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The Mind Predestined For Leadership

"Jerry retired Trucker- Author- Ph.D. in Philosophy/ Life Coach from Kingdom Ambassadors Global Univ. & Currently MHC Life University"


Great Minds Are Developed

(Matthew 24:45-47) (45)" Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season?" (46) "Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing." (47) "Verily I say unto you, That he shall make him ruler over all his goods."

Beloved, we begin this message by imagining ourselves as an infant looking into our mother’s eyes observing her smile that is filled with joy as she holds us gently in her arms; as if she is holding a priceless treasure for the first time, and beloved, can you imagine the thoughts going through her mind as she wonders what kind of person her child would grow up to become?

Saints, as we grow older, we step into an innate position of observing and doing what others around us are doing which is a process of what we define as interacting with others, and it is in this growing stage, that we begin to seek role models to imitate and as we mature, we soon replace them with new ones.

Saints, upon completion of graduating from high school, we may tend to further our education with some technical training or choose to pursue a college degree, and as we begin to mature into adults, a deep desire may develop within our heart to start planning for a family.

Beloved, it is in this stage in our life, that some people may develop a desire to explore and learn more about the world that surrounds them and saints, Albert Einstein the famous scientist and professor was one such person.

Dear saints, Albert Einstein was a professor that was gifted to compel others to think for themselves and he himself, was known to have a vast imagination as he introduced his students to the unexplained vastness of life itself.

Beloved, Einstein had a unique mind for mathematics such as geometry including algebra and it is said that in his younger freshman years that he was a troubled student because of his speech impairment when, in actuality, he was a dreamer and explorer.

Saints, Mr. Einstein was known to be able to solve a problem by sleeping on it and he was also known to be able to notice things that others would overlook.

Dear saints, like many other important men in history who made an impact on our culture, Einstein desired a secure world having good morals, peace and harmony among its inhabitants.

Beloved, one interesting thing about this man is discovering that he was fascinated with light and what it would be like to travel upon one of its beams and explore an unknown universe.

Saints, history has proven that Albert Einstein was a great scientist that had the world as his student, including some of us today and did you know that our own government used to fly him around in a plane hoping to discover some of his hidden mysteries.

Beloved, we find other famous men such as Socrates that was known to be a great thinker who taught the well-known Plato who also was known to be a great thinker having the mind of a genius.

dear reader, Plato also wanted a safe world with good morals with peace and harmony.

Saints, did you know that It is said that Plato taught Aristotle who then tutored Alexander the Great?

Dear saints, even today, world leaders and executives of large corporations use the teachings of Plato who taught, "To become productive, one must be open to new ideas including being prepared to upgrade with a changing world and do this while keeping their productive platform that is already working as the role for their success."

Beloved reader, Thomas Jefferson the third President of the United States can credit his quest for knowledge to his studies of Plato, right along with other great minds and we see some of Plato’s teachings unveiled as we read Jefferson’s famous words in the Declaration of Independence which state “We hold all truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Church, Plato was known to be a great thinker who believed and pursued his love of Wisdom and Knowledge including the people’s rights to be free and able to think for themselves.

Saints, Plato was known to be strict against tyranny which leads to dictatorship emphasising in his teachings that he believed that "Good moral character and justice should be exemplified in those holding leadership positions."

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Beloved, Plato believed in providing a good education, strong family values and stability for the populace at large which is the foundational stones required in building a society that shows forth strong moral values and stability.

Saints, the Apostle Paul found himself in this kind of setting when invited to speak at Athens as recorded in the book of (Acts 17:16).

Beloved, in this city, Paul found himself in a city full of idols and beloved, the philosophers of that day loved to hear of new ideas and new ways of thinking.

Saints, among all these great minds, we find the Apostle Paul preaching an unusual sermon that greatly contrasted and challenged their belief in their new age thinking.

Beloved, like Plato and some of the thinkers mentioned above which believed that their goal in life was to escape the limitations of physical life and beloved, the city of Athens was a well-known learning center of that day that was famous for producing great minds that were free thinkers.

