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The Sacred Duty Of A Writer Is To Remain Above (With & In All Cases) The "Abbreviators" Surrounding Us.

Caston George is a 10-year veteran political professional and former politician, accomplished writer, researcher, author, and archivist.

This is self explanatory, and a caption is not necessary except to point out that no further explanation is needed here. Carry on.

This is self explanatory, and a caption is not necessary except to point out that no further explanation is needed here. Carry on.

With this gallant verbosity, that is not at all sarcastic, and that is sincere and genuine and authentic, it is declared to be so that, this maxim factus, cum auctoritas, declaratus, in veritas, revera, est:

Never ever be brief.

Brevity and abbreviation, truly, are evils, patent evils, really, and they need to be eradicated as scourges that contribute to the downfall of intelligence generally and Idiocracy via precipitation.

Writing should always be plentiful and thorough.

I consider a man with brevity to offer few thoughts and reflecting surely very few thoughts in his mind as the cause.

160 character limits and etc, short attention spans, and beware the cynical demonic (I say) modernists who will call you long winded, for they believe very woefully that one must hook someone in the first few moments like a baby having a toy wangled in front of him so he stops crying.

And so every few lines that hook must be put back in the content, to keep them reading on.

That changes the content, by changing how the content is presented, and you then have to not be true to the calling of a writer, which is superior to your editor's demands, or society's pressures or misconceptions about how important any individual member of it and their schedule, and how much time they can watch to something, will imply.

I find the placating of the infantilism of the mind of modern men to be a capitulation of a terrible degree.

Those hooks, ie the aforementioned "baby toys" we are often encouraged to pepper in throughout our content, are commonly presented every few lines lead to clickbait and sensationalism.

"Less is more," is both an awful concept as well as an obvious oxymoronic absurdity, because it isn't.

Those watered down concepts into character limits lead to abbreviation of things that are likely worthy of attention and consideration thoughtfully taken in.

Not simplified for simple minds in an appeal to the lowest common denominator.

The premium placed on brevity leads to information being unexplained or unnuanced or left out.

Thus contributing heavily to the reasons why I loathe the incurious modern man, and the general Idiocracy which takes the general and unchangeable principle of selfishness which prevails and always has in the commons in higher majority than every other good, or great, wise, thoughtful, or inspired population who are always out numbered.

Philosopher Kings were and are favoured for good reason, for at least ancient and Renaissance peoples understood this and that they needed a check on themselves because their neighbours could not always be trusted to be majority wise or selfless or thinking of the loftier view, and could always be counted as a force to contend with for the lowest and cheapest view capable of them.

Look at our wicked friends here in Seattle or any city where you find the common multitude in its passive aggressive and coordinated vastness, mighty by number and by number alone, who cultivate only the lowest elements in your societies and to their byproductional advantage or interest (the example most obvious, those who began America as an autonomous separate entity from Britain) and whose words will always be hollow and empty illusions.

Because their praxis leads to slavery and the locks and chains common to every citizenry over time, and though the word Liberty might be painted over the gate at the entrance to the free state, remember that invariably it is anything-but in practice within.

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You might not have ever read a philosopher who would agree with that, because most colleges in the west don't really teach philosophers who weren't republican free state advocates, but, for much of europe, and most civilized world cultural hubs and centres, which are not considered free states but monarchies and kingdoms, and occasionally is where is also found the rare but always interesting aristocracy state.

You might be surprised to learn that before about 1800, almost all philosophers were in agreement on the makeup of any common population comprising a very large majority of it which are unwise and awful people and so far as their simple-mindedness and selfishness and their non desire to expand anything beyond or that which is not in accordance with how they already view the world.

Echo chambers, put succinctly.

Remember well, you certainly would, that those "liberty" scrawled free state gates also lock in, as well as keep out.

And remember yet further that such populations, in whatever society they are found to be in, that they are numerous, even if powerless and weak.

Democracy gives them a say equal to mine and they win defaulted by the tyranny of being more in number than we, democratically.

Hence why I preserve the Monarchial Principle.

I more than believe that Principle to have Supremacy, I know such to be the case - if, as it more often is than isn't the case, virtuous, inspired from a duty given by powers greater than those of human agency or cultural capacity.

The republicanism of the modern writer seeks a worldwide republic of equality in its unwritten downsides eventually gripping the earth, and yes, Virginia, equality has downsides.

You will perhaps not realise nor understand what I mean until you are on said downside, and your constitutional rights under law not up to the task of initiating the system of justice to work as it should.

