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The Must Read Books From My Reviews

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I am a book lover and an avid reader since long. I also provide quality reviews to books at the goodreads and kobo apps. I would like to share my best reads from the recent reviews. The soul purpose is to promote the good books for all the book lovers. I am into reading different genres so, I shall share the books of different genres with the readers in the article.


10) The Irrevocable Thoughts by Yumna Ahad

This is a poetry collection from a Pakistani poetess comprised of 58 pages. The poems are simple, deep and intriguing. Ms Yumna has made a debut as a poet with its release. It's enjoying good reviews. I would recommend the poetry lovers to give it a read. The thoughts expressed in these poems will leave you in awe and you will find it interesting to cope with the poetess' mind for sure. I have placed it at number 10 position just because it's brief otherwise the message and emotions it contains are relatable yet mind boggling. The paradoxical imagery she creates in her poems is commendable. I thoroughly enjoyed reading and re-reading it in a single go. A must read for all poets or aspiring poets as well.

9) From Drift to Shift by Jodi B Miller

This book is a non-fiction and self-guide about learning to live the life. It teaches the lessons on how to bring happiness in your personal life and how to succeed in your work. The book comprises of 283 pages and four chapters. Each chapter contains the inspirational short stories for guiding the reader toward optimism and positivity. The book can be found at the amazon bookshelf to be ordered. This book is special to me because I started my journey as a freelance book reviewer 2 years ago with its read at the online book club organization. This book has inspired me to pursue my career in this book reviewing field. Today, I feel pleasure to be a volunteer reviewer at the above mentioned book club with the 5 book reviews. Some books have that X factor that can motivate you toward a certain goal in life. This book proved to be my motivation in pursuing writing seriously at many different platforms today. So, if you are into motivational reads this is your book to grab for a great read this weekend.

8) The Second Less Capable Head and The Other Rogue Stories by James Hanna

Are you into reading the bizarre literature? Then, this is your book to read. Its funny, vague and intrigued fiction with a dark humour. The stories are interesting and different. The titled story is really funny and grabs the reader's interest right in the beginning. The book comprises of 18 other rogue stories about relationships, friends, stalking, science, betrayal and ordinary people from different walks of life. The author has been a probation officer in domestic violence and stalking unit for a long time. This has inspired him to write this book. It's a fun quirky read for all the bizarre fiction fans. It enjoys good reviews at amazon by the customers. Grab your copy today to get into the amusing satirical roller coaster ride by James Hanna.

7) The Chauvinist’s Guide To A Modern Romance by Morris Rollins

It is another satirical good read if you enjoy satire and humour in genres. The book is just a 64 page read with the picture descriptions in it. I don't recommend it for the readers not 18+ but the mature readers may enjoy it. The book debates on the million-dollar question upon the gender war i- e what does a woman want? Mr Morris gave some useful dating tips to the men. He has categorised the dating men into some interesting categories for the women to easily detect them while dating. The book may contain some adult discretion so, only read the book if you are into humour and adult reads. It is also available at amazon with the good 4.2 stars review despite the sensitivity of the genre and the topic. Even if you are not into reading humour just try this short book and you are going to have a good laugh at the end.

6) The Dark Web Murders by Brian O Hare

This is a murder suspense mystery novel based on the dilemma of dark Web. If you love to read thriller and crime fiction you will enjoy this book. The plot is really twisty and complex with lots of characters. The writer has provided the note about the characters that makes it easy to comprehend. It’s a story about the series of murders by a serial killer. He is a member of the dark web. Mr Morris has provided a good first-hand knowledge of the dark web in this book for the first time readers’ ease as well. The reader is engaged in this mystery right from its start till the end. This is a recommended book for all mystery fiction fans. Those who don't read crime fiction are not advised to read it as they may find it dry and uninteresting. The book is available on amazon with the great reviews from the readers worldwide. So, don't wait just grab this nail biter mystery full of unexpected twists to boggle your mind.


5) Stages of Love by Bhoomika Dekate

Something for the poetry lovers! This book is recommended for the teenagers who have recently explored their stages of love in life. It’s a poetic collection from Ms Bhoomika's diary as a young girl. She shares her feelings with the lovers at her different life stages in this short poetic collection. I have enjoyed reading and reviewing the book as it has taken me back to my teenage days. So all those into reading good simple poetry about a day to day life this one is your read for those cosy winter evenings, when you want to dwell into your high school love life. I have kept it at number 6 because its a teeny romantic poetry everybody wants to read no matter you like it or not.

