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The Princess-a Short Story

The Princess

It was noon. The forest was dense and desolate. No animals were visible due to the heat, only the sounds of birds could be heard. The desolation of the forest was making the forest even more terrible.
The whole army of ants was moving in one direction without any sound under the leaves on the forest ground. The army stopped in front of a mound of mud . The army surrounded the mound. It was a mound made of termites. The caretaker termites informed the entire colony that they had been attacked. In the heart of the colony as the Hour broke. The army launched an attack on the orders of its commander.The ants crawled on the termite colony like death. The army of termites started resisting but the army of ants tore them to pieces. After entering the colony, the army of the ants cleared everything that came in their way then the ants attacked the termite queen and after a little damage, the termite queen was killed. The commander of the ants declared victory and the battle ended. The ants, singing songs of joy and victory, picked up pieces of termites and left for their fort. Seeing so much food, the colony flourished. All the ants in the colony began to sing songs of joy and save food. The small mound visible from the outside was a stronghold of ants, which were beautifully built by the ants into the earth.
On the other side of the forest, a Female Cobra was sitting in its burrow, waiting for night to fall. There was nowhere else in the forest such a silent killer. Very quietly passing her way, she found the prey. A rat went out to look for food and fell prey. After filling her stomach, she kept moving around for a while and then started walking towards her burrow . She was about to lay eggs. She was happy that she was going to be a mother.She was singing while She prepared her burrow to lay eggs. She laid 24 eggs at a time. The mother protected the eggs until eighty day.
The ants were busy cleaning their house and collecting food. They did not feel tired in shaking hands, nor were they ashamed to do their part. From the protection of the queen's eggs to the attacking red ants as they are born, they knew what to do. They didn't care about lightning or thunder.
Cobra mother was happy that her eggs would hatch by morning. It rained heavily that night. The lightning in the dark night looked terrible. The rain weakened the snake's burrow . Lightning struck a nearby tree and burned it. When the trunk was weak, it came down on the snake's burrow and a sharp branch came out of the snake's burrow into the snake's head and the serpent's work was finished.
The next morning, when the baby hatched from the snake's eggs, the first thing they saw was an addictive bile in their mother's blood. They stayed near their mother's body for some time and then started coming out of the burrow but irony was waiting them outside. The birds of prey snatched the children out. Some quickly tried to get lost in the forest, but their hunters picked up someone from a small tree branch and someone from the surface of the water. One of the baby snakes, which was much weaker and frightened than the others, escaped from an owl and got into the trunk of a fallen tree. The only surviving baby snake cried and hid in the trunk for several days. She lived by eating insects in the trunk.
A short distance from the ant's fort, bees began to build a hive on the tree. The guards of the ant's fort were watching the bees and the soldiers were always ready to protect the fort. In a few days, the bees made the hive big enough.
The snake's surviving child would dream of a corpse soaked in her mother's blood and terrified of the horrible sounds of owl she had heard on the first day of her life. She cried a lot remembering them. Frightened, this baby snake was growing up with time. Now she would go out at night and hunt.
The bees collected sap from each flower to make honey and the guard bees were always ready to protect the queen and the hive. One day a wild bull came out and started crawling on the trunks of trees to get relief from the itch of his body. Unfortunately, part of his back hit the honeycomb. Now it was as if the guard bees were angry. They attacked the bull and stabbed the bull so hard that the bull ran into the forest in agony, but the guard flies did not leave him until the bull died. The watchman and commander of the ant colony saw this and quietly resumed their work.
The hollow trunk in which the Cobra was living was now too small for her. One fine morning she got out of the trunk and started looking for a new home. After spending a long time in fear, she had become very ruthless and poisonous.
Nice weather and youth compelled her to sing. As she approached the water, she saw her reflection and saw that she was also very beautiful.This added more joy to her song. As the song ended, the young cobra gaze fell on the hollow trunk of a large tree and she climbed the tree to examine it. There was an owl's nest in the stem. The mother in the trunk fought to save her young children but lost and became a bite with her children. She (cobra) decided to stay in this place permanently and sat down calmly.
