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The Relatable Sound of Heart


"The Relatable sound of heart"

It is something about the heart, which has to be kept in the heart,
No matter how close someone is afraid to say it,
Silence is often won only when
When the power to remain silent resides in that person.

Those things cannot be forgotten,
Those habits cannot be broken,
Even if you want to break it,
So his pains are not tolerated.

How all this happened, why all this happened,
When we rated a person that much,
Did not have to speak, some things might have been spoken as well,
Did not know how those days went.

Not everyone changes often,
Might want to change,
Break from inside,
Just don't want to tell anyone.

Shroud your face
Today I am adding something,
Two tears definitely come from the eyes,
Which is becoming a bit far from anyone.


Pavan Kusumbe (author) from Shegaon on January 17, 2021:

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Thankyou bro

Sonu Thakare on January 17, 2021:

Such a amazing words

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