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The Morning after I Woke Up

Inspired by Meggie Moyer

The Morning After I woke Up

The morning after I woke up my heart bounced, I tore of my comfy dressing gown and put on my black gothic dress. Finally I had a reason to wear it. I opened up my curtains and waved at my neighbour who was looking up at my window. But for once ... I didn't care.

The morning after I woke up, I fell in love. Not with the man at the local shop who looked like Slash from Guns and Roses and was kind to everyone or the man on my Facebook page who only wanted to play pool and banter - because he was waiting for something better or already married. I no longer judged myself for being an absent mother when my children were small - too busy wondering which one I would save in the depths of a tsunami.

I fell in love with damaged people, a woman that ran off a bus and never went outside again. A woman that worried too much what everybody thought. I stepped outside of my own body and held my own hand. I wiped away the trickling blood running down my my forehead and pulled out the knifes from out of my back, forgiving myself for all the mistakes I had ever made.

The morning after I woke up, I sat on a hill looking down at chimneys and roofs of houses. V shaped birds flew by as if drawn by children. I smelt the dewy scent of grass after a recent storm. A breeze whispered in my ears stories of possibilities and hope. The morning after I woke up, I knew at some point that I would have to go back to sleep that night.

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