Youre just a mister, dear republican, equal to every other mister before you and after you. You aren't special, even if you are special, and so are then drowned out in the white noise, and the list of endless misters who are all in hard luck situations, equal on that list, are unfortunately on the list never addressed.

Each name a prisoner and trapped, unable to escape from it, forever bound in the chains of being an unspecial, but "free and equal" mister, in a sea of misters, collectively ignored en masse in huge swaths even today, and an idiocratic and democratically disordered society, who will never vote for their interests due to apathy, demogoguery, and republican torpor.

Those mister lists are vast and usually comprising the undesirable, scapegoated, marginalised people you often forget about.

The homeless for instance, whom you forgot to bring in during Covid 19, reduced the number of beds at shelters to account for social distancing, without increasing shelters, but while demanding simultaneously they stay home at homes they do not have and wash their hands at sinks they do not possess and closed all access to the public ones in huge deadzones of facilities in urban areas, due to public health concerns.

You as a byproduct of this enacted by proxy a concentration camp in a pandemic for perhaps the most undesirable and stigmatised group in your culture.

And although you turned your city streets, by so doing, into a homeless concentration camp, in the United States, by allowing disease and nature to do for you what a concentration camp would otherwise do by design, when told of this, you did not care.

That you could sleep at night after knowing this is not indicative of a civilisation or individual society which merited saving or deserved to survive the pandemic that ought to or otherwise would have wiped it out.

No mister among the misters on those lists stands out as exceptional. Therefore each have an unheard voice even if a unified democratically or unilaterally unison voice speaking out for their interests in great refrains that are never listened to by more than maybe one person or several, and their arias of solidarity and people power are forgotten about, equally, each of them, at once.

Welcome to the downside of equality.

And this is resultant at its essence of the society type that brevity and abbreviation are fertile ground for and simultaneously the inseminating germinator.

Only complexity which is not at all a vice can destroy the iphonic-emblemified simplicity of the distracted generation.

This generation will be famous for eating tide Pods.

You know this because your abbreviated culture mocked that mercilessly, and never thought to ask the question why.

Maybe the tide pod eaters didn't see any purpose or point to it all and after this abbreviated culture has precipitatively dumbed itself down by making a virtue out of the vice of simplicity of information being the only information available, via the market hand backhanding invisibly, for more clicks and dollars, rather than teaching profitlessly motivated investigation and philosophical consideration in its ethos, and the Idiocracy is all but here.

This culture of modernity is a veritable hell on earth, not the triumphantly reached summit of social and societal progress that many, in fact nearly all, think it is.

Are you surprised by the society though, after all, "virtue signalling," is peddled now as a bad or poor form thing to do: yes, Virtues, in genuine and wholehearted purity so expressed, or, even if only for show (yet still producing a modicum of a good result by consequence), VIRTUES - universal high principles of good, timeless and unassailable - are being billed as negatives.

And people are offended by your virtue and "need you to stop," because those thoughts make their feelings big and scary, and they never learned emotional control or restraint.

Only unfettered expression.

Such people do not ask questions about the homeless, or ask the tide pod eaters to go into their experiences, or ever read any ancient or sacred texts on the Divine qualities more perfect than man's own called virtues, and their practical and literally Supernatural benefits when they are implemented in all parts of one's life, purely and entirely and wholly, uncompartmentalised.

The society of abbreviation doesn't ask much.

They think their job or business to attend to more important than the bigger questions which they have been encouraged to not worry about.

My dears unless you work as a statesman (no politicians, you may remain seated, not you to whom we are referring), Monarch, or life affector or sigular environmental manipulator, or saver or saviour of lives, souls, and spirits, an educator or milder of minds, a philosopher....

...or perhaps most important of all, unless you are a Writer...

Then, no, your job is not so important that you cannot read an article for twenty minutes for the challenging of and expansion of your views and understanding.

And your pursuit will lead to a literal and Transcendence which with great irony (literal, real irony, used correctly in this sentence) that no words are adequate to describe.

The Divine office of the Scribe, whose Ars is a real, genuine pathway to the Supernature itself, if you are a Writer, your calling from the Power and powers On High is, spoiler alert, one of the few real Paths, if you walk it well, to the worlds not subject to common laws of legality or physics, and those worlds are, being in truth more real than this one, Empower the Writer, any Writer, whom they determine merit admittance to them.

The Writer's Path Is truly one that can transcendentally lead to that which ironically words cannot describe, due to the fact that words, being more than what they are commonly and popularly used for, aren't used properly nor to the fullest capacities, nor are they read, nor usually written, nor pronounced properly to their maximum efficacy or effect.

