantic angle that is so prominent in your novels and stories. I hope there will be a romantic angle between Layla and John in your next episode.

Osman Ghazi on December 29, 2020:


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