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The Miserables Novel

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The Miserables novel

The Miserables novel

The Miserables novel

France passed through difficult and sensitive periods during the nineteenth century in all social, economic, and political aspects, represented by internal revolutions, a stifling social and economic crisis, and a turbulent and deteriorating political situation. Victor Hugo, the most important writer in the world and France in particular, is a poet and novelist who has many novels and poetic verses, including this one that we are talking about. The novelist Victor Hugo was a political and social activist and his works spoke about the political and social conditions of his country during that period. His works have been translated in the form of TV series, films, plays, and books in different languages, including this novel that we are talking about, which was written in 1862 and takes place during the period between the years 1815 and 1832, the Cairo social and economic conditions of the French society, through the failed revolution in 1832 and Represented by two important personalities, the first personality of a former prisoner and his suffering in his daily life after his release from prison and the improvement in his condition later and the events that followed, and the second character, represented by a policeman who embodies the force of law and security, but unfortunately, by his nature, he is completely honourable in his heart towards the prisoner

Let us know together what happened to these two characters

The events of this novel take place starting in the year 1815 in the city of Digne, where Jean Valjean just got out of his prison after serving a 19-year sentence for stealing from his sister and her children for baking for 5 years, and also for his numerous attempts to escape from prison for 14 years. He does not find shelter to go to, and even the hoteliers refuse to receive him because he is a former criminal who holds a special yellow passport and sleeps on the sidewalk with his heart bursting out of anguish and heartbreak.

The bishop of the city hosts Jean in his house, but this last one at night steals precious pots from the bishop and flees, but the police arrest Jean and the bishop purifies that he is the one who gave the pots to committees, so the police pardon him and give him some pots and give him some advice, but Jean forgets that advice Quickly.

Jean returns to theft, this time for a boy’s money, and then regrets and returns the money to the boy, but the theft reached the police ears, so Jan hides because he knows that arresting him means that he will stay all his life in prison.

After several years passed, Jan owns a lot of money and a factory in another city and becomes its mayor.

One day, Jean saves a man who had an accident, and the policeman, Javier, who was the prison guard in which Jean was present years ago, notices that the mayor of the city is a jean due to what he knows about him with the exceptional physical strength of Jan and his rescue of the man

Years before this incident, there was a working woman named Fantine who loved a man and gave birth to a child with him called Cosette. When Fantine arrived in the city, whose mayor Jean left the child in the care of an evil man and his wife of bad temper who mistreated the child and exploited her in the most horrific exploitation. Fantine is expelled from a Jan factory and she experiences difficult events and gets sick later. She is arrested on the street by the policeman Javier after a quarrel with someone and the policeman is sentenced to prison and the mayor of the city intervenes and is released. He takes Fantine to the hospital.

After some time had passed, a fruit was stolen from a starving man, and his shape was very similar to a jean, so he was arrested, and during the trial, the policeman, Javier, testified that the man was the jean of the mayor of the city because he had had a buried grudge for a long time and also because people never doubted the veracity of the testimony The cop Javier.

After a struggle with the soul and to save the man, Jan surrendered himself to the court and revealed himself, and he was punished with imprisonment again and escaped again, and Jean remained all his life hidden and caring for the child after the death of her mother.

We see in this novel by Victor Hugo that during it he talked about the suffering of the majority of French society at that time from the deprivation of all aspects of a decent life, represented by extreme poverty, unemployment, and the housing and work crisis on the one hand, and on the other hand the spread of crimes such as theft, quarrels, and fullness Prisons, even with accused victims of the lack of proper enforcement of the law by persons who have no connection with the police.

Therefore, the novel contains many important and useful aspects that must be addressed, and we urge the dear reader to take advantage of them