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The Legend of the Roosters' Comb: A Filipino Legend

Gen is a literature teacher from the Philippines. She teaches the literature of the world.

A rooster's comb which is at the top of its head.

A rooster's comb which is at the top of its head.

The Legend

According to the legend, a father and his son relocated in a village at Masbate. The father was known to the villagers because of his magic shows. They called him Isko the Magician. Apart from being a gentleman, he knew how to get along well with his neighbors. He easily found a farm to work with which became his main source of income.

His son, Pedrito, was the opposite of him. He was lazy, and often try to look stylish to impress the ladies. He was always in front of the mirror. He can’t wash the dishes nor cook, which are his only duties at home. He was selfish and never cared for his father. Whenever he gets scolded, he answers back to his father impolitely.

One day, his father came back from work at the farm. He was very tired and hungry. He found out that Pedrito didn’t cook anything yet. He called outside his door but no one answered, so he went inside his bedroom to found out that he was in front of the mirror combing his hair with a deep-red comb.

“Pedrito, can you please cook our meal? I’m so hungry, my son,” Isko the Magician said.

Pedrito got angry and said, “If you’re hungry, then, why don’t you just cook your own meal. I’m not hungry yet.” Pedrito continued to comb his hair.

Isko the Magician was furious with his son. He took Pedrito’s comb from his hand and hit him on the head with it and shouted, “I think it’s better to be childless than to have a son like you who is lazy and impolite! Since all you do is to comb your hair, I hope this comb will just stick on your head!” Isko the Magician pushed the comb against his son’s head.

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Because of the power of Isko as a great magician, Pedrito, the lazy and impolite son, became a rooster. The comb on his head became the comb of the rooster that we know of today.

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