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The Mega Quiz

This author has won the Commonwealth Essay Competition's silver award. She writes stories on Reedsy.


The Gang!

The Mega Quiz - written by Barbara Mitchelhill and illustrated by Tony Ross. Barbara Mitchelhill is a children's author.

N0. 1 Boy Detective - The Mega Quiz is a brilliant book. There's a protagonist named Damian Drooth. He's shown as a boy detective and all-round genius. It's not just him who supports this story to come alive. There're four friends - best friends. It's a gang made up of Tod : good at Maths, Harry : tallest , and Winston : great at karate. There're some more minor characters that help for the development of the story.

The poster!

This story is about a quiz. Damian and his gang was seized to the quiz by the phrase 'WIN A WEEKEND IN DISNEYLAND PARIS' Damian and his gang do small jobs to earn money for the entrance fee to the quiz , which is £10 each.

Home Cooking Unlimited!

This gang even goes down to the library to study for the exciting quiz. By the way, Damian's mom has her own business, Home Cooking Unlimited. So, Damian finds some cupcakes on the table, waiting to be decorated. He starts making icing with butter, icing sugar and he gets an idea..... cocoa powder! Well, he adds cocoa powder too! He then squeezes it over the cakes and he finds three left out without icing. Guess what he does next! He eats up those three.

A Dead Spider!

However, by the time his mom enters the room....... it's a complete mess! And finds a small spider dead on top of one cake!

Well, so there are many hilarious incidents happening in this fabulous story.

The Quiz Day!

Time passes by and the great day arrives! The Mayor comes in a parade and the gang become so excited as they see TV reporters with their cameras. Anyway, the Mayor's time comes to announce about the Mega Quiz, but for some sake instead of talking about the Mega Quiz, he starts announcing about cabbages and carrots.


Damian waits patiently. After sometime he stoods on a chair and shouts saying that they are waiting for the quiz to begin. Next, some people come and grabs him out of the building. The gang finds out that it's a moneymaking scam and they do really interesting things. You may read out and find out!

What happens at last?

Finally, the school helds a quiz at school. And Damian's win! This story is lovely you all may read it!

Thanks to Barbara Mitchelhill and Tony Ross, we have a story to laugh!

The Mega Quiz

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