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The Little Girl and the Magic Wings

Retired Clinical/Legal Nurse and lifelong creative writer who is a forever believer in the power of words... and the sharing of the same.


A Children's Story. When my niece was young, I asked her what she wanted for Christmas. She wanted a story...

The Little Girl and the Magic Wings
By Janet Vincenti

Once upon a time, in the days of rolling hills and blue oceans, there lived a little girl. Born with the gift of natural beauty, she was also blessed with the wonders of such goodness, spirit, and laughter, and everyone she looked at fell immediately in love with her and wanted her to touch their lives in any way she could. She had the gift of song, and every time the little girl opened her mouth to sing, the birds would gather all around, chirping their own happy songs. When she sang, the rain would stop and the sun would shine brightly. When she sang in the darkness, stars would twinkle brighter and light a path for her to find her way into the hearts of others. There was nothing the little girl couldn’t do to make everyone’s life just a little bit happier.

When she held your hand you could feel the energy climb up your arm and right into your heart. She sure was special, and everyone knew it. Everything she touched seemed to magically change a little more for the better, or become someone prettier on the inside just as they were on the outside because they could smile. She even made mean people nice, sick people feel better, and sad people feel happy. She was so full of goodness and honesty, that her mother named her Magic.

When Magic grew to be a little girl and she was not a baby anymore,
she started to see the world in such a way that she wanted to change it forever. Magic did not like to see people cry, and she hated it even more when the person crying was herself, something she did when she saw too many unhappy people all at once.

Magic would also cry when she saw things that were mean, or sad. And one day, she saw a nasty, mean woman break the spirit of another with her rude ugliness, and her vicious words, that she cried a river so big that it flooded the town where the mean, ugly woman lived and it washed the mean ugly woman very, very far away, never to return to hurt another person again. When the people in her town started to see what Magic could do, and how everyone was so much happier when she walked by, or simply smiled, that they started to tell others about the special magic within the little girl.

Pretty soon, the little girl started to work so hard at changing the world that she grew up very fast, and everyone needed so much from her that she grew weary and just wanted to find a quiet place to go where her heart could gain its strength back again, and so she could just be the little girl that she couldn’t be because everyone needed her to make them all happy all of the time. They didn’t want to try to make themselves happy, they wanted someone to do it for them, but Magic was just tired, and people were coming from all over the world just to catch a glimpse of this magical little girl.

So, one day, when the little girl just disappeared, everyone was shocked and surprised. This made all the people in her town, and the world, stop everything, and take a long look at themselves. Everyone realized just how much they asked of Magic, and how wrong it was to use up all her energy, leaving nothing for Magic herself to enjoy. They would do anything to have Magic back, but somehow, without her, the magic of life was just gone, and no one was very happy anymore.

Everywhere you looked, there were people with frowns, and tears, and sometimes, even angry words. What they had all come to realize, was that it was their fault that Magic went away. They even stopped believing that there was any good left in the world, or that there were any good people left in the world with Magic, and soon, it seemed that there were mean, angry people everywhere. People were yelling and screaming at each other, for silly reasons, and sometimes, no reason at all.

Sometimes, in the quiet of night, if you listened hard, you could hear people praying for Magic to come back, or crying because she had not. Many summers had gone by when one day, the world got so crazy that even the animals ran away. The birds flew away too, trying to find Magic so they could tell her that the world was not a better place without her. A special group of birds, called love birds, flew over thousands of miles, never giving up hope that they would find Magic and bring her home to save all the people she had grown to love, but felt that she couldn’t help anymore.

After a few months of flying, the little birds heard the singing of angels, and they knew that sound to be the sweet voice of Magic, the little girl they all missed so much. They followed the song deep into the forest until they found Magic sitting in a tree looking up at the big, blue sky. But there were tears in her eyes. The oldest of the love birds asked Magic, “Why do you cry little girl? You are the one chosen to bring happiness to all those you meet.” Magic replied, “Yes love birds, I know, but it had become a burden, and I grew sad and tired. The task was too great and I no longer believed I could help anyone.” The love birds all squawked, “Oh my, oh my, you could not be more wrong! For as we speak the world has been missing you, and does not know what to do without you. They are sad, and mean, and hurting one another. Without your healing smile and brave words of encouragement, they are acting like lost souls.”

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Magic just could not believe that she was that special, and that she could make such a difference in everyone’s lives. The love birds told Magic of how the world had become in her absence, and how desperately she needed to return, before it was too late; Magic knew she had better hurry home.

Magic had run so far from the troubled town that she grew up in, that she knew it would take many seasons for her to get back, and that there was no time to waste. She needed to get back to her home town as soon as possible, so that there would not be another day of meanness, or hatred, and that people would learn to be happy again. The love birds all gathered around in a circle and chirped a plan to help Magic get back home. Each of the birds took a feather from their own wings and placed them upon Magic, and in a glorious miracle, the little girl soon had her own set of wings by which to fly.

And so they all quickly took flight, flying through both sunlight and moonlight, until they came upon the place Magic once called home. It was if all the townspeople knew that Magic was coming back, as they had all gathered in the town park all looking up at the sky. When the flock of birds came into sight, and the townspeople saw the little girl, flying high up in the sky with the love birds, tears of joy streamed down their faces, and they started to cheer loudly. Some were even clapping their hands in excitement at the mere sight of Magic’s return.

When she landed in the middle of all her friends, family and even strangers, she was humbled by the size of the crowd, and somehow found the courage to speak to all of them, and in her small, but worldly tone, she said… “I have come back only because I believe in you. I believe that you learned the lesson that when you have something so beautiful and magic, that you cherish it and never take it for granted, or try to chase it away. Inside each of you, is the strength to smile, laugh, and be kind to one another. You never needed me to do that for you…” Magic continued to address the silenced crowd of onlookers, “You are the magic ones, but first you must believe in yourself. Believe in your own goodness, and ability to give happiness to others, and you will see the skies are more blue, that people’s smiles happen more often, and that the birds will follow you with song.”

Everyone was so touched that Magic came back and bestowed upon them the gift of true love for themselves that they gathered around her and held hands. Each minute the circle seemed to get bigger, until all of a sudden, the whole town, the whole world, were holding hands and singing the song of love. Magic no longer felt burdened with the job of helping everyone. Now everyone was helping each other.

Magic no longer felt she had to hide, and now, she could stay in the place she called home for so many years. Besides, her mother was waiting for her in the home that she grew up in, and Magic used her wings to fly home faster than her other bird friends could keep up with her. Surprisingly enough, when she landed on the front porch, and her mother came running to open the door, Magic’s feathers fell off and blew away in the strong gust of wind that surrounded her and her mother with love. She would never need those wings again. Magic was home for good, and she never wanted to leave again.

Many years passed, and one day Magic gave birth to her own little girl, who she called Hope, for all the things that she knew this gifted little girl would bring to her world, a world that had grown and changed in so many ways. It was a world much nicer, because everyone learned how to treat each other better, and how to talk to each other… they learned how to hold hands and say, “I believe in you.” or “I love you.” And oh what a wonderful world it was…

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© 2012 Janet Vincenti

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