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The Problem Is - A Poem

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Poem - The Problem Is

Poem - The Problem Is

Poem - The Problem Is

The Problem Is – A Poem

The Problem Is – A Poem

The problem is that

she tried to get him

to go back home

but he does not want

to go back home.

He left of his own volition.

He left of his own accord.

He said that it was

partially because he wanted to

be alone

and have peace in his life

and never any discord.

He made the deal with

him and himself.

She never had any say.

Yes, their relationship was

sometimes contentious.

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But she never thought

that they argued for



Just when

important things

needed discussing.

She does not

understand why

it would lead to

so much fussing.


by leaving

he is practicing

his own free will

even though

it is making her

feel very ill.

She sits at the

window sill

and looks out

and cries her eyes out.

How could he just leave her

like that

after a petty lovers’ spat?

Why can’t love just triumph

over all?

Why do other issues

have to lead to a downfall?

The problem is that she tried

to beg and plead with him.

He did not feel beckoned

by her call.

He was ready to

just ignore it all.

She let him know

that this situation

is destroying her

so maybe she will

feel better if she

just agrees

with what he is doing.

He became angry

and said that he

does not need her

to agree to it,

so who is he fooling?

He wants her to

feel punished.

He wants her to

feel left behind.

That way of thinking

is just too

cruel and asinine.


please do not insinuate

that the problem might be

that he did not love her.

That would only insult her.

She knows that he loved her.

She knows.

She will be offended

if you suggest otherwise.

She has seen the look

of love in his eyes

on numerous occasions.

No exaggerations.

Perhaps the problem is

that he does not love

her any longer.

He fell out of love, maybe.

Now, she has wanted to try to get

him to fall back in, lately.

But it has been draining

for her.

It has been exhausting

for her.

It is feeling like a race

that she has been

trying to win.

That is a

real problem.

She needs to back off

and just live.

She has given

all that she could give

in trying to work

things out.

She has not been

successful in removing

the pout

from his face.

He might be trying

to erase

the memory of her

but she knows

that she will

remember him


He will have

difficulty forgetting her too.

She knows.

© 2018 Nyesha Pagnou MPH

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