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The Problem With Medium

Before retiring, Jack worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.



The problem that exist on Medium is a reflection of our society today in 2021 America. It seems there are two levels of justice. The double standard is glaring and unmistakable. It used to be a tacit admission of media bias in this country, but in recent years it is celebrated and accepted as the norm.

- July 2021


America is divided on various political and social issues. On the one side, are the progressives and the other the conservatives. This is fine and dandy except the media world is not on the same page. In fact, it is so lopsided that 90% of the main stream media are aligned with the progressives even though it is only 20-30% of the general public. The same can be said of Academia and of Hollywood celebrities.

This is fundamentally unfair and it has overflowed into other branches such as the legal and justice system. We essentially have two tier of justice in this country. You can loot and protest and fire bomb a major city in the US and be let out of jail without bail and the cases dropped for "lack of evidence" by the DA. On the other hand, if you protest at the Capitol on Jan. 6, and committed some violent acts, you are locked up for 7 months without bail and charged with all kinds of violations - except "insurrection" which is been repeated in the media and the Hall of Congress.

Justice is suppose to be blind and it is suppose to be swift and with due process.

So what is going on here?

Other Glaring Examples...

The COVID 19 virus has created a new divide. This should have been a medical crisis and yet it is being politicized as we speak.

Instead of following the science and real data, we have the CDC and the White House and even the Speaker of the House dictating policy with regard to Vax and wearing face-masks.

We also have some inconsistencies in how our government seem to operate. Right now, we have hundreds of thousand undocumented immigrants trying to cross our borders. Our current government welcomes this with open arms. They are not concerned about the spread of the COVID virus. They are not wearing face masks and they are not vaccinated. Yet, this same government wants our citizens to get Vax and still wants them to wear face masks and keep our children out of school???

Problem with Medium

Having been a member on Medium these past 8 months, I have learned quite a bit about how they work.

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Medium is a platform for the elites. If you are one of those, you get to say whatever you want and be glorified and promoted for it. If you are not an elite then you better follow the rules to a T. Any violations will get you suspended and banned.

There is no avenue of appeal. Their decision is final. Seems like a dictatorship to me.

Case in point, there is one Medium writer who has thousands of followers. He is a prolific writer who publishes long articles of 9 minutes each and sometimes more than one a day. His theme is the same, anti-America, anti-Capitalism and anti-freedom and anti-individualism. He is of course a caring socialist and a Marxist. A most popular view among the elites. His every word is celebrated and promoted even though he repeats the same message like a broken record. America is bad, a failed State...destroying the is too late for humanity...we are doomed.

He can spew all kinds of hate messages and not be scrutinized. How come?

At minimum, he violates the simple and most basic policy of posting original content. His articles are the same message with a few words and phrases changed around. In fact, he writes the same idea and claim it to be original-a clear violation of Medium Term of Use policy.


Medium is a reflection of the current state of politics and the media in America. It is biased to the core. The double standards are glaring. Anyone with a grade school education can see it.

Medium contains many good articles by good writers with new and novel information and interesting perspective and personal experiences. Unfortunately, it is also a left of center publication.

I have no problem with that being a strong advocate of the First Amendment and Freedom of Speech. I do have a problem with censorship that is one sided.

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    An article published on Medium. It was deemed hate speech and banned.
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    Medium is an open platform where readers find dynamic thinking, and where expert and undiscovered voices can share their writing on any topic.

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