It sounds poetic, eh?

Be assured however, and I shit you not, that poetry becomes not the superior of the prose of the modern world, but Superimposed upon it, over it, and forever thereafter, the Writer may enjoy the benefits of a Supranormal existence, which benefits in this life, and the next, the Writer; the belief in which and in such is bolstered by the direct and first hand knowledge of experience of it, and cannot be cited popularly, nor reached by popular demand of it or access to it.

It is the, and a, Wizarding World of Magic, Divine and Supernatural, and as real as I am, and as real as you are, and as real, and more than real, than your limitations of the furthest extents of your imagination can of its own power understand.

Being a Writer can be clickbait and politics.

Or it can be a real, and literally literal (literally meaning both "no shit, for real yo", and the traditional meaning of literally, to be literally true, non embellished, "exactly-as-I-describe, so it is, and more, not fucking with you or being only literarily superlatively superfluous for inspirational effect, but rather an exact description from personal experience, that I'm not exaggerating nor lying about, nor is this article, or any part of it, a fiction), but correctly and exactly and precisely, when I say *literally*: ...Being a Writer can be your much dreamt about, self guided, perhaps dangerous (not all Writers live forever, but not all Writers die, either) but real life existence to becoming that which would make the top student at the (unfortunately literally-fictional school called) Hogwarts, jealous, because Hogwarts is but a pale comparison to what the Pathway of a Writer can, has, does, and will again, lead one to, if it is a well-walked path.

A Divinity, in its beyond Infinite wisdom and wit, with a Divine sense of beauty, and a not-a-joke-but-true and wonderful sense of humour, and profound magnificence, that only the gods themselves and meritorious Writers will understand what I mean and am informing you actually as I Write this, has made it so that the Path of the Writer leads to a state of being privileged to use Words to Powerful and Profound uses the likes of which are incapable of descriptions by words.

You will experience this and discover this to be true AF for yourself, if you follow the advice exactly as I have herein presented it.

Such is the Sacred Office of the Writer and the Divine Duty of the Scribe in the Ars Occultus Supernalis, and some of the perks that come with it.

They beat the proverbial-hell OUT of the perks like access to politicians or being a cultural "influencer", social revolutionary, or just that free-with-work Amazon Prime account, that the writers of the modern school of brevity, with their 160 character limits, selfish and infantalised attention spans, and constant need for entertainment and the premise of simplicity and safeness placed on their own carreeristic, irrelevant, and unimportant manufactured pedastals.

And the mission of the Writer Transcended is to save the Idiocracy, and all creatures in it great and small, in whatever you are given as your position to do so, from themselves.

The Idiocracy of people who are easily provoked and manipulated and into brevity don't ask questions and make being a pawn into a principle even to their obvious misfortune and detriment.

Equality brought by democracy fails to account for the inequality of minds and gives the fools and idiots and middlemen always more plentiful the same weight in actionable decision making to the expert, the moderately informed, and the impartial, whom they have bred out of existence in many places due to the American concept, itself, is predicated, nay, dependent -- addicted as it's reason for existence, even -- upon factionalism and sectarianism as the engine that sustains it.

If America had a an impartial figure of unity above law and debate and beyond reproach tasked to lead them virtuously by only being involved as the referee and ultimate say, it would cease functioning.

Which is why it is perhaps sadly the case, unless you as a Writer Transcended do your part to change that with others on the same level as your's, or those superior, and/*or* do your duty to alter things, if you be of the aforesaid superior.

There are no political nor social, racial, ideological, or any other such the like, thoughts of any sort, not even remote, when I use words with the prefix 'Super-', of any kind, not even remote -- I mention this only on account of being reminded to include this notation, by the good company immediately and presently herewith, as I Write this; it didn't occur to me why I should include it, and I thank said company (Lois) for the suggestion to do so.

In this culture, it seems a wise notation to include.

Without Writers doing their Sacred Duty then things won't change and the very-much-NOT transcendent modernists from whatever politics, nationality, kingdom, empire, race, or nation, wherefrom they come or to which they propagate, aspire to, promote, or belong, will not be bringing any changes that are not awful in effect either in the immediate or in the century and centuries that would come.

This established and understood, it can plainly be seen that the republican (term used traditionally and with the real definition of it) poster child celebe, the USA is not, was not before, nor ever will it be a United association of states, but a trap.

And because such as this description is plainly seeable by any with eyes to see, if the time be taken to ignore the modernists who wish you to see their way of seeing things as their agenda.