4) A Loaf of Bread by Rana Bitar

This is also a collection of poems from the refugee poetess named Rana Bitar. It is an emotional poetry book. Ms Bitar has revealed some of her personal bitter experiences in this book as a refugee. This makes you cry at times when she shared the death scene of her own blood relation. The book deals beautifully with the real-life problems of the refugees and their sufferings in these 10 poems. The poetess has created some real masterpieces in this collection. This book is available on amazon with 5 stars reviews from its readers worldwide. If you are into reading a great meaningful thought-provoking poetry then do buy this book. I am sure you will read it again and again.

3) The Reel Sisters by Michelle Cummings

Have you been into Fly fishing? No! And do not even know about what fly fishing really is! Then you must read this book. It is simple, interesting and full of life lessons from a fly fisher's perspective. Ms Cummings has done a remarkable job in this book by relating ordinary five females’ life with this sport of fly fishing. I have got this book for a voluntary review just a month ago with no interest in the fly fishing. But after reading it, this book has landed at the number 3 spot on my book shelf. It tells the story of five female friends and how their life has gone through the twists and turns but fly fishing held them in a tight sisterhood bond for the rest of their life. If you are into reading female protagonist fiction then you must surely read this book this fall. It reminds you of your own friends who became your family. It reminds of the strong female bonding that even death can't part them. The book is available on amazon with 5 stars reviews from the readers worldwide.


2) The Life Saver by Greeshma Manohar

This book is a self-help guide from a real-life depression survivor. I have provided an ARC review to this book at good reads app. To be honest, I have never been into reading books on depression and its' victims. This book has proved my notion of a sad tell-tale heart by the victim completely wrong at the end. Ms Greeshma does not dwell in telling about her sad tale of depression but instead professionally talks about the techniques to overcome it. She has done a thorough research upon this dilemma of depression and has presented a practical solution in this guide for the readers. The book takes you to explore and overcome your depression. It suggests some healthy habits to develop via exercises in each chapter to control and eliminate depression. It is highly recommended book for everybody to read with some great quotes and inspirational ideas. The book enjoys great reviews at good reads app by the readers. If you like to read inspirational and motivational stuff then this is your book to read!

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1) The 4 Foundations of Love by Mor M Cohen

This is a great book upon the building and maintaining strong relationships from a real life NLP expert in this field. I have got the privilege of reviewing this book at goodreads app. To be honest, this has been the best of all the reads for me so far I have reviewed. The book contains the NLP modelled four foundations of love required in all the relationships to succeed. Ms Cohen takes the real-life cases from her expertise and has beautifully categorised them in her book. She talks about gestures, tone, body language to be as important in building and winning a relationship as our heart and souls. The book is a nonfiction comprised of 237 pages with sub division of four main chapters of the foundations of love. If you always worry about not having a good relationship in life you must surely read this book to get a lifetime advice from an expert in the field of relationship counselling. This book does not bore at all. It talks about some interesting categories such as the “player", “gesture”, “nomads”, “nagging”, “stubborn” & “equal.” Such kind of lovers we all come across in our life but fail to spot because of the lack of our knowledge. This book is available on amazon with well-deserved 5-star reviews from the readers worldwide. Whether you are into reading stuff upon relationships or not you must give this one a read to get a lifetime advice upon how to win and reshape your relationships to make them last forever!

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This list can still go on but I decided to include the top 10 best of my reads at present. I would highly recommend all the book lovers to read these books. I am sure they are never going to be bored after reading them. I have picked the multiple genres to provide a variety of options to the readers to pick their read. Looking forward to know which one will you decide to read this weekend! Enjoy your reads!

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Tajwer Shakir (author) on October 18, 2020:

Yup! MJ both are good and greeshma's too good you should definitely read it! Yumna's poetry collection is really good as well!

MJ on October 18, 2020:

Would love to read The Irrevocable Thoughts by Yumna Ahad and The Life Saver by Greeshma Manohar

Tajwer Shakir (author) on October 07, 2020:

Thanks alot Neta! You have made my day!

Neta on October 07, 2020:

Such a great list!

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