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The Red Red Light That Come Through The Trees: A Creepy Vacation Gone Wrong Worth Reading

The Red Red Light That Comes Through the Trees by Joe Hart

So I began reading an anthology of short stories by Joe Hart called Something Came Through. And what I typically do with short stories is I tend to read them off and between reading novels. But after reading the first story in this collection, I had to keep reading because the first was a so good. So here is my review of the second story in the collection. It’s called The Red Red Light That Comes through the Trees and this is my review.

What is it about? It follows a father and his family on a vacation at their lake house. None of these characters have names, and only titles, so I will call him Hubby for the rest of this review. The story begins with Hubby making love to his wife under the stars by the lake one night. And this night, a meteor crash lands in the trees on the other side of the lake, illuminating everything in a strange red light momentarily. Despite the strange eerie event, they blow it off and continue about their night. As the rest of the vacation continues, something seems wrong to Hubby. He’s hearing strange things at night, having odd dreams, and something seems wrong about the nature around him. But he can’t quite put his finger on what is wrong. But he has this ever growing uncomfortable feeling until the truth reveals itself.

Now it’s time for the good and bad. Let’s start with the good. This is a spooky little horror tale. And this is hard core horror. The climax is very bloody, gory and shocking. It’s a very creepy ending. And it leaves the reader with this sense of uncertainty, that sometimes good horror can do.

The bad? The characters have no names. They are just placeholders for the story to move forward. The cast is composed of Husband, Wife, Son, and Daughter and that is all that is known about them. This is also short and ends abruptly. Though I do think the ambiguous ending adds to the eerie nature of the story, to see it end so quickly after such a shocking twist seemed to abrupt. I wanted to know more about what was happening. Is his family going to be okay? What is happening out there in the woods? I just felt that there should be more.

Overall, this is a very creepy horror story. It does what good horror does, and establishes an unsettling sense of unease for the reader, but in the good way. It may be a little short and the cast leaves more to be desired, but it’s a really great horror tale that is worth your time despite all the imperfections.

4 smoothies out of Five

Overall Rating: A Creepy Vacation Gone Wrong Worth Reading

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