Saints, as Paul awaited the soon arrival of Timothy and Silas, his companions had left him to be alone with these philosophers and new age thinkers..

Beloved reader, as Paul preached to these great thinkers about the resurrection of Jesus and the way to the unknown God, he was rejected by the majority but he met no physical resistance and was not forced to leave the city.

Saints, the leaders in Athens were known to have no regard or care for whom or what one worshiped, believing that everyone is entitled to believe and do their own thing.

Beloved, as we look at the moral decay of our society today that has lost its vision where anything goes, and may I stop here beloved and ask the question, "does this anything goes society seem familiar in a society with an awakened cancel culture?"

Saints, I am talking about a lazed society with leaders in government that wink at sexual sins and allow the production of such songs as “If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right," be excepted as the norm of the day.

Beloved, if you are disturbed about the moral decay of our society and its leaders, then you are thinking like some of the great genius minds the Apostle Paul encountered in Athens.

Dear saints, Athens was known to be the great learning center of that day that produced such minds as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle who mentored the late Alexander the Great.

Beloved, these men desired a free moral and stable society but they wanted one without a God or creator that they would meet after this life which would require them to give an account of the life they had lived while on his planet.

Beloved reader, these men relied on their achievements including human wisdom sometimes called secular humanism, believing that man is basically good while ignorantly attributing their achievements as their salvation, or in other words, we can be safe in saying that they believe man is his own Savior.

Dear saints, of the living God, I will not name names, but there have been well known TV celebrities who’ve made these exact statements and we all know that the bible states "the wisdom of man is foolishness with God."

Beloved reader, the world is looking for answers, however tragically and ironically, as the world is looking for answers, most of God’s people are asleep in their pews, yes beloved, they are asleep in the religious traditions and lethargy of organized religion placing demanding rules on their people that they themselves are not able to keep.

Dear reader, the bottom line is that although Paul might have preached his heart out at Athens, beloved, there is no record that can be found that a change ever took place in the people!

Key Elements that Define a Good Leader

Beloved, did you know that someone that has a reputation of being a good leader should know the difference in someone having knowledge about something and someone having wisdom which is the understanding of how to apply the knowledge they have learned such as how to use it, when to use it including where to use it?

Saints, what good is there in knowing all the important functions of my 18 wheeler, but be lacking in the wisdom needed to operate it in a safe manner?

Beloved reader, did you know that this kind of wisdom comes from years of experience both on the road and being taught by older elite drivers in the trucking industry and the same holds true for operating heavy equipment, flying an airplane and even driving our automobile and let me tell you beloved, it takes a special defensive driver to travel the streets in the Philippines because unlike other countries which drive either on the right side with some countries requiring drivers to drive on the left side but in the Philippines, they all just drive on the road wherever they can drive.

Dear reader, I once witnessed a motorcycle driver in the Philippines who had a 500 pound hog on one side of his motorcycle and on the other side was his teenage son and did you know that this guy was wiggling all over the road attempting to pass a dump truck?

Saints, I do believe if we searched out some of the laws that have been passed, we will discover that the lawmakers had scouts review the history of areas that were prone to accidents, and upon the careful study of that knowledge, and in an effort to cut down on accidents and promote safety, they were able to use their wisdom to pass laws that govern these troubled areas.

Beloved, knowledge is knowing how something works, but what good is knowledge without sound wisdom which we gain from experience in knowing how, where and when to safely work with it in a safe environment, therefore saints, wisdom can be defined as knowing how to operate my truck in a safe and cautious way such as how to negotiate a sharp curve or operating the vehicle in adverse conditions such as snow and ice, thus beloved, the wisdom we have gained through experience will greatly increase our capabilities to solve problems and come up with solutions that others are not able to attain?

Beloved, I have listed seven elements which can be found in a good leader and I am sure there are more but these qualities are essential in determining if a company will show profit or fail and beloved, it is all about encouraging good teamwork throughout the company.

1. COMMUNICATION - The art of communication is the most important element of leadership because although you may have a clear vision for your advancement, if you are unable to communicate it to your subordinates effectively, it will just fall on deaf ears and whether you realize it or not, your words, and your body language serve to play an important part in communicating your message to a broader audience.

