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The Savages-a Short Story

The Savages

British were trying to take over every part of the world with weapons, especially guns and with cannons, and in a game of blood, British soldiers killed the women and children who went to the homes of their opponents in those areas. And inflicted painful torment on the opponents and hung them in the bazaars as a warning sign. The ships of the British soldiers, where they docked, caused suffering and slavery to the people.
A ship of British soldiers led by General Claude was advancing through the waves of the sea. They needed ten days to reach their destination. One night a sudden storm came up in the sea. There were thunderstorms and the sound of British soldiers on all sides. The general told the crew to save the ship . The crew found out the condition of the ship. The water was rapidly entering the ship. The general ordered to throw all the heavy objects from the ship so that the ship could be saved. And the soldiers began to do the same. The soldiers' throats were sore with fear.
The ship swayed in the waves and hit the rocks once or twice, which mapped some parts of the ship and the water began to fill the ship rapidly. Now the crew told the general that there was no choice but to leave the ship. unwillingly, General Claude ordered to abendon the ship. The general, including the soldiers, boarded the boats and said goodbye to the ship. In the storm, the boats looked like straws. Then a big wave finished the work and passed over all the boats. For the rest of the night, the general and the soldiers were trying to save their lives.
A soldier woke up to the noise of birds. When he slowly opened his eyes, he saw the bird perched on his chest and became frightened and screamed. The bird flew away. The soldier got up and dared to look at the sea. The sea was so calm as if there was no wind. He was standing at the bottom of a very high mountain. Seeing the height of the mountain, he got dizzy and fell on the sand for a while. Later, when he regained consciousness,He intended to find his companions. The bodies of some were lying nearby. General Claude also appeared. His arm and leg were broken but he was alive. Maybe General's arm and leg bone was broken by hitting this rock. More three soldiers found alive.The two soldiers began to support General Claude and the other two began to climb the rock to see if anyone else was alive. As they lifted their heads from the top of the rock, they saw some of their companions who were busy looking at the mountain in amazement. . The soldiers gathered everyone by shouting and waving their hands.
Out of 300 soldiers, only 75 were alive and in the name of weapons, a few had swords and guns left. There was nothing left to eat or drink. A soldier reported the whole situation to the general. Despite the general inconvenience, he stood up and looked at the sea and then the soldiers. It was not possible for him to stand for long so he leaned down. He formed two teams of twenty soldiers. He sent one to find water and food and sent another team to cover up where it was and find a way out of here.He told the rest of the soldiers to stay with him. All the soldiers followed the order of the general. When they went further, they saw that there was a narrow passage in the middle of the mountain, so they all went through this narrow mountain road.Passing through the narrow mountain path, the soldiers repeatedly felt that someone was watching them from above . The soldiers were scared but kept walking because of the good numbers. At the end of the road, a bush forest started which was very dark. The soldiers decided that according to the team the general had formed, they would go to both parts of the forest and find food and a way out. A soldier saw the footprints of an animal a little further on, So he hoped that food would be found here. On the other side of the road, the soldiers did not know that they were going to be hunted. This whole area was home to savage tribes whose people considered their area to be the whole world.
Savage people started hunting these soldiers with their weapons made of arrows and stones. No soldier understood what was happening to them. One by one, these savages beat the soldiers like wolves hunt sheep. The soldiers on the other side had heard the screams of their comrades, but with horrible pain and screams, No one dared to go to their aid . They were also in a very dense forest.One of the soldiers said in a trembling voice, "It looks like there are beasts here." All the soldiers took out their existing weapons and started walking, clearing the way. The forest was deserted again. After walking a short distance, the soldiers realized that there were small pieces of gold scattered along the way. Some of them filled their pockets with these pieces.
When they went further, they found themselves into an open area . They were surrounded by savages. These savages did not tolerate the footsteps of anyone else in their area .The feet of all the soldiers were frozen to the ground in fear . They became convinced that the screams of their comrades on the other side were not because of the beasts but because of the savage people. In the same struggle of mind, a soldier fired a shot which hit a savage from which he fell away. At first the savages retreated in fear. At the same time the soldiers ran back the way they had come. The savages chased them and started killing the soldiers one by one. One of the soldiers ran away and fell into a ditch. Fortunately, no one noticed. He kept laying in the ditch and listened to the last screams of his comrades.
