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The List of 7 by Mark Frost

A pop culture addict who loves to talk about movies, music, books, comics, and all of the other things that move and entertain us.


She was married 5 more times in the U.S., the final time to her divorce lawyer. After that divorce she remained single for the remainder of her life. She became reclusive, and while she was offered work she didn't take it. She was arrested for shoplifting in 1966 and again in 1996. She sued Mel Brooks for a character in Blazing Saddles with the name Hedley Lamarr. Brooks took it in stride and settled. She also sued Corel for using her likeness without permission, and the publisher of her auto-biography which she said was largely fictionalized. One gets the sense that her final years may have been lonely and sad, as she rarely spent time with anyone in person and communicated almost exclusively by phone. This may be just the way she wanted things though, who's to say? In the final analysis, Hedy Lamarr had a dramatic and exciting life in which she contributed to pop culture through her movies, and to the broader culture through her invention. It's rare for someone to get one or the other of those achievements, let alone both. So rather than an eccentric old woman who wanted to be alone, Hedy Lamarr should be remembered as one of Hollywood's most beautiful screen goddesses who helped change the world with her inventive mind.

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