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The Size of You


Beautiful Being You….

It is beautiful being you, be you. Sometimes people don’t see you as who you really are. Some people will belittle you and make you feel small. And not see the greatness in you or the true size of you.

A lot of people disregard individuals because of what they’re driving, their dress, their religious background, You never know who your in the presence of.

I’ve learned this, once I was caring for an elderly man I wasn’t looking for anything extra. To me he was in a very sad situation he had no family in town and he was alone. So from time to time whenever I was out my sons and I would drop off food, they will play with his pets laughing joke and we will move on. Like I said these things were done not for nothing. I will do my regular care get paid my regular pay and just keep moving not expecting anything extra. So one day he said write a check a check for $10,000. I said that exceeds my pay and I left and I said I’ll write my check for what Im due. No more no less!

Then he said do you know how much money I’m worth I said no sir. He said I’m worth millions I say yes sir and I didn’t go into details or ask any questions. This client live a modest life he had two basic vehicles and his car garage. He never did anything flashy he just lived a quiet humble life. Then he went on to tell me about how he invested in IBM, when it was nothing and he made millions. I didn’t question it I just say you are sir that is amazing I need to do something like that.

Events that girl, and he called me girl. I did not take any offense I say yes sir he said go in there and get that mail out the kitchen counter I said yes sir I picked up his mail off the kitchen counter and he said you are a very humble person you are the business owner of your own company and gets and steal you come out and check on all your clients you make sure we have food here make sure we are properly care for. He said that is very impressive to me.

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He said your kindness, your humbleness, your good heart and spirit, and caring for those that may not be as fortunate or may be fortunate and you don’t know. He said I am not an angel but you could’ve been in the presence of an angel. And he went on and he was kind of quoting scripture to me he was like when I was hungry you fed me night when I thirst you gave me no drink and he said when did I do this. And he said as much as you’ve done it to the least one.

Your A giver that is really nice he say you are so kind and he said instead of writing a check for $10,000 go ahead and write the check for $18,000. I was like no Mr. Giver I can’t except it he said open the bank statements and I want you to look inside I said I don’t look at your mail he said I know he said you’re the only person that has been here that never snoops. All you do is you work around are things you just pick them up and put them back in the same order but she never open anything. No open the bank statement I say yes sir open the bank statement and he’s a multi millionaire. He said you never know who you’re in the present of he said but the reason I am willing to give you a small amount of my wealth is because of the size of you. And I looked and I was like what do you mean he said some people may look down on you I think you’re a maid or a babysitter or somebody just working for somebody. And not know the size of you not know that you are the owner of the company not know that your humble kind spirit is that of a good person. And you don’t have to be out here because you have people that work for you. He said the size of you is so much greater than what you do that you don’t see your potential to grow and be more than you or allowing yourself to be.

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