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The Return of Planet X - The communicator

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The Andromeda Galaxy

The Andromeda Galaxy

The Andromeda Galaxy

The communicator leaves for Earth

Standing in the line Zephour was nervous. He had known his entire life that this day would come, but like most things that seem so unobtainable, it never seemed like it would actually happen. Years in the academy had prepared him for this journey which would eventually form part of his calling and his contribution to the coming changes, but now he was only minutes away from boarding the craft for the 1 trillion mile journey to meet up with the explorer. He smiled cautiously, showing emotion was not part of their mission. Once a week, every week for 20 revolutions, they would gather to practice controlling their emotions. The coming changes were far too important to be prejudiced by one galactic communicator not being in control, the training was intense. All around him lights were flashing and people were rushing about, all working towards the long awaited launch. Zephour on the other hand wasn’t panicking but rather stood calmly in the line behind his fellow communicators, the final ten that made the grade. Communicator training had to be of the most intense the galactic federation offered. So intense that ultimately there was a 1% success rate and even then there was no guarantee that you would be selected for a mission. Zephour considered himself lucky. Not only was he lucky enough to be selected, but he was selected to make contact on earth, the planet of his ancestors.

Many communicators have been dispatched before, some to different time periods, but none had actually been dispatched to now, eventually, make contact with earthlings. Communicators where always the last part of a project established to make contact with other worldly inhabitants, traveling through worm holes to planets that had already been analysed and scanned by the Galactic federation multiverse explorer. A space craft that travels to distant galaxies on a quest to identify and ultimately make contact with various alien races. The explorer never returns to the dark star, Zephours home planet. It only maintains contact via telepathic means and wormhole travel. After the explorer has discovered a new planet they send down scouts to examine the planet and determine the possibility of communication with these life forms. More often than not they have encountered very hostile, primitive life forms so tend to avoid immediate contact , but they do influence the evolution of these creatures if the need be. A good example is on a planet in the Andromeda galaxy. They found hostile water bound creatures that only had the desire to attack and eat whatever life forms they encountered. A standard abduction found that the brain of these creatures had not developed past a childhood stage, and their DNA carried a violent nature. After authorization from the Galactic federation they followed an abduction process over a period of time which allowed them to genetically alter their DNA and influence them to evolve into a caring, loving species that had growth and development on their minds, instead of destruction. These abductions were necessary for the survival of the Galactic federation. A peaceful race, the galactic federation through time has had to defend themselves against aggressive races that evolved to warring nations. It was easier to let the explorer, on its never ending journey, find evil races and influence them genetically than to have to defend themselves which would ultimately lead to a full scale galactic war.

The earth mission was of a different nature though. This was the galactic federations own race, their origin. It was the polar shifts that forced them to leave the planet a very long time ago, but not before they had the opportunity to ensure the survival of the human race through genetic preservation at atomic level. Earth was expected to evolve over a million years to a habitable planet again, but was over run by the Annunaki who are an evil race bent on galactic domination. Like a swarm of insects, they travel to different planets and rape it of its natural mineral resources, used in their energy production and for control over their own nation, enslaving the local species to do their bidding before leaving for their next target. The DNA of evolving humans had been altered to make them slaves to the Annunaki and had influenced the evolution of man. After exhausting their mining options and after man started to evolve to an educated species due to the accidental cross breeding by Annunaki scientist, they left earth to its own devices, leaving man with a mind to dominate. This is why the Explorer has been watching earth for so long. It was time to fix things.

“Next”, the attendant shouted without showing any emotion at all. “NEXT”, he raised his voice and looked at Zephour. Zephour snapped out of his day dreaming and took a step forward. “Insert your finger” the attendant asked. Each communicator was issued with a ring when they first joined the academy. This would stay with them from then onwards. The ring was a simple ring made from pure gold, and it carried the communicators’ life on it. Every single course he attended or physical training session was recorded on this ring. It was a simple system using what was now a very dated nano technology, but it worked so there was no need to upgrade it. You would insert your finger into the small hole in the wall and you would immediately be identified.

Click here for the next installment - Zephour leaves the dark star and heads for Earth!

What will he find when he gets there?

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The Ski

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The Ski (author) from South Africa, Cape Town on June 05, 2011:

Thanks for the comment tnvrstar, it is most appreciated. I'm glad you enjoyed the first part. I hope the rest of the story will keep you intrigued.


The Ski

tnvrstar from doha, qatar on June 03, 2011:

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Great Hub, well written

The Ski (author) from South Africa, Cape Town on March 06, 2011:

Thanks so much for the comment Sun. I appreciate it.

I'm glad my story intrigues you. I will certainly be going on.

Take care.

The Ski

Sun Pen 50 from Srilanka on March 04, 2011:

I cannot read Sci-fi and the thrillers in installments. But I feel like reading your s. So am joining the club.

Good luck.. keep on going till the end.

The Ski (author) from South Africa, Cape Town on January 18, 2011:

Thanks Garthfield.

Look out for part 2. Zephour travels to Earth.


The Ski

Garthfield on January 18, 2011:

A refreshingly different take on the universe.

Very Intriguing and well written....

I know I'll be waiting with baited breath for the follow up!

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