Be Impartial, Transcended Writer.

All politics is small and petty, no matter what it is, because below the level of the the Monarch or the Statesman, it is politically partial.

Selfishness is a political "virtue," (term used with great sarcasm and metaphor).

Instead, please, dear Transcended Writer, open your own eyes and not see things from any particular perspective, but rather, simply looking at it, and whatever you see, seeing that which you see, because, there it is.

Those who are commonly called "Woke" these days aren't keen to see the inherent selfishness in what they would, by their wokeism, produce; one can't call them much more than that, but it is universally agreeable surely that such are common.

For as woke as these certain modernists say they are, they haven't "become woke" (term used despite it being a grammatical incorrection most obvious and in this Writer's eyes, a terminary literary abortion) to the fact induspitable that, as they would understand the word, being "Woke" does not at all have anything to do with being Awake.

Or the state of Being thereof.

And never shalt the t'wain of then ever meet.

I speak to you all writers in general now: please take this advice, for it will not steer you wrong, though it may put you at odds with editors and modernists, it is advice worth heeding and adopting and adapting.

LESS IS NOT MORE. LESS IS LESS. MORE IS BETTER THAN LESS, in all instances, upon all occasions, and in all cases, invariabilis in omnia, pro omnibus.

If you have an editor that disagrees profusely, and does not accept that premise, dig your heels in, instruct him properly, correct him in his errancy, and disabuse him of that particular delusion, even if he resists.

ONLY write simplicity or simplistically when simple minds, or creative experiment are your intention and expectation.

Such simplicity of presentation and brevity is for things like road signs, or thank you notes, children's books with pictures that are made mostly of hard cardboard, and are usually about dogs that are fantastic colors named Spot, or for things that don't really matter, like, smartphone reviews on technology websites, IKEA manuals, or about whatever particularly offends you that IS NOT so abhorrent that it should be considered a crime unspeakable that no human being should ever occur again and should be punishable by life in prison or death, as is the traditional meaning of what it is to be offended by something; think that Cher has culturally appropriated something in her music video for Half-Breed, because she dressed as she has, in this song now athemic and classic, by a woman who has achieved a near demigod status amongst gays, rightly so, and you find that unacceptable offensive... Such a complaint, for instance, is NOT an example of a thing as important as that we should attribute the word offense to.

But, being cool with homeless people dying on mass during covid-19 or being at risk for that, and your culture completely being cool with that happening, and not thinking itself in any way at fault or to blame, and being in the modern sense "offended" that you might call it a concentration camp by proxy and byproductional effect (a rose by any other name, Romeo...), IS an example of something important enough to attribute the word offenclse to.

Things like that.

Let's start with that particular baby step of the reestablishments and reinstitution of the traditional meaning of the word offense for what it actually, traditionally, and in tradition unchanged despite popular misattribution of the word to the lesser important generally, and the commonly understood yet still incorrect usage, that it has resulted.

Re-Establish "offense" as "a fence," and that which should be enclosed or have a boundary set against it, that no man should with his soul in tact ever cross again.

Otherwise known as the original, and present, real and only meaning of that word, which has not changed, and does not change, despite popular misunderstanding of it.

Baby steps. Let's start with using words properly.

:-) I have included the :-) so that you understand this better, having watered it down for you to a now intolerable degree for me to continue to elaborate on any further.

Your duty (not task nor job but sacred duty) as a writer is to present content and information and the scripted art in its fullness.

Don't give in to the editors or modernists who wish you to be brief, ever.

They are as venomous a den of vipers, each, as the Devil in Eden.

You asked for writing advice, and my advice comes from experience and observation not rooted in what will sell or attract more sponsorship clicks.

I'm from a more ancient school than our modernity is capable of reproducing of its own power and devices.

And if this article offends you, I am very, deeply so not at all sorry that I cannot bring myself to pretend to be sorry for you, I do try to not ruffle feathers unnecessarily, but, it happens, and people make a thing about it when it does, and I'm sorry, I do not care.

You can do what you like, but, I won't be resigning from anything, I won't be retracting this statement, and you can't fire me because you are not so empowered, really.

Your protest will not be heard, your petition rejected, your complaint ignored. You will trust us to present you with quality information and results, and yes, dear Virginia, that does occasionally take a bit.

You can either have the quick result faster, which is meh, or you can stick with a genuine article and have the quality result, which takes time.

Patience is a virtue.

Get reading.

Caston George is an archivist, writer, and commentator in royal and political circles, and is based in Seattle, WA.

© 2021 CastonGeorge

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