2. TRANSPARENCY - Be open about the your goals, your changes in the company including any challenges, and shortcomings being honest with your people including accepting feedback from other team members.

3. LEARN TO RESPOND NOT REACT - To respond means to give the situation some time and study what effect your decision will have on the other team members then when you make a decision such as addressing an insubordinate employee, stand firm on your decision without wavering.

4. OBSERVATION - A good leader will use any resources available to assess the health of their organization, such as their projects, and their team members, including being confident by knowing their strengths and weaknesses of everyone on their team. A good leader will lead by example and be able to sense when someone on their team is confused or struggling which allows them time to take care of a situation before it develops into a problem which could hinder production.

5. CONFIDENCE - Having confidence as a leader is also about standing firm in your decisions and accepting the outcome of those decisions, including making necessary corrections but always trusting your instincts which were developed from your experience in the field.

6. LEAD BY EXAMPLE - Good leaders motivate their teams by showing them why they need to work hard, making sure that each person knows how important their role is and when their work gets behind, a good leader will jump in and help showing the others just how important it is to work together as a team.

7. INTEGRITY - Good leaders are Leaders that are honest with their people, not deceiving them by promising them false hopes but showing appreciation by rewarding any sign of improvement which will help to build trust, honesty and transparency between their leadership and the other workers.

Where Are the Mentors Today?

According to the Business Dictionary, "a mentor is a senior or more experienced person who is assigned to function as an advisor, counsellor, or guide to a junior or trainee," whose main responsibility is to offer help and feedback to the person under his or her supervision. A mentor's role, according to this definition, is to use their experience to help a junior employee by supporting them in their work and career, providing comments on their work, including offering direction, as they work through problems and circumstances.

Dear reader, we have explored great minds such as Plato and others that have left their mark upon their generation including leaving behind many contributions to society that have benefited us today and throughout this message beloved, we have looked and explored the differences that can be found in knowledge, understanding and wisdom which the word of God speaks of as the principal thing in life.

Saints of God, in this message we have covered spiritual wisdom and learned its importance in how it can be beneficial for true leaders to glean from its teaching and resources.

Beloved, I now wish to look at the worldview of secular wisdom and note the difference between men and women operating in a self-centered aspect and those operating in a rich God centered life.

Saints, many leaders today in the secular world including the church, have isolated themselves from others and have not trained anyone to take their place which leaves a vacuum in the quality of leaders holding key positions in leadership today both in the church and in the secular world.

Beloved, did you know that every major occupation that has become successful, has a program in place for their interns to learn and practice?

Dear reader, there are two ways a leader can lead and both will get the work done however one will make the company more productive.

1. A leader can lead from the Authority that the position grants them.

2. A leader can be firm, but at the same time, they can also show a willingness to jump in and help when there is a work overload.

3. A leader can boost company morale by rewarding an employee when they show signs of improvement which will create a level of trust and respect among the other employees.

Beloved, please do not make the mistake that many have made today by letting a person go because of not meeting the required production only to discover later that they were the missing link holding everyone else together.

Dear saints, a true leader will not make hasty decisions by acting on impulse but will give a developing situation some time that they may think about what will be the consequences of their choices including how many people will be affected by that choice.

Beloved, to be an effective leader both in the church and the secular world, we must come to realize and accept the fact that God had a plan for us as leaders before we were born and all of our life experiences have been a training ground to fulfill this plan designed to make us leaders that are able to pour out of our life into the lives of others.

Church, we must come to the realization that who we are in the body of Christ, is more important than what we can do and accomplish on our own for beloved, you cannot separate the ministry from the minister for they are their ministry.

Beloved, we must come to the realization that a true leader is one that has learned from their mistakes which helps humble them to become useful servants that are willing to be held accountable to their elders, and sadly beloved, many leaders today in the secular world have isolated themselves without training someone coming up under them to take their place and beloved, this is also true in many churches today who have leaders that still need to be led.

