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A Mysterious Woman ( Short story )


The Author is a creative writer and has penned down smattering poems and fictional stories .


After closing down his grocery shop in Huddersfield town .. a young boy of around 21 years of age, Hendrix, was returning to his apartment on a cold and windy night. On his way he saw a middle aged woman getting robbed by three street thugs in a dark lane. He went there to try to help and got threatened by them. He then pulled one of thugs who was grabbing the woman but the other two pounced on him. In that moment however , the woman got freed from the clutches of the thugs with Hendrix yelling at her to get out of there .

The thugs got frustrated with her getting away and took their fury out on poor Hendrix. He tried valiantly to fight back but the numbers were too much for him to overcome and was mercilessly beaten by them.

Suddenly, there was a sound of heels near the lane, and those goons sensed someone was coming. In darkness they couldn't see properly that it was a tall woman standing . One of them went near her , still waiting to see her face aptly through the hoodie she wore. He yelled at her and got kicked in the place where no man should be kicked. The other two were taken aback , looked at each other in disbelief and startled. The woman made her way forward , took off the hoodie and they got terrified seeing her face for some reason. They fell down in shock and ran away from there as she watches them go.


She looked down on a badly injured Hendrix still lying motionless with blood coming out of his nose and eyes being all swollen. A sense of pity emerged from the lady's eyes after which she bends down , picked his still body up in her arms and carried him away with her.

About a month later, the same three scoundrels were trying to rob a young teenage couple this time in a lane next to a pavement . Suddenly a harsh voice came demanding them to leave the couple alone. One of them moved forward and saw it was Hendrix , totally healed from his wounds of his beatdown . He recognised him and uttered with a smirk "Didn't you learnt your lesson last time to not plug your nose in our business". Hendrix took steps forward as the young couple looked at him, he told them to get away from there.

The thugs were annoyed as he got in their way again, and say.. "You aren't going to disturb our work anymore little boy, we are making sure of that tonight" , they march forwards to beat him up again. As one of the thugs cane to hit him , Hendrix grabbed his hand and pulled it behind his back with such force that noise of cracking bones can be heard. The other two got bewildered and ran towards him only for one to get punched straight in the nose and the other to get smashed with a vicious kick. He then grabbed the man lying in front of him and bit him in the neck. His mouth turned red at this point and had strange sharp pointed teeth in front like a vampire. The guy ,probably a corpse now, failed to respond to any of the screams of his two companions. They begged Hendrix to leave them and apologized for what they did to him but he was having none of it. He laid both of them down in his quest for revenge.

Hendrix looks up to the end of the lane and the mysterious woman who saved his life was standing there. He walked towards her and said "Thank you for bringing me back from the dead and making me one of you which I never thought I would enjoy so much." He proceeds to take off her hoodie and it is revealed she was a vampire with same sharp teeths and blue eyes as Hendrix now.

She looks at him and says , " I have been lonely for hundreds of years and people have only ran away from me, there was something about the innocence of your face that made me save you and bring you back... And I'm glad my decision wasn't wrong. "

They look down on the bodies of their fallen victims , grab each other's hands and walk away to an undisclosed place never to be seen or heard of again.......

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