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The Keys To Happiness ~Anticipation~






I know we have all heard the saying, "Hope for the best, but expect/prepare for the worst." But I say Hope for the best, prepare for the best; expect nothing less than the best.

Who prepares for second place? I know everyday won't produce a win, but the hardest defeat is one loss at the hands of complacently doing nothing, and expecting less than excellence. Speak of things as if they are and you will be granted the desires of your heart.

There are two distinctive occasions that are dictated by the hands of anticipation, failure and success.

What you believe to be true you work towards the manifestation of your truth.

If you believe that you will fail, your behavior mimics that of a failure and soon you will start to notice that nothing works and you are failing at everything.

If you believe that you will succeed, you prepare for success. Your thoughts and actions start to gravitate towards those of who are successful.

The most successful people are not those who have never experienced defeat. They are people who did not quit. Successful people have learned to anticipate a victory even it will be "next time."

They have learned from their own mistakes as well as those of people who have traveled before them.

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