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The Pendulum: A Scifi Masterpiece in a Tale of Suffering and Tragedy

The Pendulum by Ray Bradbury

So I have been listening to Dust lately. It’s a podcast on I Heart Radio, where they perform audio dramas of scifi short stories. The first story was pretty amazing, so I decided to listen on. The second was an audio drama version of Ray Bradbury’s The Pendulum. And here is my review.

The story follows Layeville, a scientist who invited the greatest minds in the world to see his time machine, that has a distinctly giant swinging pendulum. It malfunctions and kills the scientists. Layeville is tried in court and a terrible fate is decided for him. The machine is to be rebuilt, and he is to live for entirety inside a capsule on the swinging pendulum. It is a miserable existence inside this tube as he sees years pass by before his eyes. And this story chronicles his punishment.

The good? This is a story with a lot of punch. It is a very tragic and you feel his pain with every word that goes by. The detail is great. And how it ends is very macabre, but is fitting considering the tone.

The bad? This is a very depressing tale. Even though its a good story, it is about a man’s suffering and his loss of sanity ultimately and not everyone is in the mood for that.

Overall, this is a masterpiece. But it is a masterpiece in the telling of one man’s suffering and tragedy. Though it is great. It’s gonna be a rough read for a lot of people and is definitely not for everyone. I’m giving it five stars and believe it’s a must read for those who enjoy more tragic works.

Overall Rating: A Scifi Masterpiece in a Tale of Suffering and Tragedy

4 1/2 smoothies out of Five

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