One day, honey flowed from the hive to the ground. It was too late for the ants to know. A large number of ants came out of the fort and started collecting honey. While licking the honey, they reached the hive. The bees tried to chase them away but the ants were coming like a flood to cut the hive from all sides. There was war everywhere. A large number of ants were killed but their spirits were not low. After a long day of fighting, the queen of bees was killed and the rest of the bees flew away. Now there was no shortage of food for the colony.After a few days of hard work, the ants took all the honey and dead bees from the hive to the colony.
Coincidentally, a male cobra passed by in this part of the forest. He was probably looking for a female so that he could breed with it. Seeing the beauty of her, he was heartbroken at first sight. She was also in love with him. She forgot her pride and anger. They stayed together for many days and lost in love and sang songs of joy.The male cobra named her Princess. One night she had the same nightmare that had haunted her since childhood. In a fit of rage, the mad serpent (she) opened her eyes and at the same time began to bite the sleeping serpent, She stabbed him in the neck and then swallowed him whole.
The princess had become so powerful and poisonous that she no longer had to worry about day or night. She would go out and hunt whenever she wanted. As soon as she saw the owl's nest, she would go there in a rage and swallow her babies, eggs or whatever she could find in the nest. She had a special hatred for these birds.
All the birds complained the king and said that if the king did nothing, they would be forced to move to another part of the forest. The lion promised to solve the problem. That evening the king sent an animal to the princess to tell her to obey the laws of the jungle and to hunt as needed.
When the messenger approached the princess with the lion's message, he saw that the princess was enjoying the weather on the forest land outside her burrow. The messenger distanced himself from her and conveyed the king's message. The princess bit the messenger with lightning speed and said "convey my answer to the king of the birds and insisted that he should not die before delivering the message." The messenger somehow reached the king in the drowsiness of death and died before he could tell about the princess. The king understood and in anger went out.
princess understood the lion's style but got up with great satisfaction and asked "How did you get here?". The lion ordered her to leave the forest. The princess said calmly, "O King! peace be upon you. If anyone objects to my staying here, let him go." The lion roared, "You have so much courage to deny me." The princess stood up and spread his hood and said, "I advise you to leave quietly. I will not mention to anyone that I have denied the king." Now the lion was really angry. The lion roared in anger and was about to attack when the princess threw her venom at him with her breath before his roar was over. Some went straight into the lion's throat and some fell into his eyes. At first, trying to open his eyes, he hit a rock and fell. He felt that his blood circulation was decreasing and after a while the lion was lying dead on the ground. The princess passed by the dead lion waving proudly.
The news spread like wildfire throughout the forest. Now, even if the she came in the way of the elephants, the elephants would quietly change their path.
This added to her arrogance and cruelty. She realized that there was no one like her in the whole forest.Intoxicated by this pride and power, she began to sing. The animals were trembling at the sound of her. She had come a long way from her burrow. Now it was evening.
Suddenly it started raining in the forest. All the animals came under the trees to hide their heads or in their homes. The princess began to look for a place according to her glory. A short distance away she saw a fort of ants. She thought it was a good place to go.
As soon as the princess entered, all the ants in the fort, including the red ants, began to attack her. The princess hissed which drove some ants away but the other ants did not care. The ants were biting her on all sides. The princess hiss in pain became even more frightening. The princess thought that the ants were afraid of her venom and hiss. The princess could eat some ants with her tongue, but her condition had deteriorated so much that by now the ants had reached her's head.
The ants were biting the princess badly. Screaming in pain, the princess came out of the fort and began to kill the ants by rubbing her body against the ground. The number of ants was much higher than she thought. The commander's companions penetrated her eyes. Now the princess began to hit her head on the ground to avoid trouble. The martyrdom of the comrades and the rain water are no longer important to the ants, they just wanted to punish the snake that attacked their fort. She fell to the ground and was tormented by the severity of death. From tears to hers venom, ants sucked every thing.Her story was over.
The work of the ants was not over yet. The ants entered her mouth and bit her intestines. From head to tail was such a big cobra, she was under the ants. By morning, the whole snake had become food for the ants.
As the sun rose, a group of ants set out in search of more food and one began to repaire fort. The commander lost one of his legs in the fight. The commander approached the watchman of the colony and, seeing his comrades at work, spoke, "This is our job for which we were born."

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