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The Silent Warriors


It was a pleasant day when Lara was playing with her 10-year-old sister in the park. She is 6 years junior to Lara. She is too naughty and keeps hiding here and there so that Lara keeps looking for her. Mom scolded her many times, but she never listens. Lara kept calling, following, and calling when she disappeared 2 times then she told her ‘’See Alia, do not keep doing that. I am getting scared and tired. Please stay close and play with your friends else we will go home.’’

With a serious face, Alia replied, ‘’ok ‘’ then she ran with her friends.

Lara saw her playing and started reading a book on a bench at the park.

But after some time, she heard someone screaming at another end of the park which was close to the second gate. When she reached the spot, it was Alia’s friend. Just for a second Lara was not able to think anything. She asked her, “What happened exactly?’’.

“Someone pulled Alia into a black car. The man had covered his face and came suddenly. By the time we will understand anything, he pulled Alia into the car.’’ Lara was standing still for some time and then she ran for home.

After a while, she was at the police station with her mother.

The same day around 9 pm when Lara and Mom were at home then the doorbell rang…

Lara opened the door; it was Jane from the police station. She was the investigating officer who was investigating for all the kids and teenagers getting kidnapped recently in the area Lara lived.

Jane was Lara’s neighbor also and their mothers were friends. It is about a year now Jane had lost her mother who was a crime reporter. Her mother died in mysterious circumstances.

Jane tried to talk to Lara’s Mom, but she was continuously weeping. Lara on the other hand started talking to Jane about the whole incident and what were the small details before the incident happened.

Lara: You know someone was following us for the past one week, I think. From the window, I saw a person multiple times. I don’t know, but I felt that someone was watching us. Around 10 kids are kidnapped, right Jane? Five kids from our area in the past 2 months. I was keeping an eye on her but could not imagine it will happen in our crowded park. Did you get any clue today or details of the car?

Jane: We got the car in an isolated area without any number plate. We got some small details which we cannot share with you. Your Mom can tell anything? I understand her situation but let me know if any small information you can get from her.

Jane left. Lara locked the door and looked at her Mom who was sleeping on the sofa. She covered her with a blanket and started roaming in her bedroom. Someone was running in her mind.

She kept thinking and then finally she slept.

The same day around 11 pm Jane was sitting with a pile of files and papers. Jane’s father slowly came closer to her room and watched her work for some time when Jane looked up; “What is it Dad?”

Dad: Nothing much dear. You had dinner?

Jane: Give me 15-20 mins.

Dad: Umm…ok

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After some time at the dinner table. Jane just stuffed her food and ran to her room again.

Dad: Did you looked at your Mom’s diary?

Jane: Yes Dad. This is the one but looks like she didn’t complete it.

Dad: She will not write things as simple as anyone could understand. You need to work hard and only you can find out all the details she has written.

Jane: Yes Dad. I read it and understood but still, it is incomplete.

Dad: Ok, don’t worry. I am sure you can do it.

Jane: (in a low tone) I am afraid Dad …we are losing on time.

Dad: Take a break and sleep now. You are continuously working for the past one month. Take some rest. From tomorrow you can start fresh, and I am sure you will be able to solve things out.

The next day morning Lara came searching for Jane at her home. Jane’s father called her in and discussed things with her. After some time when he was in the kitchen making coffee, Lara noticed some papers and some newspaper cut-outs on Jane’s table. Slowly her eyes were big as she kept reading them. She rushed out of the house.

After a week Lara went to the same park and started walking around. She started walking towards her home after some time when she saw a tall guy walking. She had seen him earlier also and she found him weird and fishy. Silently, Lara started following him. After some time, she was tired, and they were in a shabby area with real dirty and narrow lanes. It was difficult for Lara to follow but somehow, she managed.

On the other side, Jane was with other officers out on a search. They were searching for different areas where there were chances of hiding the abducted kids. They succeeded to find only two of them and by this time numbers were increasing. They were under a lot of pressure. Two of their constables were badly injured. The kidnappers were probably alert and things were becoming difficult day by day.

Jane returned home around midnight; exhausted. Silently she is sitting on the sofa and thinking when Dad asked something. She could not hear…she just went to her room.

Dad: Lara saw your papers. Why you kept them like that.

Jane: She found something?

Dad: I do not know. She suddenly disappeared.

Jane: (Looking at the papers)

She may have noticed the locations as I can see she compiled news of all the incidents.

We are around this area every day. Looks like a bar is operating, but how? That is a big question. There is a huge guy, and we are trying to track him for a long time. If we get him then half of the job is done.

Oh God Dad! I hope Lara is not going to the same place. Something is going on in her mind.

The next day evening Lara was talking to a girl close to the same bar where she went earlier following the tall guy. It was around 4:30 pm and there were not many people around and the girl took Lara to the bar owner. Lara showed her sister’s photograph. The owner looked at it and he denied it. She asked about the tall guy then he mentioned business connections with him. Suddenly a woman called the girl from outside, and she left. The owner warned Lara and tried to scare her when she took out Jane’s mother’s photograph. He was shocked,” How do you know her?” His voice changed and he started talking politely. Listen, I am helpless. These people are extremely dangerous. Please stay away and do not come here again. Lara came out of the bar and started walking towards her home when she found the girl with the same woman waiting outside. The woman called her, and they went to her home. She mentioned that her sister was abducted by the same people. They want to take her daughter as well, but they are trying to run away. The bar owner will help them to escape in another two days. Lara discussed some small details with them and returned home.

Same day at 10 pm Jane’s mobile ringing…

Jane: Lara’s mother. Yes Aunty, tell me.

Lara’s mother: Lara is not back yet. Since morning she is out from home and not picking calls. I spoke to her at around 5 pm then her mobile is switched off. (She was sobbing)

Jane: Ok Aunty. Don’t worry. Give me some time. I will track her whereabouts.

Dad! (She called)

Dad: Yes dear

Jane: I am leaving now. Lara is missing.

Next day at around noon at the police station. Jane sitting with Lara.

Jane: I told you to stay away Lara. Tell me what happened exactly. All other processes will go on and we are all good but tell me where did that guy vanish? He was there right? Tell me now.

Lara: My sister’s friend called suddenly, and she told the bar owner can come anytime. They are trying to run away but they do not have much money. Her home is not far from my place, so I ran immediately.

When I reached, I saw the bar owner giving them a good amount of money and telling them to escape soon in his car with the driver. But before they could leave, this guy came with 4 other men and I was also locked in a truck which your team rescued.

Jane: Who informed me?

Lara: I had some minutes before I was caught, and I gave one guy your number who was passing by. He informed you to track my mobile location.

Jane: But how come you had hidden your mobile?

Lara: I keep two mobiles always and one is hidden (She smiled).

Jane: (laughed) Good job dear.

Ok, we will find him. As of now, we caught this racket of human trafficking where you lost your sister, and I lost my mother. We will succeed soon.

Another morning:

Jane with her Father besides the big lake.

Jane: Just silently looking at it.

Dad: You need to move on and believe your mother is not there. Just look at yourself.

Jane: (no answer)

Dad: Jane? Are you listening?

Jane: She wrote in her diary till 12th Feb. After that, some pages are missing.

Dad: Your Mom had 2 diaries.

Jane: Where is the second one? You did not tell me earlier?

Dad: You never asked. The other one should be blue.

They both reached home as fast as possible.

Jane: There are clues in both the diaries. I was not able to solve it as both are connected.

Dad: No problem. We found it.

Finally, all the nightmares ended, and a full racket of human trafficking was caught along with 30 girls and kids.

© 2021 Amrita Vishwas

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