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The Letter

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I see her, sitting alone, absently stirring the coffee she never wanted

I catch a glimpse of her face, so scared and haunted

Her eyes sunken and dark, her bluish lips pressed tightly together to suppress an eruption

A volcano of words, flowing together in a red hot river of destruction

I see in her so many things, pain, sadness and rage

She is pleading for me to release her from her cage

She stands and walks to the dance floor to sway with the rhythm of the band

Too drunk to keep the tempo, with a piece of red paper in her hand

She walks passed me and smiles politely on her way out the door

I look down to find her letter dropped beside me on the floor

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I open and find it was left there for me

“Dear reader,” it said, “I wrote so you could see

All the pain I hold in me, the thoughts within my mind

Look inside, you'll be amazed at the feelings you will find

The similarities in us are something I create

I am a mirror, a sight for you to contemplate

To show you yourself behind your own illusion

Take a glance at the honest face of your confusion”

I let the paper fall to the table and release a single tear

How was it that she could see my every fear?

I leave the letter where it fell and and dry the tear on my way out

Wondering if I can really grasp what the writing is about

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