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The Ones in Which You Should Dread, as Apposed To...

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Why must things be this way? I just want her right here. Always.

Let yourself go into the wind


Understand what you are doing while doing those things...

After some lengthy amount of resistance, I have been dragged back into the dark. It happens from time to time, I am sure that someone out there is able to empathize. You understand what I am talking about? That gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach and tightness in the eyes, unless I am the only one. I feel a different vibe around negative personalities, which in return creates a more damnable environment. I can only tolerate that low of a frequency in small doses. There is one word that I have heard from many mouths before, "Brainwash," Which simply means to convert someone. So to refer back to the beginning of this paragraph, I have been feeling many things related to being brainwashed or the feelings I felt when I was with my ex. Those are the signs of trying to be emotionally and mentally manipulated.

It is perplexing how many people have absolutely no resistance whatsoever. These certain people have not even learned to put up a defense, instead just allow anyone to take advantage. I say it in such a manner because for me it appears as common sense, but it is not for some and those should really learn how to cut the ties binding them to harmful baggage. Or not if they are happy in their current reality. I have been a witness to a lot of unusual behavior, and at times felt forced to ride shotgun for a reckless driver, nonetheless not one of those people appeared to be in a cheerful state of mind at all, actually they were the exact opposite. From those experiences I have taken notes on some character straights that I can learn from, I have discovered recently that some I currently work alongside fill their time in such a manner it causes friction in my mind. I see how some choose to spend the time and what they do with it, but others are completely lost. Some, or should I say very many, have yet to truly understand what it means to make a decision. It doesn't make much sense for you to feel anguish towards the messenger, that all other people really are. Delivering messages from their brain to spoken voice, some express that better than others. So if you are looking for someone else to make a decision for you then expect the outcome to be unknown to you. For the ones who have a bit of an Alpha presence in life it is hard to give up control a lot of the times. But once you let it go it is almost like why were you ever scared to begin with, ya know? I like making decisions because then I know what is going on and what will happen. Plus, I will have time beforehand to visualize all scenarios, as apposed to someone else making the decision because the end result could be something you never even imagined before.

All in all, do not believe something just because someone said it to you. It might be a good idea to back up what they say with some actual proof. Google seems to be a pretty easy thing to access these days. So the title of this article is, "The ones in which you should dread, as apposed to..." I wonder what I was thinking when I came up with that title, a lot of time has pasted since I made that decision, yet I am sticking with it. I knew at the time that was going to be the title so I just had to keep steering my brain in the right direction. But as apposed to what? I left it blank because it could be different for each person, you fill in the blank and use what fits for you.

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