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The Queen's Army: The Origin Story for The Lunar Chronicle’s Wolf

The Queen’s Army by Marissa Meyer

Recently, I have been reading The Lunar Chronicles and I’m two books in. But as I finished the second book, I saw that the author decided to include a short story that was related to the Lunar Chronicles storyline. I contemplated not reviewing this because it could be considered a bonus chapter for the second book. But then I learned that the short story has been included in other collections and was published as a standalone at one point. So I thought, “Okay. I can totally review this as its own thing now.” Here is my review of The Lunar Chronicles short story The Queen’s Army by Marissa Meyer.

So what is it about? Well first off, the Lunar Chronicles is a scifi tale set in the far future where after four World Wars, the Earth lives in peace. But there are a bunch of people who live in a kingdom on the moon who do not want to along with Earth. And there is a Moon Queen who wants to be worshipped by everyone and rule everything. This story follows a young Lunar boy who is chosen to be in Queen’s army. In it, he is experimented on, bioengineered and changed into a wolf like life super soldier. Living like an animal in service of the Queen, he fears that he will be chosen to be turned into a more beastly monster in another rank. But in the end, he somehow finds a way to hang onto a little bit of humanity.

So what is the good and bad? Let’s start with the good. If you read the Lunar Chronicles, and want to know of the origins of Wolf, an ex-soldier of the Queen's army, then this is a great read for fans. If you just want to read a scifi tale in general, this has enough for the reader. To see how a young boy who loves his Queen, is engineered and demoted to a subhuman status for that love is an interesting idea. And it is amazing to see Wolf, or here he has a real name Z’eve, cling to some sort of humanity despite the odds is a good arc.

The bad? I’m only two books into this series, and part of me has been waiting to see the moon. And here, sadly little of it is shown. These solders are raised in a something similar to a concrete bunker. There’s little expansion of the world.

Overall, this is a fine scifi tale. It’s not action packed or amazing. It just a nice little tale. But I will say if you’re a fan of the Lunar Chronicles, you may want to really enjoy this more than none fans. But overall, I think it’s pretty good read that is worth your time.

3 ½ smoothies out of Four

Overall Rating: The Origin Story for The Lunar Chronicle’s Wolf

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