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The Soulmate Equation, by Christina Lauren

Maria is a book reviewer, editor, and proofreader, as well as a master of public health, master gardener, photographer, artist, and writer.

Of all Christina Lauren's Books, This May Be My Favorite, So Far

Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings have done it again. Writing as Christina Lauren, they continue to produce top notch romantic comedies. Not just fluff, these books deal with current issues while being both sexy, funny, and wonderfully entertaining.

I read the ARC of The Soulmate Equation, by bestselling author team, courtesy of Simon and Schuster’s Gallery Books in exchange for an honest review. I have read several of their books, but I think this one is my favorite, so far. Some of their other wildly successful rom coms are In a Holidaze, The Unhoneymooners, and The Honey Don't List.

She: Too Busy to Date. He: arrogant or shy?

Main character, Jessica Davis, is a statistical analysis par excellence. She is also a single mom with a precocious and intelligent daughter. River Pena is a Ph.D. level geneticist who wondered what would happen if he tried to match people based on their genetics. Would they be attracted to each other?

Jess is too busy to date, maybe fearful of commitment, and protective of her daughter, Juno's, heart. River is gorgeous, but is he an arrogant jerk -- or is he completely absorbed in his work and painfully shy?

DNA Test on a Lark

After speaking with River (whom they have privately nicknamed Americano, after the type of coffee he orders everyday) in the local coffee house, Jessica and her friend, Felicity (known to Jess as "Fizzy"), take the DNA test for his company, GeneticAlly, as a lark. -- but only after Fizzy twists Jess's arm. How is it possible that Jessica matches with that unfriendly snob, Dr. River Pena? Oh, if they only knew.

Cutting Edge Research in a Romantic Comedy? Really?

Jess had me when she started talking about p-values and means. Yep, I once did a little statistical data analysis. Confused? Read on. This is a funny, sexy, romantic comedy. Even better, there is some educational information woven into the story — kind of like your mom slipping veggies into your brownies. It could also make you wonder what’s really possible between two people who are so well-suited to each other.

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Being Paid to Date Someone? Hmmm...

The staff of GeneticAlly persuade Jessica to get to know River. They even offer to pay her for three months so they can get publicity for the company they are about to take public. Needing money and being paid to get to know this gorgeous man -- you bet she took them up on the offer. Will sparks fly between these two?

Love a good romantic comedy? You’ll love The Soulmate Equation.

What made The Grumpy Book Reviewer grumpy?

Not too much:

  • A few typos -- but remember, this was the final draft before publication;
  • Several split infinitives -- unfortunately all too common these days;
  • Verb tense disagreement.

Different Color Cover, Same Book

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