Soldiers stationed near General Claude built a working boat along with equipment found on the shore. They wanted to find more wood and build more boats so that all the soldiers could get out of this desolate place. The savage people killed all the soldiers. After hunting, they turned to the shore and started throwing stones and rocks from the top of the mountain. The first stone was placed on the head of General Claude, which ended him on the spot. A group of people came to ashore and, after the loss of a few of their men, cut off all the soldiers and took the iron swords and daggers to their hands and carried the guns as a memento. The sky began to rain at night. All the savages had gone back.
The soldier in the ditch was waiting for the darkness to spread. When the night got dark, he decided to get out of the ditch. In the middle of the night, the forest seemed more frightening. The trees looked like standing savages and the thunder of the clouds was making their noise.He ran on the same path; the path from which he came with his companions. It seemed to him that behind him are the inhabitants of the forest. But he saw that the one he was running to for help had already died. He fell on the sand of the beach, hoping to die.The rain water was soaking his body and throat and the rain hid his tears of despair.
In this frustration, when he turned around, he saw a wooden boat-like plank .He kept looking at it and lying down then suddenly the hope of life would wake up and somehow carried the board to the water. Fear didn't even give him time to stop the rain. He got on the boat and began to sail so that he could somehow get away from the place. He tied himself to the board with the help of a rope So that in any case he could not be separated from this boat. He filled the bottle on his back with rain water. In the morning, he noticed himself. He smelled of oil. Maybe where he had fallen there was oil. It was cleaned, but the stench remained. Sitting on the board, He was far away from this terrible place, but hunger and the sun were now the enemies of his life. He took the coat on him and laid down. He was lying unconscious on the boat like a corpse floating.. A water bird sat on him.The urge to satisfy his hunger gave him so much energy that he caught the bird with lightning speed and cut it with his teeth, cleaned and chewed it like an animal. He wanted to reduce the use of water so that it could be used for a longer period of time. For three days, he somehow survived on rainwater and marine life .He was shaped like a corpse and his body was like a skeleton. He fell on the board.
When he regained consciousness, he was in a hospital. He was told that a merchant ship found him at sea and he was taken here. Then he remembered the blurred faces that were carrying him from the board to the ship, but he could not remember anything more. After a full recovery, he returned to his town and went straight to his army office. He went to the officer and told the whole story . First the officer listened to the whole story as he believed and then said, "Do you have any proof of that?" When the soldier refused, the officer said, "I have heard many stories that make fugitives. I've already wasted a lot of time talking to you. Get out of here now."
The soldier did not expect this behavior and response. He quietly got up and walked home. His wife and children were as happy to see him as if they were happy to find something lost. He wrote in his diary about all his life events, especially the journey on this island. He even sketched the large cliffs and narrow mountain path along the coast and pointed out all the routes they had taken to reach the island, so that his children would know , whenever they read, How he escaped the clutches of death and came back hoping to live with his loved ones. The soldier wrote his name in the end " William Hawk."
Time passed , age and weakness one day buried Hawk in the dust. This diary and the stories of this soldier continued with Hawk's family from generation to generation until two centuries passed. .
Samartha, a girl from this family, grew up with these stories that were told to her in her family. After passing high school, she went to the city for higher education. Along with her education, she was also working .
During the summer holidays, she came to stay with her mother for a few days. After dinner she was looking in the closet of her elders when she saw the diary written by this soldier of her family. She read all the diary in one night. That night, Samartha saw the beaches, the roads and the wild people. When Samartha's eyes were opened, it was already morning. A week passed with her parents in the blink of an eye .Samartha caught the bus and returned to the city . This time she had the diary with her in which this elderly soldier of her family had written his story.
A friend of Samarha named James who was working at the newspaper, One day, came to see Samartha. After the meal, James was looking at Samartha's diary as she was putting the dishes in the kitchen. James started reading the diary. When Samartha entered the room, James asked Samartha that she should publish the story of this adventure in the newspaper.
Samartha told that none of her family members believed this story till today but she was convinced that the story was not a lie. At James' insistence, she agreed to publish the story in the newspaper. In a week, the story of that adventure became the adornment of the newspaper. Everyone read it as an interesting story. One day James had a phone call in the office. James, "Hello! What can I do for you?" "I found your story very interesting. I just wanted to know how it got to you? " James asked the stranger who he was. The stranger invited him to meet him.When James reached the place , he found a middle-aged, well dressed man waiting for him. James introduced himself. The middle-aged man told that his name was Bob Robert, the owner of a well-known company.When James found out the reason for the meeting, Robert said," he also does adventure work such as treasure hunting. The story that was published mentioned gold as well as oil. If they find a place where these resources are available then my company will get benefit a lot from it." James said "what will be the benefit to me and how can I help you?" "Guide us to this place," said Robert. "I will give you a good share of all the profits but the condition is that we get that place and the resources mentioned in the story." James told the Robert that the story was taken from the diary of his friend Samartha. One of his ancestors had written it who was a British soldier. Robert wanted to meet Samartha. James agreed to meet Robert with Samartha. Upon meeting her, Samartha bet that she would be part of the campaign. Samartha, who was already in love with this story, also agreed to find out the truth.