Dear saints, a true leader will be one that has developed a special time in their life where they can be alone with God in order to pray for the people that God has placed under their leadership and ministry because they have studied history enough to know that mankind left unchecked will gradually decline in their morals and conduct
proving the fact that life demands accountability.

Beloved, we must come to the realization that our leadership and ministry calling is developed inside us therefore our ministry cannot be separated from who we are because we are the one God anointed for the position.

1. A true leader will be more sensitive to the things of God that they may be more sensitive to the needs of others.

2. True leaders are those that are given to prayer until the prayer becomes who they are.

3. A true leader will have a desire to see their younger ministers develop in a mature way that they will be able to stand firm and strong in any given situation that may arise.

4. A true leader will be willing to lay aside their agenda and pour into these young ministers what God through experience and training has matured in them causing them to become pillars in the body of Christ.

5. A true leader will not be one of harboring jealousy because a younger minister appears to be receiving more recognition than them, because they know there will be a time when they must step back and give the position to someone else and preferably someone that has been well trained under their leadership.

Beloved reader, in closing I would like to inform you that I will not appoint someone into a leadership position that does not have a teachable spirit for nobody knows it all and I am still learning, therefore with that said, may I ask you to reflect back on what you have learned in this message and ask yourself a very important question which could have a major effect on your life and ministry, "Do you know any true leaders today who have made an impact upon your life and ministry?"

Saints of God and fellow peers, what would be wrong with making a phone call and thank them for taking time out of their busy schedule to mentor you, which has been a major reason that you are where you are today?

The Qualities of a Good Leader

Beloved, true men and women greatly used of God have developed their character which causes them to have an inward desire to bring change and direction into the lives of others, giving them the answers they need to face another day and one such person would be the prophet Daniel.

Beloved reader, let’s look in the book of (Daniel 5:1-31) and glean some characteristics of a true leader for Daniel had the Spirit of the Living God which made him stand out like a spring rose in a heathen world and I have listed ten outstanding characteristics for us to study concerning the life and influence this man had on the culture and the world around him.

1. He had the understanding and wisdom of an enlightened mind

2. He had a teachable and humble but bold Spirit.

3. He had knowledge of the Holy Scriptures.

4. He had a compassion for people.

5. He was able to understand and interpret dreams and know if they were from God.

6. He was a hope and faith builder.

7. He was able to encourage those who might give in to doubt.

8. He was a thermometer instead of a thermostat because he was able to change his surroundings

9. He could not be bribed or persuaded to receive gifts for his calling.

10. He was a man that purposed in his heart to not be contaminated or defiled by the world

My Conclusion

Beloved reader, I close this inspirational message with the thought that many men and women used of God to change the course of history were quick to realize which is "they received their wisdom by seeking to have the mind of Christ or a mind like Christ."

Saints, these men and women understood that there was a master designer of all creation and they desired not only to know him but have a personal relationship with him which caused him to use their lives to influence others making it into God's book the holy bible which I like to refer to as God's hall of fame.

Beloved, these men and women of faith, paved the way for you and I to study their life and glean from their trials as we discover how they were able to become an overcomer.

Church, many of our leaders that have held positions in our government, are known to have studied the lives of secular men such as Plato including great men and women throughout the bible that were used of God.

Beloved, did you know that their ideas, including their teachings were studied and used by world leaders to make decisions that had a lasting impact on future generations.

Dear saints and fellow peers, the bottom line is this, in-order to be a successful leader, one must seek to have endured the trials and learned from them, because good seasoned leaders, make it a priority to set aside some time for study before they make decisions and instead of acting on impulse they respond to a situation that will bring forth the best solution to take care of the situation.

Beloved, many men and women that have proven to be great leaders have chosen to an influence to the changing world around them and be careful to not allow the world to influence them.

Dear saints in closing, let me say that history has shown that some people have suffered great loss in their earthly life and ministry but their life has provided much wisdom to be gleaned as they leave behind a legacy that will speak volumes to all mankind for many generations to come.

(Psalms 19:14) "Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer."

International Evangelist
Jerry W. Hulse Ph.D.
Miracle Life Church International

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2018 Jerry W Hulse

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