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What You Need to Know About Making Money Online

Emmanuel Nuga is a writer, a student of Literature in English, an online marketer and researcher.


In wilful regards to transparency. I put into perspective, a fair regard to integrity and a self-driven policy that embraces quality and advocacy in writing this article.

What I will be discussing in this article is a very sensitive topic. This is actually because a lot don't know how to explore the opportunity in making money online business; as a result, they aren't benefiting anything.

The Tech Breakthrough

Following the immense breakthrough and development in technology over the decades, are the variety of opportunities visible and available for humans advancement. Luckily, a lot of users generate their income from this online business, infact to some it has become their major source of income. Hubpages is also one of those online making money platforms suitable for good writers. Although, it is good for side hustling. A good platform for writers who want to monetize their writing skills. You just can't imagine the unparalleled wealth the online business is actually generating for people all over the globe. It is extremely awesome.

Is Everyone Making Money From It?

Unfortunately, the situation doesn't seem to favour some categories of people, who also are trying their very best to have their own share of cake from this same platform, which had led to many becoming online dabblers who dabbled from one online money making video tutorial to another, yet not meeting the target. simply due to one of these reasons: inadequate information, lack of direction, not knowing how to explore the opportunity, the exploitative tricks of some online business gurus or an obsessive mindset to make the money as quick as possible. By virtue of this, so many are being distracted from their dreams, purpose, necessities and even diverted from their true course.

Big Lies And Half Truth Mechanism

While another category are those who claim the platform is their only source of making money, whereas, they have other sources where they generate income but will never tell you this. They use these persuasive words with the motive of manipulating their viewers and have them hit their bells to further promote themselves. Of course, what do you expect? Do you think they will open the whole chapters to you? In case you don't know "There is a difference between what they teach and what they do behind the scenes'' as it was reportedly said by one of the online money making experts. Who disclosed some of the hidden tricks these get-rich-quick wizards use. They flaunt their lifestyle and promise you the world but yet failed to deliver any value.


Everybody In The Rush

It is true that there are vast numbers of opportunities online. And everyone is diving in to cash the flow, the traffic notwithstanding is getting bigger everyday. Among one of those platforms where people mostly promote "how to make money online" is the YouTube channel; a major showmanship account that is free and available to anyone who wants to gain relevance online.

In this account, they are certain group of people who comes from behind the scene with tricky idealised subjects on "how to make money online". They pop-up words like "easiest way to make money", "make money from the start in blogging", "make money without stress" and bla bla bla, these and many other words that are disillusioning.

The fact still remains that a vast majority of them aim at the Google grades for earning not really because they've got something to offer. Some neither have a genuine idea of what they are doing or saying. This is one category of people who claims to know the strategy of making money online.

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Is Making Money Online Easy?

To be quite honest, making money online is not as easy as assumed, if you are not equipped with the right information, you have no specific niche or goal you want to pursue, you are oblivious of the fact that some might warrant you slot in your credit card before you can have your cake; which is not hundred percent guaranteed and mostly when you are bent on making cool cash. except you want to dive into minor objectives, like taking surveys etc.

Refusal to put all these criterias into consideration, might get you dabbling from one online money making video to another but not getting your desire in the end. Why? The reason being that the online business is not actually an Enterprise where you get hundred percent truth, as the scene now accommodates deceivers who are opportunity seekers like you, bent on making money online by all means who will not only tell you lies but will also refrain from feeding you with complete truth. All in a bid to have you glue to their back and subscribe to their channel and as at when due get paid by Google.


Beware Of Extortioner

These digital snake oil peddlers are masters at deception. They'll use every trick in the book to take your money. Like I said, they need to hit Google's algorithm to make money. But when it comes to actually helping you, that's when they screw you over. And put you right back where you started, stuck, lost and even more confused. Little do you know that some only deploy the platform purposely to augment their income, because they need to make more money? but unfortunately, for you the viewers, you will be deflecting when you are deprived of the right information or you don't know what exactly you want to do.

I remember coming in contact with one, who claimed he was dedicated to helping people to make money online. So I decided to get in touch with him on the phone.

To cut a long story short, He told me, my starting will cost me one thousand dollars. One thousand dollars? For a beginner who has gotten no clear instinct of what the whole buying and selling online is all about? Without any tutoring! I supposed that wasn't a good start. So I turned it down.

You Want To Make Money Online?

However, beyond every reasonable doubt, there are genuine ones among them. Finding them is not difficult, but first you need to spot your objective so that things don't go on the contrary. In order to avoid falling into their tricks, even in such a situation when you have no clue what happened behind the scene.

Get Your Bearing Right

My major advice to those who want to make money online is this: get your bearing right i.e be sure of what and where you want to make money from. Do you want to engage in trading or looking for an online job, be sure of your niche. Like I said, the problem of the majority of people trudging online is lacking a prefigured idea of what they actually want to do which mostly leads to the inability of exploring those opportunities, and you can't explore any of them when you are not sure of what you want to do. Otherwise, you fall victims of those promising heaven and earth. whose ambition is to have you elevate their status and algorithms.

Take for instance, if you have the passion for writing. Hubpages is a good place where you can express your passion. Or you have a product to market? There are of course, online stores where you can manage those things and moreover you have marketers on this path to put you through.

Avoid Coated Sugar Tongues

Don't go close to those who emphasised so much on the verbal word "it is super easy without a proof" or people whose background appears ambiguous. Don't get carried away by their deceptive words, because whatever makes it easy, will not make you exercise enough patience; but rather put you in the get rich quick scheme which can hardly be realised.

Search For The Right Mentor

You can derive ideas from different honest online marketers. Which I think is a good idea, considering the fact that one person could have a vast knowledge than the other. But make sure you have a clear view of what the webinar is capable of and if possible to relate with.

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