Samartha's diary and the maps on it were thoroughly examined. The day of the journey was fixed and further preparations were made.The robert formed a team of ten people, including experts. Robert and his security officer, Alford, carefully took a pistol and a machine gun with them.
Among the ten were Robert, his security officer Alferd, a philologist; Nick, a geoligist Adam and his assistant Arther, Oliver ;a biologist and his assistant Emma , George ;a ground helper, Samartha and James.
Laughter began the journey of joy. Robert introduced everyone to each other. Necessary equipments were placed in the Robert's personal seaplane and the plane flew to its destination.
All of them stayed in one place before reaching their destination .The plane was refueled. All the people spent that day in this area buying and gossiping. The next day the journey resumed and they reached exactly the place indicated in the diary.
Descending from the ship, everyone's attention went to this high mountain. Everyone was optimistic. The goods were unloaded from the plane. Camps were set up and all supplies were arranged. Robert announced that he would take a cursory look at the site. A full investigation would begin the next day. All the people got ready in a hurry and all the people, equipped with a few essential items, started walking on the road according to the diary.
After crossing a large boulder on the way, the team walked on a narrow mountain path on the right hand side. Along the way, they found two or three pieces of gold, which convinced Robert that his money and time had not been wasted. He expressed this while walking. They were about to go out into an open field when horrible screams stopped them. What they saw in the bushes made everyone scared. In the front field, it was like a war. The savages were cutting each other's necks. In the team, not anyone dared to move.
Such a horrible game of death was no less than a shock to everyone. For a while no one was conscious. samartha was standing with her hands over her mouth when Alferd shook everyone and motioned for them to back down quietly. All the people flew away, and with trembling footsteps they followed Robert's back to the camp. Alferd, who had been in the army, advised Robert that everyone should get on the plane and returned. ۔ Everyone immediately agreed to his advice, but Robert did not want to go back, not empty-handed at all. Robert tried to make everyone dream of the money coming in, but not everyone agreed with his advice except Alferd. Adam even said that our agreement was not to make money by losing lives.Alferd said that they had to get on the plane before they were spotted by savage animals and they did not have enough weapons to protect themselves.
Alferd took all the people to plane and took the plane off the coast. Everyone else wanted to go back, but Robert did not agree.Samartha had not yet regained consciousness after seeing such a horrible scene . Her body was trembling faster than anyone else's. James took her hand in his and gently said that everything was fine. samartha took a long hiccup and tears welled up in her eyes. Everyone was looking at Robert, questioning what he would say next. Robert was scared and worried. Finally, controlling his senses, he said, "Friends, this is what we have come for. I admit that I was not fully prepared but I will fix everything." The rest of the people will be as if they had been sentenced to death. Robert asked Alferd to call a team consisting of expert assassins. He would pay as much money as he could. Alferd called, "Bring as many people as you can, and as many weapons as you can." The voice came from the other side," where to meet?" Alferd answered, "Track my phone's location and get there as soon as you can."The conversation ended and the two began to look at the beach.
Nick guessed " there were two tribes on the mountain where the war was going on. Such tribes fight to prove themselves after a certain period of time but so bloody - I had no idea." No one answered. Nick felt as if he had said something nonsense. So he accepted the apology and sat down. In the morning, Alferd woke Robert. On the front coast, savage tribesmen were destroying their tents and equipments. Robert was mad with anger. Everyone else was watching from behind the glass, destroying their belongings. The savages destroyed all their belongings and aimed their spears and daggers at the plane, making a triumphant noise. Everyone in the back of the plane sat back in despair. Robert told everyone, " help is coming and no one needs to worry anymore. They will deal with these savage, rude people themselves." No one responded to any of this. No one seemed to agree with Robert's decision. Robert returned to the cockpit and calmly lit a cigar and asked Alferd how long his men would be here. Alferd replied," very soon." Hearing this, Robert took a deep breath and closed his eyes.
