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The Wee King of Beasts: a Poem

As a lifelong reader and writer, Liz writes articles and poetry. She also enjoys watching and reviewing movies.

The Wee King


The King of Beasts

Little wild cat, prancing in my yard;

creeping through tall grass

to pounce upon imagined prey.

Little wild cat, through your eyes I see

tall grass is your jungle;

the bushes are your trees.

Little wild cat, lying in the sun,

are you dreaming now

of being King of Beasts?

Little wild cat, prancing in my yard;

not the lion only

is the King of Beasts.

Little wild cat, cozy in the sun,

listen while I tell you:

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royalty's in your genes.

Little wild cat, you may sway and swagger

and blithely cock your head;

for not the lion only can adopt a regal pose.

Little wild cat, snoozing on the lawn,

I trust you know, it's not a dream:

you, too, are King of Beasts.

Stalking the Unknown


About This Poem

Ah, another of my kitty-cat poems. I do love cats. To me, a cat is poetry in motion, so how can I help but save their dance to paper?

Originally written in April of 1987, it was revised a little in June of 1993, and another small tweak in June of 2010.

© 2010 Liz Elias


Liz Elias (author) from Oakley, CA on February 01, 2011:

Hi, epigramman--

Thank you very much! And your kitty is beautiful!

(We have 4 of the edearing little rascals. A muted gray Tortie senior citizen, epileptic since kittenhood (long story); an oversized orange longhair Tabby..(we think part Maine Coon); a smallish-in-design-though overweight white & gray Tabby; and a small short-hair orange Tabby.)

epigramman on February 01, 2011:

...what can I say - I'm inspired ...... the cat I'm holding by the way is my diva - Little Miss Tiffy and my other cat is a big boy - Mister Gabriel!!

Liz Elias (author) from Oakley, CA on October 26, 2010:

Hi, leni sands..

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed this bit. It was written many years back, watching one of the neighborhood kitties playing outside my window.

Leni Sands from UK on October 26, 2010:

I love this poem. It express 'The Cat' effectively.

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