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The Joy of Lavender and Its Many Uses

Fresh lavender growing freely in the garden


Some Uses For The Beautiful Aromatic Plant

  • Lavender can be dried and used to fill a comfort pillow, to create a restful and peaceful sleep.
  • I have actually picked bunches of it and laid them on my bedside table, for a refreshing and calming atmosphere.
  • Potpourri can be made with it and combined with other floral notes.
  • Dried lavender can be used to make sachets, to place in ones clothing cupboards, for a refreshing and subtle scent. Also keeps unwanted fish moths from eating ones clothes.
  • Lavender has been placed in dentist waiting rooms and it is said that it had a calming effect on patients, who were anxious.
  • Added to wine it can be rather unusual too.
  • I add fresh leaves to my herbal tea to make it more fragrant
  • Bunches tied upside down to dry can also be used as home decor. Especially in the kitchen where it goes a long way to eradicate unpleasant cooking aromas.

Lovely graceful lavender fronds


Fresh flowers like lavender, can be grown relatively easily in one's garden and bring months of joy to humans, butterflies and bees. Also a great way of creating gifts, for your family and friends.

Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender and Mint


Lavender is so versatile

  • Lavender floral arrangements in the home really bringing a summer feel to a room and covers many subtle odours, from cooking and having pets in the house.
  • A sprig of lavender makes a refreshing tea, infused in boiling water for a few minutes.
  • Some people add lavender to their pure honey, to give it that extra special taste.
  • We all know that you can create beautiful creams and homemade soaps using lavender, essential oil and the actual flowers, as well.
  • Once saw a recipe that called for lavender flowers in homemade cookies.
  • Take a photo of your lavender and make a e card to send to someone for their birthday.
  • Infuse some lavender in water and use it to spray in your room, as a quick air freshener.
  • A small bunch tied up with a delicate ribbon can make a great gift decoration.

Lavender sprigs blend in well with other Spring flowers.


Creating gifts from lavender

Aromatic gifts for family and friends is a great idea. If you do not have fresh lavender you can purchase the oil at craft shops, to add to your desired gift.

  1. Candle making with added aromas, can be a wonderful gift. When the candle is lit, the room is filled with the fragrance.
  2. Pressed flowers for book markers or placing on the front of a notebook, can be a very useful item to receive. Add a pen to the set and wrap in cellophane with a lavender satin ribbon.
  3. I have melted coconut oil with a little olive oil and made some nice fresh hand cream. You can buy large tubs of coconut oil at most supermarkets too.
  4. Lavender has been known to ease headaches and keep insects from bothering you at night.
  5. I planted some lavender among my rose bushes and they definitely helped to keep unwanted bugs, at bay.
  6. A word of caution. Lavender in its natural form is not as strong as that in an essential oil. It can be harmful ingested.
  7. With most food and herbal preparations one should be careful how much is taken at one time.
  8. I cut my lavender that was growing in the garden and hung bunches of it, upside down in our shed to dry out.

Floral Gift Decoration



Diana Carol Abrahamson (author) from Somerset West on July 22, 2020:

Thanks for visiting my post.

Diana Carol Abrahamson (author) from Somerset West on July 22, 2020:

Thanks for the encouraging comment. Lavender is a favourite, for many people across the globe.Suppose because of its versatility.

Sp Greaney from Ireland on July 22, 2020:

It is such a versatile herb that can be used for so many things. Not many herbs are like that. You've given a great list here of its many uses.

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DrPawlukdotcom on July 21, 2020:


Diana Carol Abrahamson (author) from Somerset West on July 21, 2020:

Thanks Lisa. You are also a Lavender fan too, I can see.Lavender coffee flavour sounds interesting, too. Enjoy your day.

Liza from USA on July 21, 2020:

Lavender is a lovely plant. A few years ago, I received a gift from my sister-in-law; a lavender plant starter kit. I loved it so much! My husband loves the smell of lavender. We bought a lavender-scented candle, lavender coffee flavor, tea flavor, fragrance, and much more. Thanks for sharing the article, Diana.

Diana Carol Abrahamson (author) from Somerset West on July 21, 2020:

Thanks Lorna. I also love the way you can use this bloom in so many items and cosmetics.An inexpensive way to bring a gift of joy to someone special too.

Lorna Lamon on July 21, 2020:

I really enjoyed this lavender experience Diana as it is one of my favourite plants and so versatile. I also grow lavender as it is so easy to grow and a great spreader. The bees and other insects also enjoy its presence in the garden.

Your article is full of great ideas and I will definitely enjoy a cup of tea with a lavender sprig as you suggested. Take care.

Diana Carol Abrahamson (author) from Somerset West on July 20, 2020:

Thank you Ankita,. So pleased you like Lavender too and thanks for appreciative comment.

Diana Carol Abrahamson (author) from Somerset West on July 20, 2020:

Thanks John. Yes, Lavender is one of my favourite plants in the garden and needs not too much tending either. Quite a hardy plant even in dry months.

Ankita B on July 20, 2020:

I loved your article about the many uses of lavender with beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on July 20, 2020:

Lavender is a lovely plant, with a beautiful scent, that has so many uses as your wonderful article explains. We have a few lavender plants growing. There is a lavender farm close by that is a lovely place to visit, sit for awhile with a cup of tea, and peruse all the hundreds of products containing lavender. Thanks for sharing, Diana.

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