The next day, opened their eyes to the sound of the helicopter. The savages on the shore were already ready with their weapons. One of the helicopters flew over the plane while the other flew straight ahead, killing all the savages on shore with machine guns. Even the savages on the mountain, seeing the death of their people, secretly retreated. Both helicopters landed on the shore and all those who were wounded were also shot dead. "The area is clear, now they can come." Robert and Alferd stepped on the shore again and asked the commander the number of men. The commander told them that on such a short notice he could gather fifty men, but they were all experts in their work. Robert's eyes lit up. He hoped that he would complete his work and the world would not even know. He made the remarks as he approached his team with Alferd. "Now we can start work,"
He told his team."Look at your stuff. If you need something, it will be provided." He told his commander that there were two tribes here and it would not difficult to eliminate them. The commander assigned five men to the mountain with heavy weapons and assigned five security guards near the camps. He told the helicopter pilots to watch and be ready at all times. After giving instructions, the commander told Robert that everything was fine. "We'll move on in an hour," said Robert. "Samartha,James and the rest were calm with commander and his unit. They were feeling safe now." ۔ Everyone had heard that they had to move on in an hour, so everyone started packing. The commander and his comrades also checked their weapons and completely armed themselves.
On the other hand, the tribal chiefs had witnessed the trouble they were facing on the shore. They decided to face adversity as one and informed their fighters of their decision. All the fighters shouted in support of the decision of their chiefs. The women and children of both tribes were gathered together.
The commander decided that they would all walk on the same path together. The geologist would mark and check where necessary. The commander advised Robert not to take unnecessary people for now. He was referring to James and Samartha. The commander estimated that there would not be much resistance. "If your team thinks there is an advantage here, they can call for more." He told this to Alferd. Robert told James and Samartha to stop at the camp and they agreed.. Under the leadership of the commander, they started the campaign. Crossed the narrow mountain pass , the commander and his armed comrades were watching. No one was hurt on the narrow mountain road.
Robert asked them to follow the same path they had taken earlier. On the other hand, the warriors of the savage tribes were waiting for them in the forest. Although the commander was very carefully going through the forest with his team, he knew it was the home of the wild tribes.
The savages were scattered all over the forest and they were fully prepared to hunt down the intruders. The game began when the commander and his team reached the dense jungle.The commander and his comrades were trapped. Armed mercenaries used to enjoy shooting, but then they fell prey to forest traps set to kill them like wild animals. The commander was outraged by the dwindling number of his comrades and shouted at Robert that the forest should be set on fire.Robert, who himself was fighting the armed savages, disagreed, saying, "There are oil reserves here. All the work will be wasted." The commander somehow managed to take his and Robert's men into the open field, where Robert and the others saw the savages playing bloody holi. When the commander looked at the open space, the savages were already waiting with their weapons.Commander's team had wiped out almost all the wild fighters hiding in the forest.
The commander looked at Robert as if asking what to do next. In Robert's team, Nick stepped forward to tell the tribesmen in their language the purpose of their visit, "We are not here to fight. We want to be friends." One of the commander's comrades said sarcastically to the other, "I don't know what he is talking about." "He doesn't even know himself," said the other fellow. Nick stared at him and continued his conversation. "We have food and." A spear flew through the air and pierced Nick's body. ۔ He did not stay upright or on the ground. Alfred and Robert, along with his comrades, fired shots at the commander's voice. None of the tribes' warriors were able to stand against the bullets, even the old chiefs were shot, after which the commander told his comrades to move forward. They entered each hut and opened fire indiscriminately.
The bullets were shot until their last child died. The commander reported on wireless that everything was under control. Everyone on the shore had been listening to gunfires all day. James and Samartha were now allowed to arrive with two bodyguards. Seeing the pile of corpses in the open field outside the forest, both of them went out of their senses. With tears in her eyes, Samartha said to James, "We are both the killers of these people." James shouted, "Robert! what did you do? you bastard! You killed them all." Robert came to James and shouted, "What have I done? We all saw them what they were doing,what they did to our men! and you are asking me for these savages? How many of our comrades died for this purpose?I am sorry for them not for these savages." Hearing this, James and Samartha returned quietly to shore. James and Samartha were sent back that evening. The commander and his men continued to kill the rest of the tribal people. As promised, Rabert gave a good profit to every member of the team. It was also a means of keeping their mouth shut. After a short period of mental anguish, James and Samartha also came to terms with reality. They were happier and busier, but now Samartha could no longer dream of these stories. She could see the bodies of these savage tribal children and women lying in their blood. She had a lot of money but no peace.

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