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The Second Floor Part Four

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Mary has loved writing ever since she was a young child, writing and reading have helped Mary through some very hard times in her life.


Things That Go Bump In The Night

Mara was recovering from a hard night of partying and making a fool of herself, when all of a sudden she felt the bed shake. The bed was moving so much it felt like someone was jumping on her bed. Mara, startled by the movement, jolted straight out of her bed and began looking around the room but there was nothing in the room. She figured maybe she was just jerking in her sleep, she did that sometimes. But now that she was awake, she began thinking some more about the letter she had found on her bed. Mara knew it was not put there by her mother, and knew nobody else in the house would dare cross her, they knew how bad her temper could be. Even though Mara could not figure out who wrote the letter, she definitely knew she had to destroy it. The words in that letter were just too incriminating.

She practically ran towards her dresser to retrieve it but once Mara reached her dresser, she noticed the letter was gone. Mara knew she was drunk, but she could very vividly remember finding the letter, so much so that she could still feel the letter in her hands. Mara was so scared when she could not find the letter that her heart skipped at least three beats. She knew if anyone ever read it, she would be done. She began to frantically search her room from top to bottom, even looking in places she knew she would have never put it. Mara looked until she couldn't anymore, than with tears in her eyes plopped down onto her bed.

Mara had a million things going through her head, she wondered who had found it, and what was to become of her life once the words that were on that note were read aloud. When just like magic, she noticed the letter was exactly where she had put it on the dresser. Mara ran toward the dresser grabbed the letter and ripped it into tiny little pieces. She had to make sure that letter never saw the light of day. Even though she was relieved that she found the letter, she was still kind of perplexed at how the letter was there, when just a few moments ago it was not.

Mara was still very sleepy, and now that she did not have that incriminating note to keep her awake anymore she could sleep like a baby, or at least she thought she would. Not even ten minutes after Mara fell asleep she was awaken again, this time the bed shook much more violently. Mara was scared stiff what had shaken her bed, she knew she did not jerk that much in her sleep. Mara was too afraid to jump out of bed this time. She pulled the covers over her head and slowly peeked above the top. She looked around in her dark room, and even eventually managed to get up enough nerve to look underneath her bed, there was nothing, she found absolutely nothing.

Mara was too afraid to go back to sleep now, so she figured she would try to soak in a relaxing bath to relieve some tension, and help clear her mind. Mara drew her bathwater, and threw in her gazillion bath salts and fragrance beads. Once everything was just the way she liked it she slowly sat down into her bath relaxing one bone at a time.

Mara had finally began to relax a little, when she heard a splash come from inside her bath, Mara was frozen by fear, she was too afraid to scream or run, she just stared in the direction she heard the splash. She still saw nothing, Mara told herself she must be going crazy. Mara was too wired to finish trying to relax now, she grabbed her towel wrapped it around herself and went back to her room.

Mara feeling somewhat scared from the bed shaking, and the water splashing, decided she was going to be sleeping in her old room, she grabbed her blanket and went to the door. But when Mara tried to open the door to leave her new room, she realized she could not, it was jammed shut. Mara who was scared more than ever now, began banging on the door and screaming for help. When nobody came she did not know what to think, what was going on. Why wasn't anybody coming to help her?


Mara Meets Her Fate

Mara was scared and crying, very real tears this time, not fake ones, like the crocodile tears she had cried at Charisma's funeral. Mara walked over to her bed and sat down, but her bed began to shake uncontrollably again. Mara had never been so scared in her life, she had almost managed to finally control her profuse shaking, when all of a sudden the bed stopped shaking, and started levitating. Mara was in midair, she could not believe what was happening.

Mara was beyond thinking she was imagining things, she knew this was real. Mara yelled in horror demanding that the culprit of what was happening presented themselves to her. Mara was beyond shocked, when she noticed a faded image appearing darker and darker before her very eyes this was crazy, stuff like this was not supposed to be real. Once the image had taken on its full form she realized it was her sister Charisma, the one she had so viciously murdered.

Mara screamed at the image of her sister, warning her that she killed her once and she can do it again. Charisma looked at Mara, and then pointed towards the closet and told Mara to open the door. Mara, who was still suspended in midair on the bed, felt the bed begin to lower to the ground. Mara refused to go toward the closet, but Charisma kept insisting. Mara was so confused and scared she figured she might as well see what was behind the door, maybe she would be able to figure out what was finally going on.

Mara walked slowly toward the closet door and very hesitatingly put her hands on the doorknob. She didn't even get a chance to make a full turn on the door when it suddenly burst open, knocking Mara to the ground. A man walked out of the closet who looked quite familiar, it didn't take her to long to realize where she knew him from it was Mark. But he wasn't in the suit and tie he had on when she first saw him.

The man who had told Mara and her family he was a P.I., looked at Mara and started speaking to her. Every word he said sounded like a growl, his voice was very strong and raspy. He told Mara you had your chance to redeem yourself, but you didn't. Your soul is blacker than your heart, and you must pay. Mara looked at him and cried, "please I beg for your mercy, I know I was wrong I am sorry." Unconvinced the man began to take on the form of a demon, once he was transformed, it was clear to Mara her soul was damned to hell. The demon ran toward Mara grabbed her, and disappeared into the once dark closet which was now filled with flames.

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The End



Mary (author) from From the land of Chocolate Chips,and all other things sweet. on March 12, 2013:

Thank you guys so much for your comments and I am so glad you guys enjoyed reading it.

wildove5 from Cumberland, R.I. on March 11, 2013:

I really enjoyed this, it's late and I'm tired, but I couldn't put it down! Nice job!

Thomas Silvia from Massachusetts on September 29, 2012:

Thanks for sharing this very interesting story, loved the ending ! You should think about making it a ebook . Well done !

Mary (author) from From the land of Chocolate Chips,and all other things sweet. on September 28, 2012:

Thank you Gypsy Rose Lee.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on September 28, 2012:

OMG What an ending and well deserved. Great and scary story. Passing this last one on too. Keep on creating.

Mary (author) from From the land of Chocolate Chips,and all other things sweet. on September 28, 2012:

Thank you very much rcrumple, I love a twisted ending.

Rich from Kentucky on September 27, 2012:

Interesting story. The P.I. was sure to come back into the story, but it was a different way than expected. Kept my interest for 4 parts. Most don't do that! Great Job!

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