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The Life and Times of Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda grew up on a small island in the Caribbean among pirates and privateers. At a young age, he learned how to brew rum. By the time he was ten, he created his own recipe for a brand of rum, adding his own mixture of spices. Within the next two years, he began brewing a variety of flavored rums. It was not long after that the people who lived on the island heard about his flavored rum, and they began buying as much of his alcohol as they could manage.

By the time he was twenty, his rum was being exported to various countries (those that were closest to where he lived were the first to begin buying it, but word spread, and his product became popular thousands of miles away).

When he was twenty-five, Captain Kidd came to his home and offered Miranda a position on his ship. After thinking about the offer that he had been given, Miranda decided that he was going to accept the position that he had been given. As part of the deal, Captain Kidd offered to bring Miranda’s rum to new ports and to give him a portion of the money they made from the sales.

Sailing with Captain Kidd for 87 years, Miranda traveled the world 64 times, selling his rum in every country that he came across. After deciding that he had sailed with Captain Kidd for as long as he wanted, he struck out on his own, using the money he had saved from his rum sales to buy his own ship and hire a crew; he called the ship Captain Morgan, and one of the people he hired to work on his ship was called Grace O’Malley.

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He sailed on his own ship for another 54 years, and when he decided that he wanted to retire, Grace was the one who took over the captaincy.

In his retirement, he changed his name and moved to Virginia, calling himself Alexander Hamilton. While in Virginia, he created a banking system, using all of the things he had learned by being a pirate. For many years, no one knew of his history; they put their money in his banks, not knowing that he was skimming money off the top and putting it in amongst his buried hoard.

Several years later, when he was sure that he had hoarded enough money, he took what he had buried, he moved to New York, creating a new life for himself as a playwright. After a few years, he gained new popularity when he wrote a play about a fictionalized rendition of his life; people did not realize that what they were seeing was the truth.

When he decided to let someone take over the leading role of the play, he moved back to the island in the Caribbean that he had been born on, opening up a school to teach children how to be pirates and how to create their own flavored rum.

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